Can you really break your junk?

When we talk about hurting your junk, we’re going beyond a kick in the nuts, but instead, refer to potentially long-term damage. As well as being painful, injuring your penis can be pretty impactful on your quality of life.

However, it’s worth noting that erectile tissue damage is actually pretty rare. That being said, the long-term effects can be damaging, which is why it’s crucial to get a diagnosis as soon as you can.

Now, let’s take a closer look at what damaging your junk really involves.

What does it mean to damage your penis?

You’ve probably heard horror stories before now about the impact of erectile tissue damage. Typically, damage to the tissues of your junk is quite rare, and usually the result of an injury.

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While it makes us all squirm at just the thought of a penis fracture – the rupture of the tunica albuginea – this isn’t something that happens often. In fact, only 1331 cases have been reported between 1935 and 2001.

There are a bunch of ways this type of damage can be caused, often resulting in long-term damage.

How does this type of damage usually happen?

Let’s be honest, the penis is pretty tough and versatile. This means that it has been under some serious pressure in order to experience erectile tissue damage.

The tunica albuginea surrounds the innermost tissues of the penis, in a multi-layered structure. Made of collagen, the tunica albuginea is tougher than you think. It’s also pretty adaptable, supple when soft and able to stay rigid when erect.

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While it’s pretty versatile, it does have one slight weakness. When you’re hard, the structure thins from 2mm to as thin as 0.25mm, all while pressure increases during an erection.

This means that your junk is at its most vulnerable when hard, and during sex. Especially when you slip out of your partner all of a sudden. But it’s not just when you’re getting frisky with a partner that it can occur, but it is also shown to occur during masturbation.

If things get a little too rough, damage to your junk externally can occur, such as cuts or burns. But in this instance, we’re focused on the impact on internal erectile tissue damage.

During this type of impact, you’re likely to experience a sharp bend in your penis, along with a “popping” sound. You may have heard this type of injury referred to as “snapping” your “banjo string”. Ouch.

What are the effects of erectile tissue damage?

In the short term, you’re certainly going to feel some pain and even start to notice some bruising. But how does that affect your junk long-term?

Well, you could be faced with disfigurement and difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, which is often referred to as erectile dysfunction (ED). ED affects men in many different ways. While some may struggle to get it up at all, others may not be able to stay hard enough for full sex.

In terms of pain, it can linger or go away fairly quickly. If you see blood at the tip of your penis or when you wee, it could be the sign of a serious urethral injury too.

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While it isn’t always the case, some may experience repeated damage. Although rare, Peyronie’s disease – the formation of scar tissue in the erectile tissue – can cause incredibly painful and curved hard ons. However, this is usually only the case when a guy has penile injuries again and again.

How can you treat erectile tissue damage?

In serious cases of penile fractures, surgery is often recommended. In this scenario, a surgeon would cut into the penis and repair any tears, while also identifying (and removing) any potential blood clots.

If you do suffer from Peyronie’s disease, medication is usually the go-to to dissolve scar tissue without the need for surgery.

Struggling with erectile function? Don’t suffer in silence

If you’ve experienced penile trauma, we recommend speaking to a doctor as soon as possible in order to examine the potential damage. Holding out can be incredibly painful, and worrying.

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