It’s all a myth

Right, we know that some of us do, but if you don’t jack off, that is fine too. It could be that you don’t enjoy it or that you simply don’t have enough time in the day.

We’re all different and that needs to be respected. However, you may find it strange to find out that some take it a little further and don’t just masturbate, but stop themselves from ejaculating.

Whether it be through either sex or masturbation, semen retention refers to never ejaculating. It is rumored that in doing this, they can access special powers within their balls, unlocking a range of mental and physical benefits.

We hate to break it to you if you’re one of them, but, all of these so-called “benefits” are actually a myth. Whilst there may be some evidence that short periods of abstaining can improve sperm count, motility, and other factors that affect fertility, there isn’t any research to confirm this.

The thing is, any benefits tend to dwindle out after a few days or weeks of abstinence, so there really is no point in keeping it all to yourself.

Some that believe in semen retention are in so deep that they think relationships and marriage are a bad idea as these lead to sex and would therefore deplete their energy and supply.

Additionally, many of those who have committed themselves have taught themselves to have sex without ejaculating, hoping to reap some kind of benefit.

Well, with all of this in mind, here are some more benefits to seemingly gain from semen retention.

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Enhanced focus

According to some men that practice semen retention, your mind becomes clearer and your concentration heightened. As great as this may sound, again, it’s not true.

There haven’t been any studies to prove a connection between abstinence and thinking ability. However, despite the lack of scientific foundation, semen retainers believe not ejaculating helps them improve focus and mental clarity.

There are others that claim they can think more clearly and work more deeply for longer periods of time. So, this might suggest that not thinking as much about sex allows you to focus on other things.

However, scientifically speaking, there is some research to suggest that orgasming allows us to concentrate better by releasing chemicals to make us feel relaxed and happy.

Ejaculating more than one per month means empty balls

This ridiculous statement has arisen from a claim that because all parts of the body are connected, semen must come from other tissues and organs when the stores in the testicles are depleted.

Well, there are a whole host of reasons to show why this is completely untrue. Now, 10 grams of semen is about two average loads and our testicles produce around 1500 sperm every second.

Whilst there are also several other hormones and minerals that go into producing sperm, your body is fully capable of producing several loads a day; providing you’re eating a good diet.

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It’s also worth noting that semen and seminal fluid is only confined to our genitals and isn’t stored or made anywhere else in your body. Testicles create sperm and the prostate gland and vesicles create seminal fluid; when you’re about to ejaculate they mix together. If you don’t become aroused, they don’t mix. So, if you become then become aroused but don’t ejaculate, your body will just flush it out.

So simply put, no, you don’t get empty balls.

You’ll become a top athlete

The idea that athletes shouldn’t have sex before important sporting events dates right back to the first century; abstaining is said to improve strength.

Sadly, guys, it’s wrong. There isn’t any research to prove a connection between athletic performance and sex. Even so, semen retainers believe they’ll have bursting veins and be ready for battle.

Abstaining will make you irresistible

At the very core of this argument, there is the belief that abstaining will fill a man with an abundance of testosterone. So much so that it’ll radiate from his very being and every woman alive will look to him. It seems to be irrelevant that this effect won’t be long-term, guys will still think they’re God’s gift to women anyway.

Again, we need to apologize, because even though this may sound great to some, it is not true.

The bottom line

What is important to recognize is that it really doesn’t matter if you ejaculate or not, nobody cares. Not orgasming only means that your body will recycle any unused semen and you have more time in the day to do things you do want to do.

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There really isn’t anything to worry about considering everything we have talked about is either untrue or the men who abstain are under some kind of placebo to believe they’re so kind of athlete God.

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