How to Increase Sexual Stamina – 18 Tips for Improved Sexual Performance

Increase Sexual Stamina

What guy doesn’t want to last longer in bed? When your significant other talks about your sexual performance, you want it to be a glowing review and not something that leaves more to be desired.

The following exercises, dietary changes, and lifestyle hacks can teach you how to increase sexual stamina. Improve your bedroom performance today with these tried-and-true tips!

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What is Sexual Stamina?

Sexual stamina refers to how long you can perform in the bedroom. It’s how much fuel you have in the tank to stay in the race.

Considering the average female orgasm takes about 20 minutes to reach, increasing sexual stamina is something every guy should aim to achieve.

How to Increase Sexual Stamina

If you want to learn how to improve sexual stamina, it comes down to five key categories:

  • Diet
  • Supplements
  • Exercise
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Sexual Habits

Let’s start with foods that you can begin incorporating into your diet to increase sexual stamina.

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What Foods to Eat to Increase Sexual Stamina

It’s cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true: you are what you eat. Your diet has a tremendous impact on your health, how you feel, and how you perform in the bedroom.

Try including the following foods into your diet to increase sexual stamina.


Studies show that garlic is a natural way to breakdown and avoid dangerous buildups of plaque inside of the arterial walls of your heart and your penis.

Keeping blood flow strong and consistent, garlic may be able to help you achieve and maintain a strong erection.

garlic on a wooden board

Pomegranate Juice

Aside from being delicious and a great way to start your day, pomegranate juice contains powerful antioxidants that can prevent free radical damage.

What’s more, studies suggest that pomegranate juice can boost blood flow and alleviate symptoms related to erectile dysfunction.

A glass of pomegranate juice


Avocados are fat-focused fruit that contain high levels of B-vitamins. Studies show that healthy fatty acids can promote blood flow and a healthy heart, which means more blood is getting to where it needs to go: your penis.

Studies also suggest the B-vitamins in avocados can help to increase sexual stamina by alleviating the stress response that could be causing unnecessary worry and hampering your performance.


Eat avocado for sexual stamina


Ginger is a superfood that has become immensely popular for overall health and wellness, but it may be a particularly useful way to increase sexual stamina.

Studies show that ginger is effective as a natural anti-inflammatory and it can improve blood flow down below, ensuring a stronger and longer-lasting erection.

Ground ginger in bowl with spoon.


Who would have thought that beets would become a superfood? These purple roots have been used in plenty of pre-workout and wellness supplements, but they have another use: increasing sexual stamina.

Studies show that beets contain nitrates, which relax the blood vessels in the penis and promote blood flow.

Fresh beet juice in glasses with a straw on a wooden background, selective focus. Healthy detox diet

Exercises to Build Sexual Stamina

Exercise is one of the best ways to increase sexual stamina, but there are different forms we’ll focus on to provide a comprehensive plan to support bedroom performance.

Let’s begin with overall physical fitness, which can help you lose weight, build muscle, boost sex hormones, and naturally improve sexual performance.

After that, we’ll discuss specific exercises for oral sex. And we’ll conclude with stamina-building exercises for intercourse.

Full Body Resistance Training

The Center for Disease Control recommends a minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, 75 minutes of high-intensity exercise, or a combination of both every week.

We recommend full-body resistance training as this can promote muscle building, weight loss, and performance enhancement simultaneously.

The following workout should be performed at least three times per week.

  • Barbell Squat: 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions
  • Dumbbell Chest Press: 3 x 10 – 12
  • Romanian Deadlift: 3 x 8 – 12
  • Barbell Row: 3 x 12 – 15
  • Hanging Leg Lift: 4 x 15

sportsman lifting a barbell

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Trade in your boring cardio workouts for a high-intensity interval training workout. This cardio-focused workout will complement the full-body workout from above.

No weights are required and your goal is to perform each exercise as quickly and as safely as possible. Two days per week, perform the following workout:

  • Bodyweight Squat: 20 repetitions
  • Pull-Up: 5
  • Side Lunge: 15
  • Push-Up: 5
  • Mountain Climber: 20
  • Burpee: 5

Complete all repetitions for one exercise before moving to the next. Once you complete all exercises, take a three-minute break then start again.

