How to Increase Libido in Men – The Best Natural Libido Boosters

Low libido in men

If testosterone levels can vary amongst men, then it makes sense that libidos can vary too. So while you might think of yourself as a virile stallion; there is always a chance that your sexual desire could plummet, and that you might find yourself struggling to get it up.

So what can you do? How can you ensure that you aren’t another statistic? Well, the good news is there are a number of ways to restore your sex drive and ensure that it is in prime condition. From the foods you eat to proven libido boosters and male libido supplements, to getting more sleep; in this article, you shall discover how to increase your libido 100% naturally and safely.

Causes of low libido in men

Sadly, there could be a number of reasons why your libido has dropped. Yet, the most common trigger is fluctuations in your hormone levels, namely drops in natural testosterone production.

The Science:

Primarily produced in your testicles, testosterone can affect your appearance (facial hair), sexual development, sperm production, bone, and muscle mass, and you guessed it – your sex drive.

Now, before you panic – falling T-levels are a natural part of the aging process, meaning it is inevitable that you will see a decline once you hit your 30s. However, while for the majority of us these drops won’t outwardly affect our bodies – aside from a little weight gain and loss in muscle mass – should your testosterone levels fall below 300ng/dL, it CAN impact on your libido, erection strength, longevity, and ultimately your ability to get it up.

In fact, according to the American Urological Association, 2 out of 10 men aged over 60 suffer from low testosterone and libido levels; while 1 in 5 men have reported losses in sexual interest. This suggests that testosterone and your libido are strongly linked.

Yet, a waning sex drive cannot be blamed on falling testosterone levels alone. There are other issues which can also affect both testosterone production and sexual desire:

Psychological issues

Feelings of stress and anxiety – resulting from work, family or relationship problems – can all have an impact on your arousal levels and sexual desire. Depression, in particular, can lead to a lack of interest in all things you’ve previously found pleasurable I.e. sex. However, while you can resolve this with the help of antidepressants, one of the most common side effects of some of these pills is low libido, leaving you in an endless cycle of anxiety.

Stress is another common trigger, as alongside disrupting your hormone levels, it can also cause your arteries to narrow; hindering blood flows and making it harder for you to maintain an erection.

Medical issues

Diabetes, obesity, chronic pain, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels can all have a profound effect on your libido. Chronic illnesses such as cancer, as well as kidney and heart failure have all been linked to a reduction in sperm production.

Hormone levels

Testosterone is not the only hormone that will mess with your libido. A combination of low dopamine and thyroid hormones with high levels of prolactin have all been found to affect your sex drive.

Likewise, low dopamine levels (which help your brain to send messages around your body) can harm your libido. During one study on participants with Parkinson’s disease, when they were given dopamine-stimulating drugs, they saw rises in sexual desire.

Sleep deprivation

Studies by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine on non-obese men with apnea have revealed that not sleeping enough can affect testosterone levels, leading to reductions in sexual activity. This point is further proven by a study on healthy, young men with good testosterone levels. They saw falls of 10-15% after just a week of sleeping only 5 hours a night.


We mentioned aging earlier in this article, yet it is one of the biggest symptoms of low libido. As teenagers we have no qualms becoming aroused or getting it up as our testosterone levels are at an all-time high. However, as we get older, as our T-levels fall so does our ability to enjoy sex. From you taking longer to orgasm, ejaculate and become aroused, to struggling to stay hard (and for as long); age can influence your performance in the sack.

Too little or too much exercise

We are all well aware that not exercising enough can contribute to weight gain and problems with your heart – both of which can influence your libido (as your body struggles to transport blood). However, the notion that too much exercise can also harm it may come as surprising.

The problem rests with your hormone levels. When you exercise moderately it can help combat obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, while also lowering your cortisol levels (a stress hormone). Yet, push too hard and this can have the opposite effect and can cause your libido to fall.

Substance abuse

Alcohol, drugs, and smoking can all harm your libido. In fact, drinking 14 mixed drinks a week has been reported to lower testosterone production while smoking tobacco and marijuana can also negatively impact sperm production and movement.

