What Is Delayed Ejaculation and How to Overcome This Disorder

Overcome Delayed Ejaculation

What guy isn’t concerned about finishing fast in bed? The stress of being the “Minute Man” to your new fling or significant other constantly looms over guys, but could you imagine having the reverse problem and taking forever to reach orgasm?

Believe it or not, delayed ejaculation or impaired ejaculation is more common than you think…

Sure, it’s not a serious medical condition, but delayed ejaculation can cause as much stress as premature ejaculation (if not more). Let’s take a look at what delayed ejaculation is, its symptoms, causes, and risk factors, and, most importantly, how to overcome delayed ejaculation…

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What is Delayed Ejaculation?

Studies show that, as the name implies, delayed ejaculation is when a guy takes an extended period of time – what feels like forever to both him and his partner – to reach ejaculation. What sounds like a gift is more like a curse to the guys who suffer from it.

Delayed ejaculation can be a lifelong issue in that you’ve noticed it since you became sexually active and it has persisted to this day.

It may also be acquired, which means things were going fine, but at some point in your life, you noticed that it became more difficult to reach orgasm during sexual foreplay or intercourse.

There are two types of delayed ejaculation disorder: generalized and situational.

Generalized delayed ejaculation is something that you always have to deal with. It doesn’t matter if you’re with a supermodel or the love of your life; delayed ejaculation is something that is a constant nuisance.

Situational delayed ejaculation, on the other hand, is something that rears its ugly head only under certain circumstances. For example, you’re with a partner who you feel a lot of pressure around or maybe you’re afraid the neighbors will hear you having sex.

Situational delayed ejaculation is usually resolved when the troublesome factor is removed.

Symptoms of Delayed Ejaculation

Think you might suffer from delayed ejaculation? Here are the most common symptoms:

    • Long Duration

While there is no specific timeframe for delayed ejaculation, guys who unintentionally take longer than 30 minutes to reach orgasm may have delayed ejaculation issues.

    • Never Reaching Orgasm

It’s been close to an hour of work. Your partner has reached the orgasm, but you can’t seem to get close. Finally, in frustration, you give up. If this sounds familiar, you might suffer from delayed ejaculation.

    • Feels Like a Chore

This is a big symptom to watch out for: If you feel like sex is more of a chore than it is an entertaining event, you may have delayed ejaculation disorder.

    • Needing to Stop

Guys who have delayed ejaculation will need to stop for a number of reasons including feeling angry or frustrated, getting fatigued, or losing their erection because sex is taking so long.

    • You Prefer Masturbation

Some guys find that delayed ejaculation goes away when they masturbate and they begin to prefer this, which may worsen the condition when they do have sex.

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Causes of Delayed Ejaculation

The cause of delayed ejaculation can vary from medications to psychological reasons. Here are the most common causes of delayed ejaculation:

    • Medications

Studies show that some types of mediations can be a source of delayed ejaculation. The most common medications include antidepressants, antipsychotics, anti-seizure, and those that help to lower blood pressure.

Let’s not forget alcohol, which is considered a drug. Drinking too much can desensitize the penis during sex.

    • Psychological

Those who have a pre-existing condition of depression, anxiety, stress, or other mental health conditions tend to have delayed ejaculation.

Guys who have problems in their relationship with communication, concerns with their own body image, or worries about performance can develop delayed ejaculation disorder. Men who tend to see sex as taboo can also have issues with this condition.

    • Physical

Sometimes delayed ejaculation is out of a guy’s control and is caused by another condition or injury.

Guys who have suffered from a pelvic injury or infection may develop delayed ejaculation disorder, and some surgeries such as prostate surgery can also cause the condition.

If you suffer from retrograde ejaculation, which is when the semen goes in reverse back into the bladder, you may find it difficult to achieve orgasm and ejaculate.

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Risk Factors

Admittedly, some guys are going to be more at risk for delayed ejaculation disorder. Knowing whether or not you’re at risk can help you find the best delayed ejaculation tips for prevention.

And if you do discover you have it, you’ll find it easier to begin delayed ejaculation treatment. Here are the most common risk factors:

    • Age

Older guys are at a higher risk.

    • Psychological Issues

If you suffer from anxiety, excessive stress, or depression, you’re at a higher risk for delayed ejaculation.

    • Medical Issues

Men who are dealing with a number of medical conditions such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, or multiple sclerosis, are at a higher risk.

    • Medication and Drug Use

If you currently take medication for high blood pressure or depression, drink too much alcohol, or use illegal substances, you may develop delayed ejaculation disorder.

    • Relationship Issues

Whether you’re in a toxic relationship, have bad communication with your partner, or find yourself not wanting to be with your significant other, this is a recipe for delayed ejaculation.

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How to Diagnose Delayed Ejaculation

Most guys can immediately tell whether or not they have issues with delayed ejaculation, but for some who are on the fence, there are a few ways to diagnose the condition that involves going to your doctor to get the following tests:

    • Physical Exam

Your doctor will take you through a comprehensive questionnaire and this will probably be followed up with a physical examination of the penis and testicles.

    • Blood Tests

To cover all your bases, your doctor may also order a blood and urine test. A blood test can be useful for detecting certain types of disease or low testosterone levels. A urine test will reveal infection or different medical conditions.

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Delayed Ejaculation Treatment

The following are the most common treatments for delayed ejaculation:

    • Counseling

If your issue is more psychological than physical, it may be beneficial to see a therapist and receive counseling. Resolving internal conflict may alleviate the condition without the need for medication.

    • Supplements

Yohimbine and maca are considered effective and reliable delayed ejaculation supplements.

    • Medications

Studies show that there are several medications that are often prescribed for delayed ejaculation including bupropion, midodrine, and pseudoephedrine.

What Are the Complications of Delayed Ejaculation?

While delayed ejaculation is not a serious medical concern, there are some complications that may arise because of it:

    • Performance Anxiety

When a guy is stuck in his own head with his negative thoughts, this can cause serious performance stress and anxiety.

As a result, you may get nervous whenever your partner tries to initiate sex, and this can ruin your performance.

    • No Pleasure

Obviously, if sex becomes more of a chore than a good time, you may not associate the act with pleasure.

Eventually, both you and your partner will not be able to find pleasure in sex.

    • Relationship Issues

When you’re constantly dodging sex because of performance anxiety and not finding the pleasure in the act, this could eventually lead to relationship problems, especially if you’re not able to express your concerns with your partner.

    • Male Infertility

No, delayed ejaculation will not directly make you infertile, but if you’re not able to climax, you may not be able to get your partner pregnant.

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Delayed ejaculation is more common than you might think.

It’s when a guy can’t achieve orgasm in a timely matter or at all. Delayed ejaculation may be the result of psychological issues or interference from medications or prior physical conditions.

We recommend visiting with your doctor if you suspect you have delayed ejaculation disorder.

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