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Do vegans make better lovers?

As if there weren’t enough reasons to switch to a plant based diet, the time has come to uncover whether going vegan can benefit your sex life.

Yep, we’re going to put it out there: Do vegan make better lovers?

According to PETA, yes they do. Their campaign not so long ago made the bold statement, “vegans are better in bed,” and everyone has gone, well, nuts about it.

While the ad at the time may have been a little too raunchy (we disagree) for the ad slot at the Super Bowl, it hasn’t stopped meat eaters and vegans around the world from jumping on the debate.

So, what’s the deal? We think that PETA may be onto something… So we’ve done some digging for ourselves and put together a list of reasons PETA might be right here…

Are vegans less… Grouchy?

vegans better lovers

Food can have a powerful effect on our mood, so if you’re feeling a bit grouchy, it could be due to your diet. Serotonin – a key chemical that stabilizes mood – can be increased with a vegan diet. And let’s face it, you’re much more likely to get freaky between the sheets when you’re in a very good mood.

But it’s not all about how good you are in bed, but the cuddles afterwards. Yep, high serotonin levels are also associated with higher oxytocin levels, aka the ‘love hormone’ responsible for all those post-sex cuddles.

Say goodbye to clogged arteries

There is a huge amount of saturated fat and cholesterol present in meat, which can cause blockages in your arteries. When we usually speak about disturbing blood flow, it’s usually in relation to the heart, but your junk can also face the brunt of poor blood flow, resulting in erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Cutting meat and dairy products out of your diet can help to lower your cholesterol and your blood pressure naturally, keeping your junk in top working condition.

Say Goodbye to Erectile Dysfunction

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Higher sex drive

We’ve all heard about foods that are aphrodisiac, right? Well, to keep your sex drive running high, plenty of zinc and vitamin B will do just that. While many of us find these vitamins through eating fish, this combo is also frequently found in a vegan diet.

If you do go plant based and you’re not clued up on your vitamins just yet, these foods are great for both zinc and vitamin B:

  • Bananas
  • Chickpease
  • Avocados

Couples that eat (well) together, stay together…

Increased stamina

After eating a heavy meal packed with meat and dairy products, it’s no wonder you’re feeling sluggish and lacking in energy. When you opt for a plant based diet, all those whole foods are going to have you feeling like a spring chicken – which means more energy for sex.

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Since a plant based diet has a reduced digestion time, energy is plentiful. As well as boosting energy, foods that are high in potassium (such as bananas) also help in the production of the sex hormone. Boom!

Better sense of taste

As well as tasting better, vegans also smell nicer too. So when you’re getting down and dirty, there will be no hesitation about getting really dirty with a partner.

Sweeter tasting spunk

Erection Boosting Food

Nobody wants to taste disgusting spunk… Foods like red meat are renowned for making semen taste salty – yuck. Whereas those who follow a plant based diet tend to eat a greater amount of fruit resulting in sweeter splooge.

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With plenty of vitamin C and zinc in your love juice, packing your diet with fresh fruit is certainly going to up its sweetness!

Increased natural lube

This is one for the ladies…

If they’re worried about running a little dry down there, it may be time to go plant based! Yep, foods that are high in omega 3 fatty acids (such as raw pumpkin and sunflower seeds) can keep your natural lube flowing free.

Seeds and pumpkin aside, many vegans also consume greater amounts of cucumbers, watermelons and cantaloupes which are high in water, adding hydration to both their lady bits and their skin for a radiant glow.

Should you go plant based to improve your sex life?

So, it looks like PETA were onto something! With so many health benefits associated with going plant based, it simply… Makes sense.

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