Foods that increase libido

Okay, you know the causes and have by now probably figured out why your libido has vanished. Yet what can you do to resolve it? How can you restore your sex drive without having to resort to medication?

Interestingly enough, you can revitalize your libido by simply rethinking your eating habits and reviewing what you put into your body. It all stems down to improving your blood flow, circulation and heart. Do that and you can ensure that your body is able to efficiently react to feelings of arousal.

Foods that increase libido

Take the following suggestions. All are proven foods that can increase your libido and restore your passion for sex:

Mediterranean diet

There is a reason this diet earns the top spot – from eating plenty of lean proteins and vegetables to lowering your sugar intake; these foods can help to keep the pounds at bay and ensure that your heart remains healthy (instantly preventing health issues i.e. diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.)


Certain fruits – figs, bananas, and avocados – are believed to have aphrodisiac properties that can help to awaken your libido. This is due to their breadth of vitamins and minerals which work in synergy to enhance blood flows to your genital

Dark Chocolate

During one study, the phenylethylamine found in dark chocolate was reported to boost serotonin release – a hormone that is known to lift your mood and heighten feelings of desire.

Further research has linked the presence of phenylethylamine to the release of endorphins and dopamine which can also help to lower your inhibitions and leave you feeling good.


As long as you stick to one glass, drinking wine can eliminate inhibitions and put you at ease, making it easier for your body to respond to intimacy.


High in omega-3 fatty acids, these healthy fats can help to lower your cholesterol and in turn minimize heart disease. Another bonus walnuts bring to the table, is their ability to boost arginine, an amino acid that is believed to relax blood vessels and enable your body – particularly your dick – to receive sufficient blood and oxygen when aroused.


This well-known aphrodisiac is full of zinc which can help boost healthy sperm production, as well as a number of amino acids that are reputed to positively influence testosterone levels. Combining these nutrients can help to heighten your sexual appetite – just like they did with Casanova.


This vegetable is incredibly nutritious thanks to its high folate content. In fact, it is responsible for the creation of histamine, a chemical that is released when you orgasm. As you can rightly guess, adding this to your diet will make your desire even more intense.

Spices – Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Cayenne

These spices don’t just make foods more flavorsome; for centuries nutmeg and cinnamon have been used (by various cultures) to heighten desire, as it stimulates increased circulation.


This juicy fruit is high in citrulline, a compound that is known to relax your blood vessels and boost blood flow. Again, this can strengthen your libido and arousal.


Rich in potassium, this mineral is great for supporting muscle contractions – which is vital for great sex. Similarly, this compound can boost testosterone production.

Other natural libido boosters

The likelihood is – there is more than one thing affecting your libido. If anything, you might be dealing with multiple issues.

Because of this, you shouldn’t rely on dietary changes alone to boost your sex drive. Instead, we recommend incorporating the following natural libido boosters into your daily routine, so you can revamp your sex drive from the foundation up:

Manage anxiety

Decreasing anxiety triggered by life stress, relationships, and even performance issues, can all help to elevate your desire.

The trick is finding the right tool for you…

For many, simply exercising more and talking openly with loved ones is enough to reduce anxiety. However, you can also try:

  • Picking a new hobby
  • Sleeping more
  • Working on relationships – plan activities outside of the bedroom, such as going on dates. Likewise, you should aim to improve communication by setting aside time for each other. This will increase intimacy, as well as take pressure off of your bedroom antics. If anything, it will help you to grow more comfortable around each other.
  • Meditating – taking slow and deep breaths during stressful situations
  • Speaking to a therapist/counselor
  • Eating a nutritious diet


Benefits of higher libido

Touching, kissing, using toys and performing oral can all help to heighten your sexual experiences. In turn, they will give your body more time to respond to desire.

Sleep quality

Aside from helping to reduce feelings of anxiety; getting a good night’s sleep can also improve your energy levels and mood, which in turn can strengthen your libido. For this reason, aim to get up to 8-10 hours’ sleep a night. Less than 5 will impact testosterone production and ultimately your libido.

