Erection Boosting Foods – Can They Make You Hard?

Erection Boosting Food

Erections are a normal part of men’s lives after they hit puberty. And as they begin, so does your journey of experimentation.

You’ve had countless erections since that time and you probably don’t even give them a second thought. Erections seem like no-brainers; you get turned on and you get an erection.

Getting rock hard erections is often the key to a satisfactory sex life for you and your partners. Men who have trouble with them usually experience strain in their relationships and may struggle with their mental wellbeing.

Your blood circulation plays a major part in causing erections, or a lack of them. The good news is, if you don’t have any major health concerns, there are several natural ways to help you achieve—and maintain—erections that will turn your life around!

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What’s the science behind an erection?

As simple as it seems to get an erection, there are a number of things that need to go right for you to get and keep up a satisfactory erection.

Research has suggested that about 20 percent of men deal with erectile dysfunction, making it the most commonly experienced sexual disorder among men.

What causes erection problems for men?

To successfully get an erection, blood needs to flow to your penis during sexual stimulation — physical or psychological. This leads to your penis getting hard.

This occurs when the two chambers inside the penis—called the corpora cavernosa—fill with blood.

The arteries in the chambers bring in blood to the penis and stop its outflow, leading to the expansion of the muscles; this makes the penis expand and gives you the coveted erection.

A hitch in this process may derail your sexual pleasure by causing dysfunction and frustration. Studies have pointed to cardiovascular and arterial dysfunction as the main causes of erectile dysfunction (ED), as well as many others that include:

  • Physiological reasons: Since erections are all about blood flow, physical health problems that impede blood flow can lead to erectile dysfunction. Cardiovascular issues like heart disease, blocked blood vessels, and high cholesterol could be the reason for your woes. Other health concerns that can impact blood circulation include diabetes, obesity, and Parkinson’s, among others.
  • Psychological causes: How you think and feel about your erection can affect your ability to have and sustain one. Anxiety, stress, and performance anxiety are leading causes of erectile dysfunction, but other mental health conditions, like depression, can also contribute. While studies suggest almost 20 percent of erectile dysfunction cases are caused by psychological reasons, the lack of blood flow to the penis is a major contributor to flaccidity.

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How can it be treated?

Erectile dysfunction can be difficult to address, often leading to men avoiding the subject or refusing to get help. However, erectile dysfunction is very treatable.

Once you’ve gotten the requisite tests and figured out the root cause of your woes, you can begin the process of working to alleviate it.

As long as your erectile dysfunction isn’t owing to underlying health concerns, like diabetes or cardiovascular problems, some of the treatments for erectile dysfunction you can try are:

  • Lifestyle changes: An unhealthy lifestyle is usually a major cause of ED, especially among young men who aren’t normally at risk of life-altering diseases. To improve your blood circulation, you could begin exercising regularly—this will make you healthier and boost your self-confidence—reduce stress, try acupuncture, cut down on your consumption of alcohol, and quit smoking.
  • Drugs and medication: In instances where lifestyle changes don’t work, you may need to turn to medication. These aim to enhance the natural chemicals in your body that aid in achieving erections. On your doctor’s suggestion, you may try Sildenafil—popularly known as Viagra—Avanafil, Tadalafil, or a range of other drugs that will boost your sex drive.
  • External treatments: When all else fails, you can resort to external sources to achieve a satisfactory erection. Penile pumps can help in drawing blood to the penis and in maintaining it long enough to ejaculate. Penile implants, on the other hand, are fitted into the penis to give you the kind of erections and ejaculations you desire.

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Are there any foods that help you stay erect?

Drugs and medication are not always everyone’s preferred route, owing to the plethora of side effects you can expect from them. Since changes to your lifestyle are the easiest way to begin treating erectile dysfunction, they are usually opted for foremost.

A number of natural foods have been lauded for the role they play in male libido enhancement, that’s why a number of physiological causes can be countered with a change in your diet.

Among a range of modifiable elements that cause erectile dysfunction, research has established the role of a bad diet as a contributing factor as well.

What foods help you get hard? Here are some natural male enhancement foods that can help you get, and stay, erect:


Aside from their role as a phallic symbol, bananas can help you achieve harder erections. The potassium you get from them does wonders for your heart and blood circulation by moderating your blood pressure.

Other fruits

Other fruits can do wonders for your erection as well. Consuming fruits rich in flavonoids, like blueberries, strawberries, apples, and oranges, can relax your blood vessels. Other berries like cherries, peaches, or plums can also keep the blood flowing smoothly.

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A couple of hot, steaming cups of coffee can lead to harder, longer erections. Caffeine plays a role in relaxing the muscles and arteries in the penis, leading to increased blood flow.

Your morning cup of Joe can be uplifting for you and your penis!


Salmon, and other fish like fresh tuna and trout, can provide you with the omega-3 fatty acids and the Vitamin D needed to improve your blood flow.

Without these, your arteries and blood vessels may not carry blood to your extremities—including your penis—very well.


Not only is spicy food said to boost libido by releasing endorphins—the ‘feel good’ hormone—but it also facilitates the expansion of the blood vessels.

This means that when you eat spicy food, more blood is being forced into your blood vessels and heads straight to your penis.


Want to drive your partner nuts with your rock hard erections? Dig into some nuts. They’re a source of healthy fats and lead to an overall improvement in physical and sexual health.


Your favorite breakfast item may be the answer to your penile woes. Oats fight cholesterol and keep the blood vessels relaxed and smooth; increase your intake of this aphrodisiac and watch your erections become harder.


Oysters would be pretty high up on the list of sensual foods, simply owing to how you eat them. Not only would they be great to set the mood on a night out, but they can also do wonders for you and your partners on a night in.

Oysters are rich in vitamin B6 and zinc that can boost your testosterone and give you the sex drive to go all night.


A great source of folic acid and Vitamin C, spinach is imperative to healthy sexual functioning for men, leading to better blood circulation and a boost in testosterone.

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Natural supplements

Natural foods are a viable means of getting harder, stronger and longer-lasting erections. But they can often take too long to work, sometimes taking months to show any results.

Opting for a natural male enhancement supplement, one that combines all the great ingredients you look for in your foods, can help with faster, more effective results.

Male Extra provides a fusion of natural ingredients to increase the hardness, size, and sustainability of your erections.

It does this by getting the necessary nutrients and oxygen to your cells, and increasing blood flow to your penis, so you can enjoy satisfying sex without fatigue.

The unique blend of amino acids, ellagic acid from pomegranates, zinc, and Vitamin B3, among other potent ingredients, gives your body the nitric oxide it needs to increase your blood flow exponentially.

With these safe, natural ingredients, you don’t have to compromise on your, or your partner’s satisfaction in bed.

Try it now and become a part of the 150 thousand men whose sex lives have turned around due to Male Extra.

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Erectile dysfunction can have a number of causes ranging from physical to psychological, making it one of the most commonly experienced sexual disorders amongst men. But just because its common doesn’t mean it can’t be treated.

Changes to your lifestyle have led to better erections that are harder and last longer too!

Among the changes you can make, altering your diet can be an effective solution.

Natural supplements can provide you with the nutrients and minerals needed to boost your blood circulation and enjoy your sex life to the fullest.

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