What are the early signs of erectile dysfunction?

You may feel as though your hard-on is always raring to go, keeping both you and your partner satisfied. But sadly, erectile dysfunction (ED) can rear its ugly head at any moment.

Yep, that’s right. You could feel like the hottest stud in the bedroom and still be on your way to erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, there are some things to look out for when it comes to ED.

What are the early signs of erectile dysfunction?

Early signs of ED

You’re struggling to get hard – or stay hard

If you’re hard enough to perform as you usually do, you may not even consider the possibility of erectile dysfunction. However, any change in your erection can signal the early stages of ED.

While ED won’t happen overnight, any gradual changes in your hard-on can be a sign you can’t afford to ignore. You may notice that your erection isn’t as firm as it usually is, or you may be struggling to keep it that way. Either way, these changes from your own personal norm are worth noting.

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We all know that stress, a lack of sleep and alcohol can affect your ability to get hard, but if you can’t think of a reason for feeling limp, it could be a sign of a bigger issue.

Sex isn’t on your mind as much as it used to be

If you’re no longer finding yourself daydreaming about sex, there’s a high chance that your testosterone levels are a little lower than normal.

As the main hormone responsible for your sex drive, a lower level of testosterone can lead to losing your hard-on – therefore killing your sex life.

One of the best ways to increase your testosterone levels is exercise. Incorporating strength training into your exercise regime can give your libido the boost it needs. While cardio exercise will truly get your heart pumping, helping to increase your sexual ability and keep that all-important wood.

Morning glory is a thing of the past

Morning glory

We all remember those surprise hard-ons, right? Waking up with morning wood may often feel like a burden, but it can actually be a good thing. Your morning glory indicates that the blood vessels to your cock are healthy and well, allowing blood to flow.

So, while a morning hard-on may feel like a total inconvenience, not waking up with one more frequently could be a telltale sign of erectile dysfunction in the long run.

Your cholesterol or blood pressure reading is looking high

Remember us briefly mentioning your blood vessels? Well, it’s a topic you need to pay attention to when it comes to a high cholesterol or blood pressure reading. Which in turn, will damage your blood vessels, therefore making their mission to flow blood to your penis all that much more difficult.

So, if you’re wondering why you’re not getting the hard-on you deserve, it could be down to your cholesterol or blood pressure. If you’re feeling uncertain, head to your GP for a quick examination.

You’ve recently started taking a new prescription medication

While you may have gotten on top of your high blood pressure with medication, unfortunately, these particular meds can also impact your arousal.

Both antidepressants and high blood pressure medication can make it trickier for hormones and chemical signals (the ones you need to make you feel aroused) to reach the brain.

If you’re struggling to get hard, it could be worth taking a look at your prescription medication to help pin down the possible culprit.

Your gums are feeling tender and bleed easily

Checking gums signs of ED

Swollen, painful or bleeding gums are usually associated with gum disease. But did you know how these problems in your mouth can set off a chain of events down below?

But how? Well, with gum disease leading to inflammation throughout your body, this inflammation can damage your blood vessels – therefore affecting the blood flow that keeps your dick performing how it should.

Your kidneys are causing problems

You may not know it, but kidney disease can be a huge problem for keeping hard. Medical conditions like these can have an impact on your hormone levels, blood circulation (we already covered blood vessels!) and even your energy.

With kidney disease causing an emotional and physical impact, it comes as no surprise that it can impact your performance in the bedroom. It can even cause some guys to lose interest in sex – nevertheless, with treatment, you can be feeling hard in no time. Not all men with kidney issues will experience erectile dysfunction, however, but it’s always worth consulting a doctor for the best possible outcome.

You’re struggling in the sleep department too

We’ve already mentioned that a lack of sleep can steal the glory away from your hard-on. Whether you suffer from sleep apnea or you’re feeling particularly stressed, a lack of sleep can cause your testosterone levels to dip. This combination can kill your sex drive, making it even more difficult to get a hard-on when you want it most.

That morning glory doesn’t seem so bad now, does it?

Sleeping too little or too much can lead to problems down below. Make sure you get enough sleep each night – between 8 and 9 hours is the perfect spot to hit.

How you can improve your sex life and power up your erections

A combination of exercise, healthy diet, sleep and important vitamins can all work towards improving your erections.

Male Extra combines herbal supplements, zinc and niacin to produce serious results in a short period of time. Working towards a healthy sex life includes plenty of exercise, eating healthy, avoiding drugs and alcohol and the right amount of sleep.

These steps to improving your health will keep you harder for longer, avoiding damage to your all-important blood vessels and boosting your testosterone levels. So you can get back to daydreaming about sex and feeling firm in the bedroom.

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