10 Home Exercises For Better Sex

Sex exercises

A good workout is one of the best ways to improve your skills in the sack. But for you and your partner to enjoy the best results, you have to make sure you’re doing the best exercises for better sex…

You see, there are specific exercises that help you strengthen all the right muscles, and guarantee next time you’re ready to bring your A-game. Start these 10 exercises for better sex today and give your sex life the boost it needs

Is your gym closed because of the coronavirus?

No problem. You can do all these exercises at home, without equipment. With you and your partner stuck at home together, what better way to spend your time than improving your sex life?

Plus, especially during times like these, it’s important you stay active with plenty of exercise. So stay healthy, stay safe, and make the most of your time inside!

1 – Push-up

Probably the most basic and well-known exercise on this list, but when it comes to prepping for your nighttime adventures it’s an absolute must.

Think of it this way: the longer you can support your own body weight, the longer you can keep giving it to her.

Have you ever had to give up during Missionary – or switch positions halfway – because your arms started shaking from hovering your body above her?

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If the answer is yes then you need to start giving your shoulders and triceps some tender loving care. Push-ups are perfect for this.

How to do a push-up? We think we all know how to, but it’s not just about lying flat on the floor and pushing yourself up…

Make sure you don’t hollow your back and try to really keep all your muscles, especially your abs, working during the exercise.

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2 – Kegel exercises

If you’ve spent some time on our Male Extra blog before you probably know about these exercises already.

Kegel exercises help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Now, most guys think these are just for women, but they can actually be extremely beneficial for men as well.

There’s a reason why many sex therapists will recommend kegel exercises to men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation (as explained in this study here).

That’s why kegel exercises are considered some of the best exercises for better sex. Oh, and you can literally do these while sitting on the couch watching TV…

How to do kegel exercises? The tricky part is to actually identify the pelvic floor muscles in the first place. The best way to do this is to go to the toilet, urinate, and stop yourself midstream. The muscle you used for that: that’s the pelvic floor muscle!

To do the exercises, contract the muscles for 10 seconds and then release for 10 seconds. Repeat this 10 times, and try to do this routine 3 times per day.

For more information read: Kegel Exercise for Men – How and Why You Should Be Doing Them >>

kegel exercise sex

3 – Yoga

This is a bit of a broad category instead of a specific exercise, but it’s really great to train your body for sex; for all the obvious reasons…

Not only is yoga a great exercise to strengthen your core muscles, but it will give you some extra flexibility as well.

On top of that, a lot of yoga poses will specifically help improve your pelvic muscles. So why not give yoga a try? You and your partner will love it!

yoga sex exercise

4 – High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

If you’re not a regular gym-goer this may sound scary, but don’t worry, it’s easily adjusted to your personal level.

This type of training is all about cardiovascular health. It’s an exercise to get your blood pumping!

By doing HIIT workouts you can improve your cardiovascular endurance and improve your body’s blood flow. This, of course, will help you further in the sack…

How to do HIIT? Well, there are a million ways to do it, so you can really create the perfect plan for you and work from there. To get you started we can recommend watching this HIIT home workout for beginners:

5 – Squat

If you do them right, squats will increase blood flow down to your pelvic region. This, as we’ve seen, will help your performance in the bedroom.

Squats are super easy to do, whenever and wherever.

How to do a squat? Make sure you find a strong stance with your feet about shoulder-width. Now slowly move your butt back as if you’re going to sit down, while bending your knees while doing it.

Make sure to keep your back straight and look forward at all times!

squat exercise sex

6 – Lying leg raise

Another easy yet effective exercise to do at home, and definitely one of the best exercises for better sex.

This workout really strengthens your core muscles, which will help you go on for longer when you’re in an upright position. Just imagine the look on her face when you take her for a new ride!

How to do a lying leg raise? Lie down on the ground on your back. Raise your legs up straight in the air until you’re in about a 45-degree angle. Slowly lower both legs down, keeping them straight, and move them back up again just before you hit the floor. Repeat.

The important thing here is to make sure you keep your back, in particular your lower back, pushed to the ground at all times.

lying leg raise sex

7 – Pigeon pose

Another great exercise to improve flexibility in your nether regions.

With this move, you will give your hips, glutes, and groin all a massive stretch.
More flexibility down there means more flexibility to switch positions and keep going for longer.

Be careful though, as this one might be stretching you a bit too much. If so, you can start with the other exercises for sex in this list first and work your way up to this one.

How to do a pigeon pose? First, get on all fours (so this is what it feels like for her ey?). Then, move your right knee forward and lay it down between your hands, swinging your right foot out to the left.

Now slowly stretch your left leg and slide it back behind you. Slowly let your upper body fall to the ground, lying on your right knee.

pigeon pose sex

8 – Lunge

There are a lot of different benefits to lunges, not just related to your sexual performance.

They will help you build leg muscle, improve your balance and strengthen your core. Aside from that, it will help increase blood flow to your lower regions as well.

The best way to do a lunge is by holding some dumbbells in your hands.

However, if you don’t have any weights at home you can just do without (or grab two bottles of water in each hand for weight).

How to do a lunge? Stand up straight, potentially with a dumbbell in each hand. Now step your right foot forward a few feet, bend your knees and lower your body, until you almost touch the floor with your left knee. Now reverse the movement to push yourself back up. Repeat.

lunge exercise sex

9 – Dumbbell hammer curl

So far we’ve focused a lot on your pelvic muscles and getting more flexible, but don’t forget the importance of strong arms.

The push-ups we mentioned at the top will help with this already, but to add some extra power to your punch you might want to consider some more actual weight training for your arms.

Ideally, you have dumbbells for this, but if you don’t you can be creative and use any household item to lift. Books, bottles, bricks in your garden, whatever…

How to do a dumbbell hammer curl? Hold your dumbbells in hand, arms on your side and palms facing inwards.

Lift the right dumbbell up, keeping your upper arm still and your elbow locked so the movement only comes from your forearm. Lift the weight until it almost reaches your shoulder, then lower again. Now the left arm; repeat.

dumbbell curl sex

10 – Plank

We almost forgot one of the most basic exercises: the plank!

No workout plan is complete without the plank, and the same goes for this list of sex exercises.

Similar to the benefits of a push-up, the plank is especially beneficial to train the missionary position. However, in this case the focus is on strengthening your core muscles.

How to do a plank? Get your body to the ground face down, place your hands at shoulder width, keep your body completely straight resting only on your forearms on the ground and your toes.

The longer you keep this pose, the more it will start to work those muscles. You can see how this might help missionary position, right?

The only thing left…

And there you have it folks, 10 home exercises for better sex that you can start doing right now, all from your own home.

These exercises focus on overall muscle building, your pelvic floor muscles in particular, and making sure your blood is flowing.

Try all of them, mix them up, increase the amount of times you do them per week, and notice how quickly your sex life will start to improve!

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