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Erotic tips to keep your lady happy in bed

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take much to arouse us. Many men will claim they’re ready to jump in the sack in a matter of minutes, but unfortunately, it isn’t quite the same for our partners. And that’s okay!

Knowing how to get both you and your partner hot and steamy and ready for sex is super important – since sex is so intimate, why not take your time to get turned on?

But we’re just going to put it out there, guys – a woman being wet doesn’t necessarily mean she’s ready to rumble. So before you go diving into the full shebang, it’s time to action these tips on how to make your girlfriend happy in bed.

Nevertheless, if you’re wondering how to romance a woman in bed, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered our best erotic tips to turn her on in no time.

Get ready for sex you can both enjoy from beginning to end.

How to make your woman happy in bed

Nobody likes a greedy guy in bed that’s only in it for their own orgasm. Paying attention to your partner is both sexy, fun and enjoyable for both parties.

So, if you’re wondering how to keep a woman happy in bed, keep reading.

Go slow and steady

Think of foreplay as pre-heating the oven before you cook your main meal. Don’t whip off your clothes and dive right in. Instead, slow down the situation and take some time to enjoy each other’s bodies.

Start by caressing your partner, feeling every inch of her body until she can’t take the tease much longer. Whether it’s running your fingertips over her skin or kissing your way around, if you’re wondering how to make her happy in bed, start with foreplay.

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You wouldn’t learn to swim by diving in at the deep end, would you? So don’t rush an orgasm, either!

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Don’t be afraid to ask what she wants

If you’re not sure how to make your girlfriend happy in bed: Ask her!

Engage in a little dirty talk, foreplay and ask what your partner would like you to do next. You may be spending all your time on the wrong thing otherwise!

While hearing a “Not really” may feel a little disheartening when you ask “Do you like this?” use this opportunity to find out what really turns her on and gets you both ready for sex.

Enjoy some fondling

Sometimes we need to feel like young lovebirds in our teens to get fiery between the sheets. Don’t be afraid of a little fondling, starting things off with a touch of the thigh or a lick of a nipple.

Ask your partner where turns her on the most and explore new avenues together. Don’t forget, communication can be super important while teasing each other.

Enjoy kissing

Many men want to know how to keep a woman happy in bed, but unfortunately, they forget about kissing!

Before diving into foreplay, spend some time kissing her. Start off slow and steady, with light kisses on the lips, neck and a nibble on her earlobes – before upping the intensity.

Kissing often gets forgotten, especially when sex is on the agenda. Take it slow until both you and your partner can’t take much more.

Tickle, the right way

Some of us can enjoy a light tickle, whereas others find tickling a rather annoying experience. Try using a feather to lightly caress your partner’s skin, or run your fingers over every inch of her body.

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Understanding what your partner enjoys is crucial here, so don’t forget to communicate with her throughout. If you’re tickling as you would in a playfight, it may be time to keep your tickles in check.

Patience is key

Try to work out how to make your girlfriend happy in bed? Take it slow. Before heading straight for the goodies, allow your partner’s body to warm up to your touch and get in the mood for sex.

While you may be raring to go, she may not be! Caress her entire body and once you know you’re both ready to go, move on to touch her more intimately. Delaying this kind of touch can make sex all that more exciting, with every touch more pleasurable.

Be gentle

When your eyes are on the prize, it can be tempting to get a little rough. A woman’s vaginal lips are actually made from the same cells as your scrotum – so keep that in mind the next time you’re a little heavy-handed.

Touch them softly and tease her clitoris for maximum pleasure. Be prepared to start off slow, using the tip of your tongue to tease your way. Don’t go in like a dog lapping up a bowl of water.

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If you’re not sure if your partner is enjoying what you’re doing down below, ask her what she would like you to do. This creates a fun dynamic in the bedroom, and ensures you’re both having a great time.

Ready for mind-blowing sex?

Still not sure how to make her happy in bed? Revisit these tips and remember: Go slow and take your time to hit new heights of pleasure.

Don’t be afraid to ask your partner what she enjoys the most and spend some time caressing and kissing your way around her body.

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