What Is a Semen Retention and What Are Benefits of Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Semen retention benefits

When we think of ejaculation, it is only natural to automatically think of orgasms. But what if we were to tell you that they are two separate biological events that just happen to coincide with each other? You would think we were crazy, right?

Well, it’s true! In fact, there is a growing number of men who intentionally train themselves to orgasm WITHOUT ejaculation (dry orgasm) by adopting a simple process known as semen retention.

What Will I Learn?

But what is semen retention? How does it work? In this article, we shall explore the idea of orgasms without ejaculation, its benefits and the science behind how it works…

What Is Semen Retention?

Believe it or not, but semen retention has been around for centuries. Often referred to as tantric sex or sexual transmutation… the idea behind it is that by avoiding ejaculation, you can encourage full-body orgasms – through breath, sound and movement alone – that are intensely more powerful than your average ‘O’.

But, how does it work?

Well, this will depend on which semen retention technique you adopt.

Technique One: Most people choose to abstain from sex – altogether – for as a little as 1-2 days, all the way to a few months. In doing so, they believe that when they finally come, their orgasms will be heightened.

Technique Two: penned ‘a dry orgasm’ this semen retention technique proves that one CAN occur without the other, as it aims to teach you how to orgasm without ejaculation. That’s right! Through the simple process of discovering how to breathe right, listen to your body and control your movements; not only can your orgasm spread throughout your entire body, you can also achieve the almighty ‘O’ without spilling a drop.

Yet, there is much more to tantric sex than meets the eye. You see, relationship coaches believe there is a strong link between ejaculation and your life’s energy. According to their theory, if you ejaculate too much, you risk weakening your body; expending your energy, and releasing your emotions. However, by training your body to avoid ejaculation this can help to circulate your life energy back into your body, thus ensuring that you remain energised and more in touch with your feelings.

What other theories are there?

We are going to touch on more of the benefits of semen retention shortly; however, to help give a better idea of why tantric sex/semen retention is so popular, take a look at the following:

  •       Some theorists believe semen retention can improve your fertility, sexual pleasure and physical health.
  •       Others feel that by resisting the urge to ejaculate this will redirect sexual energies into other areas of your life i.e. improve your emotional health and spiritual growth.
  •       A big theory is that semen retention can teach you greater self-control and discipline.

Semen Retention Benefits

Spiritual theories aside, a massive perk to learning how to retain your semen is being able to maintain an erection AFTER you orgasm.

This means – as a guy – you can enjoy what only women usually get to experience – the elusive “multiple orgasm” – as you won’t have to deal with a refractory period after you O. Instead, because you haven’t ejaculated, your erections will remain rock solid and firm, enabling you to experience as many orgasms as you want – all while still managing to pleasure your partner. 

At the same time, semen retention can offer you the following health/emotional benefits:

  •       Improved mental health – from reducing feelings of anxiety and depression, to boosting your memory, concentration and cognitive function, semen retention can help you to manage your emotions.
  •       Increased confidence, self-control and body awareness – as you’ll have trained your body to control your need to ejaculate.
  •       Boosts in physical performance and stamina (as you aren’t ejaculating as quickly), as well as elevations in vitality and muscle growth (due to increases in testosterone). You’ll also see drops in fatigue, due to less prolactin being produced (a hormone that is normally released when you ejaculate and which is known to make you sleepy).
  •       Improved sexual health – there are a few studies which suggest that abstaining from sex for up to 2 weeks can raise your testosterone levels; giving you the added benefit of seeing: increases in sperm quantity, quality and motility, as well as thicker hair and a deeper voice. This can also lead to a higher number of sperm being ejaculated the next time you allow yourself to come, which can boost the chances of your partner conceiving.
  •       Spiritual awakening – deeper relationships; stronger life/energy force and increased happiness.
  •       Greater overall health – some users have reported improvements to their overall general health, including falls in gastrointestinal issues, bloating, light sensitivity, anxiety and bursts of sudden anger.

Is There Any Research to Support This?

While semen retention does sound great on paper, the issue is – there is not a lot of research to support these semen retention benefits. Now, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are all untrue. What it does prove is that you need to take them with a pinch of salt, as there is not enough evidence to say if these claims are real or not.

What research we have uncovered though has revealed the following:

  •       In 2018, when a bunch of researchers did a review of multiple studies that analysed abstination from ejaculation; they noted that sperm motility was better in those who hadn’t ejaculated for less than a day, compared to those who had held out for longer.
  •       A 2007 study on animals revealed that androgen receptors in the brain – which are responsible for making/using testosterone – dropped following frequent masturbation.
  •       A 2003 study on 28 volunteers, saw links between ejaculation and changes in serum testosterone levels. Their testosterone levels peaked on their 7th day of abstinence.
  •       A 2001 study recorded elevations in testosterone in participants who hadn’t masturbated for 3 weeks.
  •       A 2000 study on male athletes, discovered that withholding from sexual activity didn’t affect their athletic performance. However, abstaining 2 hours before a competition enhanced their physical performance. This suggests that timing matters.

