7 Fitness mistakes you may be making

While you may be hitting the gym with the aim of impressing the opposite sex, there’s a lot more to working out than building a ripped physique. Alongside reducing a whole world of health concerns, including heart disease, depression and even stroke, exercise can benefit your mind and body in a number of ways.

Yep, it can even keep you feeling young and healthy, too. According to research, highly active adults had a 9-year cell ageing advantage compared to inactive study participants.

Of course, we all know it’s recommended that we get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, making it a key factor in our everyday lives. And so, if you’re sitting on the couch contemplating kickstarting a new exercise routine, ensure you avoid these seven mistakes before diving in…

1. Forgetting the mental health benefits

Despite many men claiming that boosting their mental health is their key reason for exercising, it’s easy to forget the mental benefits of a sweaty session in the gym.

Not only does regular exercise support healthy brain function, but it also boosts your mood by releasing endorphins. So, if you’re feeling stressed, a sudden trigger of the ‘happy’ hormones is certainly a way to shake off a bad day at work.

Plus, if you’re exercising outdoors, getting that vitamin D is certainly going to diminish any feelings of stress or anxiety.

2. Forgetting flexibility

Typically, we all believe women to be more flexible than us… But is this really the truth? We’re not so sure. In fact, more men than ever are practising yoga or pilates, aiding flexibility.

Sure, studies have shown that women may be more flexible than us, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be working on our own flexibility. I mean, why not? Greater flexibility can help prevent injury, improve your posture (especially important if you sit at a desk all day) and improve your balance. Plus, flexibility-driven activities, such as yoga and pilates, also benefit your mental health, core and alignment too.

3. Working out a little too hard

While we’re great believers in going hard at the gym, it’s important to take rest days too. If you continue to exercise without a break in between, your body has no time to rest and repair – which could lead to injury.

If you continue to work your muscles in the gym (or at home), you’re likely to suffer muscle fatigue. This means you’ll actually gain less from your workouts. So, yeah, get resting too!

4. Not eating right

Working out regularly is great. But if you’re loading up on fried, processed and sugary foods the rest of the time, you’re pretty much wasting your workout. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain muscle, eating the wrong foods isn’t going to support your goals.

Plus, with all those extra calories (and sugar), you could be putting yourself at rest of cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. No, thank youuuuu.

Instead, try to start off by making some simple switches. For example, ditch white bread for brown bread, and full-fat milk for a 1% fat or low-fat alternative (or even plant-based milk).

5. Exercising sporadically

How are you supposed to strategically hit your fitness goals without a plan? If you’re doing all kinds of workouts and working all different types of muscles, you’re not really setting yourself up for success.

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While exercising doesn’t need to be a strict regime, hitting the gym with a variety of workouts is important. For example, don’t train your legs two days in a row – give the muscles time to repair.

Both working different muscle groups and incorporating rest days is important here.

6. Forgetting about sexual health benefits

It’s pretty obvious by now that regular exercise benefits your physical and mental health. But did you know it can benefit your sexual health, too?

Aside from increasing your stamina (and strength), if you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction certain pelvic floor exercises – such as Kegels – can help combat ED and help prevent arriving early in bed.

7. Not using Male Extra

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The bottom line

There’s no doubt about it, exercise benefits your physical, mental and sexual health. But it’s important to head to the gym with a plan, so you can maximize your workouts for the ultimate success.

Remember, avoiding these seven fitness mistakes will help you hit your goals even sooner. Don’t forget to listen to your body when it’s time to rest, eat well, and drink plenty of water too.

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