5 Sex Positions Your Woman Will Love

If you’re beginning to feel that your sex life is running out of steam, there are a lot of things that you might be considering. Before you go out and spend money on performance supplements, and even before you try to employ a bunch of techniques to improve your size, you should just try some new positions.

Different sex positions stimulate different erogenous areas, and you’ll probably find that you can unlock a new potential of pleasure by trying out some positions that you’ve never used before. Since women have more complex parts than we do, they also have a lot more sensitive bits. Some positions really broaden the amount of pleasure your woman can feel during sex, so if you surprise her with one of these new positions, she’ll probably be pretty happy with you.

Also, a lot of couples tend to try and get themselves into the craziest, most wild sexual positions. While a lot of these can be great, you also need to remember that putting focus into contorting you or your partner into flexible shapes takes away from the act of sex itself. These positions focus on maximizing sexual stimulation and pleasure.

1. The Down-But-Not-Out

This position is pretty similar to doggy style, but it’s a little bit different – and before you object, hear us out. This position is fantastic for improving your woman’s pleasure, and it’s a pretty comfortable one for you, too.

First, get your girl into an all-fours doggy style position. Then get her to lie down, pushing her butt a bit into the air. This might not give you the same amount of raw thrusting power and potential that the doggy style position does, but it actually allows for deeper penetration which is nice for both of you.

Not only that, but the friction is increased – another perk. Sure, you might have to get into a pushup position to put a lot of strength into it (or you can always lie on top of her, which is always comfortable) but you’ll both be well-rewarded.

2. The Leg Wrap

This position is great for women who generally take a long time to reach orgasm, and it’s also great for couples who like to really make love – slow, sensual, and sexy.

It’s pretty simple to get into this position. Just lie on your side next to your woman while she’s lying on her back and get her to swing her legs over your hips so they form a sort of bridge. This should provide you with a good entrance point.

You can put power into this position, but it’s better suited for slow, rhythmic intercourse. Putting too much power in it can end up with you lying on a 45 degree angle while she’s lying straight and you’ll not only feel weird, but you both might burst out laughing. Not that that’s a bad thing.

3. The Sit ‘n’ Straddle

This is another position that’s particularly stellar for couples who prefer extremely intimate intercourse. This one involves you sitting, with your legs forward, and having your woman straddle you so you’re face to face. You can cross your legs or wrap them back around her for a tighter grip.

This position allows both of you a much better range of movement. Instead of just going forward and backward, or up and down, the two of you can go left and right, move in circular motions, you name it.

Also, since she’s on top, her breasts are going to be perfectly lined up with your mouth. Score! Plus, if you lean back, you’ll have perfect access to stimulate her manually.

4. Her On Top

For a chivalrous man who really likes to see his woman have a good time, well, look into some of the positions that let your girl ride you. These positions certainly put her on top of the world – among other things.

The ‘girl-on-top’ position is pretty basic, but a lot of couples tend to forget about it. This simply involves you lying on your back and her sitting atop your manhood. It gives your woman a huge amount of control, which is pretty much a guarantee that she will be able to orgasm more quickly. This position is also easy to modify – she can spin around and get into a reverse cowgirl without even needing to, ahem … separate.

Double bonus – if she puts her legs flat on the floor between your legs, she’ll be in a much tighter position. This provides improved stimulation for both of you and can make a huge difference to the outcome.

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5. The Sideways Straddle

This position is for people who have mastered the everyday positions and who are also quite comfortable with their flexibility. The sideways straddle can be tricky to get into and might require a bit of practice – feel free to try it with your clothes on if it makes things easier!

The basic intention here is to have your girl straddle one of your legs. While you’re lying on your back, have her face away from you. Get her to put one leg in between yours and the other one of hers on the outer side. She can hold onto your leg if she wants, or go no-handed.

Either way, she can control the pace, the pressure, and the amount of stimulation on her clitoris. There’s a lot of friction and pressure, and the position just looks awesome. Not only will she be more likely to reach orgasm, but you can just lie back and love life. And your woman.

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