As you can see from this research, while semen retention does appear to positively influence testosterone levels and sperm quality/motility – which is why men are medically told not to masturbate for 4-5 days before sperm collection (when undergoing IVF with their partner) – there isn’t much evidence to support its mental and emotional benefits. This begs the question – can it really help?

How to orgasm without ejaculation

How to Orgasm Without Ejaculation

Given that the few studies which do exist, indicate that semen retention techniques CAN improve testosterone levels – and in turn your muscle mass, physical performance and energy – learning how to orgasm without ejaculation is definitely something you might want to try.

Yet which is the best semen retention technique? Which can produce the best semen retention benefits? Here are some techniques you can try:

Technique One: Control your ejaculatory response

At the core of semen retention is learning how to orgasm without ejaculating. This means you need to teach your body how to separate the two.

To help with this, experts recommend practicing Kegel exercises and increasing your awareness of PC muscles. These exercises will give you greater control of your pelvic floor and the muscles responsible for shooting out cum.

Tip: practice stopping and starting your urine flow midstream when you go to the toilet. By learning how to halt this flow, you can train these same muscles to squeeze/flex before you ejaculate – stopping yourself from shooting your load.

  1. Locate your pelvic floor muscles and use them to halt your urine midstream (NOTE: you should tighten the same muscles that you would use to stop yourself from passing gas).
  2. Do Kegel exercises while lying down, sitting up, standing or walking (you will work your way up to Kegel exercises while walking with practice). These exercises should consist of contracting your pelvic floor muscles and holding them for 3 seconds, before relaxing for 3 seconds. NOTE: be careful to keep your bum, thigh and abdomen muscles relaxed and remember to breathe freely.
  3. Do Kegel exercises 3 times a day in sets of 10. This will build up your muscle control.
  4. During sex, remember to let go of any tension in your jaw, bum or legs. This will prevent a build-up of excess energy in your pelvis. As your orgasm approaches take long, deep breaths and hold yourself still for a few moments (so your body can calm down). When you reach the point of no return, squeeze your pelvic floor muscles (as though you’re doing Kegels) and stop stroking, so you can achieve a dry orgasm. With practice, you will find that you’re able to orgasm without ejaculation.

Technique Two: Edging

This sexual practice aims to bring you right to the point of orgasm before halting stimulation and waiting until the feeling passes, before starting again.

The idea is that by slowing down masturbation and sex, you will become more aware of what it feels like when you’re about to ejaculate. By broadening your awareness, you will eventually be able to stop when you feel it happening.

Tip: try pausing just before you’re about the ejaculate and wait for 20 seconds. Once calm, continue. While you’re waiting, take deep, slow breaths or alternatively try holding your breath for 5 seconds before letting it out. Another strategy you can try is rapid breathing. This will help to move the sensation throughout your body – a little like tantric sex – so that it is not localised in your genitals.

Technique Three: Non-ejaculatory masturbation

You don’t have to have sex to put semen retention into practice. In fact, it is still possible to masturbate and achieve a dry orgasm. The trick is to make sure that your leg and bum muscles are relaxed and that you take deep breaths. This will help to keep your muscles calm.

Next, pay attention to your body’s signals and levels of arousal. When you feel your orgasm approaching, squeeze the end of your penis (where your head meets the shaft) for a few seconds until the urge to ejaculate passes, then repeat.

How Semen Retention Affects Testosterone

Increase testosterone

We mentioned a few studies earlier which seem to point towards semen retention actually helping to boost testosterone levels. In fact, during one study, when participants abstained for 7 days they saw a 146% increase in testosterone (compared to their original levels); while another proved that avoiding ejaculation for 3 weeks CAN stimulate testosterone production.

Yet, despite these promising results, it is important to note that both of these studies were small, meaning more research is still needed to confirm its benefits.

In the meantime though, given that it is 100% safe and side effect free, there is no harm in giving it a try, and seeing if it can make a difference to your performance and orgasmic levels.

Semen Retention vs NoFap

Before we get started, we just need to make one thing clear – while NoFap is often used in the same context as semen retention – they are in fact two very different things.

For instance, NoFap stands for an organisation who is dedicated to helping people watch less porn or stop watching it altogether. This means, that while adopting the principles of NoFap could lead to abstination from sex; it won’t necessarily trigger successful semen retention, as you can still come from having sex or masturbating.


So are there any benefits to orgasm without ejaculation? There is if you’re looking to improve your sperm, orgasm quality and testosterone levels (which in itself will increase your energy levels, performance and virility). However, in terms of its spiritualistic benefits; there doesn’t appear to be much evidence to support this theory.

Likewise, given that there are so few studies around – overall – to verify its capabilities; entrusting your sexual health to the benefits of semen retention alone is not enough. For this reason, if you’re serious about enhancing your erection size, quality and stamina; we strongly recommend that you stick to proven male enhancement products such as Male Extra. With each of its ingredients clinically tested and proven to work; you can entrust that it will successfully support your body from the inside out.

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