Regular exercise

A 2015 study on men who were receiving androgen deprivation therapy (which is known to lower testosterone), discovered that regular exercise helped them to address their body image concerns, flagging libidos, and relationship concerns.

Healthy weight

Given the connection between obesity and declining sex drives, it makes sense that losing weight will improve your sexual health. Your testosterone levels – as well as your confidence – will rise as the weight drops off.

To achieve this – and ensure that the weight stays off – we suggest adopting a diet that is high is proteins, low in carbs and contains a healthy balance of good fats, vegetables, and fruit. Likewise, you should exercise regularly, as this will naturally increase your energy levels.

Quit smoking

Smoking has got a strong reputation for reducing blood vessel dilation, which can hinder blood flow to your dick and organs. Quitting can help to boost your sex drive and endurance.

Boost your self-confidence

The way you feel about your body can impact how you respond to sexual situations. After all, if you’ve got a poor perception of yourself, it is likely that it will put you off having sex – and enjoying it – as you will have to ‘reveal’ yourself to your partner.

To elevate your confidence, self-esteem and ultimately your sex drive, we encourage you to focus on your positive attributes. This will help you to stay in the moment and concentrate on your pleasure.


We mentioned this idea briefly when discussing stress; yet, meditation is a great way to eliminate anxiety and ensure that you feel relaxed and more open to having sex. Alternatively, if you don’t fancy meditating you can also try tai chi and yoga.

The Best Male libido supplements

While changing your diet, exercising more and getting extra sleep, can all make a difference to your libido; if you’re truly concerned about the impact low testosterone will have on your sex life, then there are other avenues you can explore to turn it around i.e. male libido supplements.

These herbal remedies aim to revitalize your body’s existing bodily functions, so you can efficiently: create testosterone; heighten nitric oxide release; improve brain signals and response times (when you’re aroused), and protect yourself from the negative consequences of diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.

Now, there are tonnes of male libido supplements out there, and we could spend forever listing them and going over their pros and cons. However, the key to choosing the right one is looking at their ingredients list.

You see, you need the right combination of ingredients – in the right amounts – to achieve optimal results. For that reason, we suggest looking for the following ingredients when reviewing products.

According to a 2015 study, each of these herbs helped to improve the sexual function and erection strength of participants:

  • Maca
  • Tribulus
  • Ginkgo Biloba – research has found this Chinese leaf to be effective at combating erectile dysfunction.
  • Ginseng
  • Yohimbine – this bark is believed to work a bit like Viagra, as it aims to boost blood flow and make it easier for you to maintain an erection.

Male Extra is a primary example of a male libido supplement that combines multiple proven and natural ingredients to help improve your sex life. From enhancing your erection strength and stamina to improving orgasm longevity and your penis size (by a couple of inches); this libido booster can revitalize your bedroom performance, and make testosterone and libido issues a thing of the past.

In fact, Male Extra purposefully uses L’arginine, zinc, pomegranate, Cordyceps, Niacin, MSM and L-methionine to help combat erectile dysfunction, as it seeks to: naturally, increase nitric oxide; block the conversion of histidine into histamine (stopping you from climaxing too quickly); improve blood flows, and stimulate testosterone production – all of which are essential for healthy, lasting erections.

In other words, by placing all of these ingredients into one unique formula; together they can help you to achieve optimal sexual function.

Male extra supplement


As you can see, learning how to increase libido levels doesn’t have to be a long or perilous journey. Instead, by switching your focus to its common triggers i.e. falling testosterone levels, stress, lack of sleep, poor dietary choices and negative self-image; you CAN turn your sex drive around and ensure that it remains fulfilling and satisfying.

Likewise, adding proven libido boosters such as Male Extra into the mix can help eliminate low libidos in men, as they will effectively support your body – from the inside out.

From replenishing your zinc, nitric oxide and testosterone levels, to providing you with the tools to maintain and support an erection; with Male Extra you can learn how to boost your libido in a matter of weeks. To make testosterone and libido problems an issue of the past, visit Male Extra website.

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