Have fun in the bedroom whatever age you are

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean the time for steamy antics has passed. Sex is one of the most liberating, exhilarating and fun things one can do on this earth, and enjoying sex works wonders for both our mental and physical health.

So while Cupid has slung his bow over his shoulder and sloped away until next February, it’s important to keep the fire burning in your relationship—no matter what your age.

Although we might pretend to ourselves otherwise, our sex lives change as we age. Things that once worked without effort one day may require a little more cajoling then next, while processes that used to be difficult to control now seem less Herculean of a task to manage.

In short, our sex lives don’t necessarily get better or worse as we get older; suffice it to say simply that they change. By knowing and understanding what’s behind these changes, men can become better lovers than ever, and ensure each decade in turn holds something new and exciting in store.

Below, we’ve taken a look at what the decades between twenty and fifty may hold for the average man.

How to have the best sex in your 20s

The perks, at this age, are rather immediate! Your body naturally burns calories faster, staying lean isn’t a chore, and you can seemingly abuse your body with whichever vice you fancy without any immediate consequences.

Sex in your twenties is adrenaline-fueled, dizzying and boisterous; it’s a learning curve, and like any learning curve, there are plenty of mistakes to be made.

What’s not so well-documented, however, is the fact that one in six men in their 20s suffer from erectile dysfunction; specifically premature ejaculation. Of the men who are faced with this issue, on average this means orgasming with two minutes of beginning sex, which often leads to difficulties… This can be either within the relationship itself or with low self-confidence.

If you find yourself arriving early, there’s no need to feel ashamed—it’s perfectly normal. It’s also far more common than many people realise. Plus, there’s an abundance of ways for you to make a change!

For starters, the classic method of lasting longer in bed is to masturbate between 60 and 30 minutes before you have sex. The second time you are stimulated, you’ll be a little less sensitive allowing you to last longer. You can also spend more time engaged in foreplay.

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Sex is definitely a joint sport. So make sure your partner has had her fair share of pleasure, too! Wearing a thicker condom can also help, reducing sensation to help you last longer.

Of course, the best course action of all is to speak with your partner honestly! Great communication makes for the best possible sex.

How to have the best sex in your 30s

If you’re in your 30s, you’ll be pleased to hear that the rates of premature ejaculation decline! After a decade or so of sexual activity, the pressures and worries that can worsen the problem are usually somewhat alleviated by increased sexual experience.

Your 30s are a powerful sexual decade. The energy and stamina of your younger years combine excitingly with a decade spent increasing your sexual knowledge.

In short, it can be one hot and sweaty decade.

One issue men in their 30s do commonly experience, however, is a dip in libido. This can be attributed to many things. Typically, it’s most usually reported as stress-related, stemming from busy working lives. Coupled with the fact that many women experience a decline in their sex drive after four years in a steady relationship. It’s clear there’s some room for improvement for this age bracket too!

If it’s a libido boost you’re after, the obvious place to start is your diet. Eating a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and veg works wonders for boosting your daily mood.

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When paired with regular exercise—running several times a week, or example, or lifting weights—this can have a powerful effect not just on your sex drive, but on your mental health in general. It goes without saying then, that quitting smoking and drinking in moderation is massively important too.

For some men, lifestyle changes don’t cut it. If this is you, supplements are a brilliant choice. MaleExtra is 100% natural, safe, and fast-acting. So you’ll be getting hard in no time!

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How to have the best sex in your 40s

A study into forty-something men by Harvard University found that, on average, males in this age category reported higher level of satisfaction with their sex lives than people in their 20s. Similarly, another study from the same university found a large majority of women in their 40s considered their sex lives more enjoyable than it was in their 20s.

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Two decades of sexual experimentation, the data seems to say, makes for a damn fine time in bed.

That’s not to say this decade is all roses for men, however. One in ten men this age report problems getting or maintaining an erection—and the most common cause of this is cardio-vascular.

A lack of blood flow to one’s nether regions is the secret shame of many a forty-something man—but there’s absolutely no reason for this to be the case. For starters, erectile dysfunction is incredibly common and incredibly normal. Plus, it’s treatable, in many different ways!

A healthy diet and regular exercise are key, of course, as is quitting smoking and cutting down on alcohol. There’s another solution, however.

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This improved flow of blood additionally means you’ll feel energised and able to go for longer too.

Ultimately, each new decade in a man’s sexual life comes with ups and down. By looking after your body however—and making use of MaleExtra to boost your performance—you can take the highs and leave the lows, and shag away to your heart’s content.

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