How Does MSM Work For Male Enhancement?

MSM For Male Enhancement

You may have heard of MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane). It’s a naturally occurring compound that is present in a huge number of plants, and it makes its way into a lot of food and drink that we consume.

MSM is also a great nutrient for helping your body balance its sulfur content – which, despite the general opinion of sulfur as being a smelly, unpleasant compound, is required for your body to work at full capacity.

MSM is a very important nutrient that helps our bodies function properly. It does this by a few different mechanisms. It improves our ability to produce collagen, which is one of the main compounds responsible for healthy skin and hair. It also helps provide cells with the sulfur they need to perform their duties.

A deficiency of MSM can also result in some unpleasant side effects – and for men, these detriments can include erectile dysfunction and reduced sexual function.

How does MSM affect sexual function?

First, it’s important to understand the role of sulfur in the human body. It’s a hugely important nutrient that doesn’t get nearly as much credit or respect as it should. Sulfur is a component of every cell in the body, and thus it can perform a large number of different functions depending on which cells are using the sulfur.

Sulfur deficiencies are quite common because it’s kind of difficult for people to get sulfur in the first place. MSM in nature is a byproduct of plankton that has to be distributed in the atmosphere after rising to the top of the ocean. It then rains down onto the earth and is absorbed by plants. For that reason, there’s no guarantee that plants will always have the same amount of sulfur.

  • Most meats contain MSM. Non-meat foods that usually contain good amounts of sulfur are asparagus, onions, garlic, cruciferous veggies like broccoli and cauliflower, and several fruits.

So what does all this have to do with erectile dysfunction? Well, the most basic answer is: You have cells in your penis. Cells require sulfur to work properly, and if they don’t have sulfur, they won’t operate at their maximum capacity. That could be said about any biological function, though, since they all rely on cells. What makes sulfur particularly important for ED?

  • If you have a deficiency of sulfur, new cells formed in your penis will be weak and less able to handle stress. This will negatively impact the size and strength of your erections.
  • MSM helps your cells absorb and excrete liquids – including blood. Tissues in your penis need to be able to fill up with blood to maintain a healthy erection.
  • Cells formed without MSM can also be highly rigid. This makes them less flexible, and flexibility is very important for the formation of a proper erection.
  • A regular supply of MSM helps to ensure that your penis can grow larger. If you’re using some natural penis-enhancing techniques, the quality of growth won’t be very good if you’re not producing healthy cells.

Collagen and sexual health

As we mentioned, sulfur is a vital component for the synthesis of collagen. Not only does your body use collagen to keep its skin and hair healthy, but it uses it to form tissues – groups of similarly functioning cells. Collagen is actually an insoluble protein, and it’s the most ubiquitous building block for connecting tissues and ligaments.

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Along with certain other nutrients – namely the B vitamins, vitamin C, and pantothenic acid – sulfur acts as a catalyst to producing healthy tissues. A “healthy” tissue will be able to breathe – not by inhaling and exhaling, as we do, but by “importing and exporting” oxygen and other nutrients for the proper construction of cells.

Ensuring that you have a regular source of MSM ensures that you’ll get enough sulfur. Get enough sulfur, and you’ll know that the connective tissues in your junk will be able to breathe properly, allowing them to grow strong and large.

Other ways MSM impacts male health

MSM has been indicated to provide some additional benefits that can bolster male sexual health.

  • The most notable of these benefits is that it can improve blood flow – not just to the genitals, but to the whole body. This allows you to achieve and maintain erections more easily.
  • MSM also helps to reduce back pain. Back pain can definitely be a hindrance if you’re hoping to get busy but can’t get into the mood because you threw your back out lifting up a box!
  • MSM also relieves general body fatigue, and we don’t have to tell you how fatigue can negatively impact your sexual experiences. Not only does it relieve chronic fatigue, but it can act as an energy booster and indirectly improve your sex drive.
  • MSM helps to promote the recovery of damaged ligaments and muscle tissue. If you’ve overworked your Johnson by using it too much, this can speed up the down time before recovery.
  • MSM has been shown to improve focus and concentration. Many sexual problems are actually caused by an inability to get “in the mood” or fully focus on the act of sex instead of worrying.

In conclusion

MSM might not be widely regarded as an essential nutrient, but considering it supplies your body with sulfur, it’s one of the most important nutrients people can possibly consume. Sulfur plays a role in every single cell in your body, and a sulfur deficiency can cause some serious problems.

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Some of the most significant problems related to MSM deficiency are sexual in nature. A lot of problems related to erectile dysfunction and impotence can be attributed to an unhealthy level of sulfur in the cells of the human body. Supplementing with MSM can often reverse some of these problems.

MSM is a fairly difficult nutrient for the human body to obtain, so it’s one of the few that can actually be better obtained through supplementation. Typically, nutrients are better absorbed through natural foods that contain them, but the MSM content of foods is often very inconsistent. For this reason, it’s a good idea to take supplements because you can regulate your dosage.

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