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Tongue Pull-Back

Let’s dive into your first exercise for oral sex: the tongue pull-back.

The tongue pull-back involves sticking your tongue out of your mouth as far as it will go, holding for a few seconds, then pulling it back as far as it will go, and holding it for a few seconds.

Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times.

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Tongue Push-Ups

Take the tip of your tongue and push it forcefully against the roof of your mouth. Hold for a few seconds during each push. Repeat this exercise 5 to 10 times.

This exercise is also a great trick to stop yourself from sneezing!

Just sneezed. Man bearded hipster with sneezing face closed eyes close up yellow background


Kegels involve squeezing the same muscle that you use to stop yourself from peeing. Locate that muscle and squeeze it for several seconds then release. Do this for a few minutes each day.

You can literally do it anywhere. Try doing it for a minute in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening.

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Start and Stop

If you want to learn how to build sexual stamina, the start and stop method may be your best friend.

When you’re having sex, pay close attention to the buildup of your orgasm. If you find yourself getting close, stop having sex and focus on something else like moving slowly or oral sex.

Once you’ve brought yourself back down, start having sex again. Repeat this start and stop method a few times each session.

Happy couple having fun in bed.

Supplementation to Improve Sexual Stamina

While diet and exercise should make up the foundation of your sexual performance, some natural supplements can help to increase sexual stamina. Here are a few powerful ingredients that will help you boost your performance!


A popular Peruvian superfood, maca is a root that has been used to support libido and sexual desire for hundreds of years.

Maca powder (flour) with maca roots or Peruvian ginseng


Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, which helps to alleviate the stress response, regulate sex hormones, and boost libido.

Ashwagandha / Aswaganda OR Indian Ginseng is an Ayurveda medicine in stem and powder form. Isolated on plain background


Popular in Southeast Asia, ginseng is an herbal remedy that has long been used for overall wellness, but it also shows promise as a natural way to reduce the stress response and boost blood flow.

ginseng in black plate on wooden table


A plant that is common in South America, the extract of Catuaba is often used as an aphrodisiac supplement. It may also promote blood flow to the penis, alleviating erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Catuaba Bark Herb


More commonly known as the goji berry, this fruit has been extremely popular for longevity, but it’s now making its way into the sexual health circle.

Goji berries are a powerful antioxidant that may help with blood flow.

Goji berries

Other Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Sexual Life

Outside of diet, supplements, and exercise, here are more ways to increase sexual stamina.

Don’t Drink Alcohol Before Sex

It’s ironic because alcohol is usually the social lubricant that makes sex happen, but when you drink too much, you actually make it more difficult for yourself to get hard and stay hard.

Do not overconsume alcohol, especially if you suspect sex is on the horizon.

hand reject a bottle of beer in the bar

Grabbing at the Base

If you find yourself getting too close and it’s not time to wrap things up yet, you can try grabbing and squeezing the base of your penis.

The sudden cut off of circulation may help to prevent premature ejaculation.

Applying a Numbing Cream

If you want to take drastic but safe measures, consider using a numbing cream. It only lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, but it can help to desensitize the tip of your penis, allowing you to last longer in bed.

Man applying hand cream, closeup

When You Should See a Doctor

Increasing your sexual stamina typically isn’t a medical cause for concern; however, symptoms related to poor performance may be a sign of a bigger issue.

If you’re obese, have trouble physically performing, find yourself out of breath, or you’re experiencing consistent erectile dysfunction, then you may want to contact your doctor.

All of these symptoms could point to a bigger problem such as high blood pressure, obesity, and cardiovascular disease risks.

Men's health exam with patient having consultation with doctor


Increasing sexual stamina is something every guy can benefit from and thankfully, it doesn’t take much to make it happen.

By including a few new foods into your diet, exercising more, practicing Kegels, and changing a few things in your lifestyle, you can see instant improvements that allow you to last longer and enjoy sex more.

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