4 spicy games for the bedroom

You can’t go scrolling through social media these days without seeing an article, post or advert about the perfect relationship. We all know sex is essential for a healthy relationship, plus, who doesn’t love getting down and dirty anyway?

Whether you haven’t quite made time lately to get a little sweaty, or you’re opting for sleep over sex (guilty as charged), all we need is more ideas.

It comes as no surprise that novelty and excitement are key factors in passionate sex sessions and feeling aroused. The good news is, giving your sex life a little boost has never been easier.

There are many ways to inject some added spice into your sex life. So, unless you’re really into it, you don’t have to crack out the whips and chains every time.

Get ready to explore new avenues of pleasure with our 4 naughty bedroom games. They’re fun, sexy and a little on the spicy side…

1. Guess the sensation

If being at home has taught us anything, it’s to be more resourceful. Grab a few random items from around your home and let’s get it on.

Start by blindfolding your partner (always a great start to any sentence!), before lightly touching their skin with an object. It may be a feather, a leather belt, an ice cube or even a shoelace – it doesn’t have to be sexy! While they’re laying down, simply trail an item across their skin. The longer it takes for them to guess, the further south you head…

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This naughty bedroom game is super simple but fun, heightening your partner’s senses for the ultimate climax.

2. Truth or dare – but skip the truth

We all remember this game from school, right? But instead of cringe-worthy truths, turn this otherwise-innocent game into a sex bedroom game for you and your partner. We’ll let you decide on the relevant punishment if either of you passes up on a dare – the dirtier the better.

Start off slow with this popular bedroom game and work your way up (quite literally!) to orgasm. Remember, risk and novelty are key here. This game allows you to switch up the dynamics of your sexual relationship. It’s time to turn up the heat!

Here are some naughty dares to get you started, “I dare you to…”:

  • spell out a short, sultry message on [insert body part] with just your tongue
  • touch yourself like you’d like to touch me
  • imitate my most flexible sex move
  • fake an orgasm as realistically as possible
  • remove a piece of my clothing with just your mouth

If this is your first time pushing the boundaries a little, it may be best to discuss your limits beforehand incase things get a little too rough.

3. Picture this

Research has shown that many of us find reading or listening to erotic fiction much more of a turn on that watching porn. So let’s take it a step further.

This sexy bedroom game combines the two! Simply lay on your bed together (clothes: optional) and put your favorite porn on in front of you. But instead of watching it together, mute the sound and simply describe what’s happening in as much graphic detail as possible to your blindfolded other half.

While you have the film playing out in front of you, your partner will have only their imagination and your description skills to get aroused by. Keep touching to a minimum in this bedroom game, until neither one of you can take the wait much longer.

4. Role play

While there are plenty of kinky games to play with your spouse, there’s just something about role play that keeps us coming… back for more.

When we adopt the role of a new character we give ourselves permission to become someone else, leaving behind any apprehensive feelings or hangups about sex. You can be as free as you want to be, and turn your naughty bedroom games into whatever scenario you can possibly dream of!

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Whether you’re full of imagination or have a closet full of naughty outfits, don’t be afraid to set the scene and explore a whole new world of kink with your partner.

Got a thing for power dynamics? Break the taboo and explore work-based roleplay. There’s nothing quite like fucking on a table or a desk to really channel those office vibes.

Some of our other role play favorites for sexy bedroom games include:

  • The sexy stranger – Treat your spouse’s body like you’ve never seen it before, driving each other wild with lust.
  • The medical professional – Got a thing for authority? Try the doctor/patient scenario. You’ll never look at your GP the same way again.
  • Your first time – Although losing your virginity the first time may have been a little awkward to say the least, it can be fun to recreate the event. Whack on some throwback music and let’s get it on…
  • An erotic massage – Some massages really do have happy endings. Try massaging your spouse and get them as horny as possible without actually getting them off… Yet.

Need a boost in the bedroom?

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