Open the Floodgates With Our Complete Guide to Making Her Squirt

How to make her squirt

Pretty much every man is aware (at least in the most basic sense) of what squirting is. For a lot of guys, squirting is simply ‘something hot’ that happens to a woman when they are stimulated in the right way. For others, squirting is an indication that they’re providing the right amount of pleasure for their partner.

Whatever the case, a lot of guys aren’t actually aware of how to make her squirt. In fact, a lot of women aren’t even aware of how to make themselves squirt! This can lead to issues in the bedroom.

Fortunately, it’s not all that hard to get a girl to squirt. In this ‘How to Make Her Squirt Tutorial’, we’re going to outline the steps that you can follow to make sure that she squirts next time you see her.

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What is foreplay?

A lot of guys are pretty gung-ho when it comes to sex, preferring to jump ship right away instead of taking the slide down. When it comes to getting the engine reared up though, foreplay is pretty dang important – especially for women.

In fact, it’s not uncommon to hear that a woman can’t enjoy having sex if there’s no foreplay. If that’s the case, then good luck getting them to squirt if you don’t enjoy some foreplay with them.

In short: if the engine’s running dry, then you’re not going to get far!

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So what exactly is foreplay?

Foreplay is a blanket term that describes a number of different things that you can do before actually putting your penis in the vagina or shooting to have an orgasm. There are tons of different things that can be considered foreplay; the basic similarity is that they are all activities that breed intimacy and arousal for both partners.

Here are some examples of foreplay:

  • Kissing of all sorts – slow, passionate kissing, hot, fiery kissing. Kissing up and down the body, biting the neck, etc. French kissing.
  • Massaging, especially massages of the lower body, butt, thighs, and breasts
  • Oral or hand-based sexual activities, namely eating out your girl, playing with her breasts or fingering her
  • Talking dirty

There are lots of other things that could be considered foreplay. Get creative and have fun with it. Chances are you’ll be able to figure out some types of foreplay that work great for just the two of you.

Why is foreplay so important?

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Foreplay is incredibly important, especially for women, because it gets things fired up for sex. If you’re wondering how to make her squirt fast, this is your first step.

Many women prefer to have a good session of foreplay before they actually have sex. Foreplay has a number of important uses, all of which can be helpful for having a better sexual experience. Things like:

  • Decreasing any anxiety or getting rid of stress that you or your partner might have been holding onto during your day
  • Helping to build and strengthen the emotional or physical intimacy between you
  • Helping your girl feel desired, wanted, and sexually attractive
  • Helping to make you and your partner hornier so when penetration actually happens, you’re both primed up for it

Unlike guys, who can simply pop a boner and be ready to roll, girls require a bit more stimulation to become aroused. This stimulation can be emotional (feeling wanted and desirable), mental (such as dirty talking or building sexual tension) or physical (being massaged, touched, fingered, etc.).

Is squirting real?

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A ton of people think that squirting is as likely for them to experience as finding a bunch of dragons posted up in their backyard. Sure, everyone’s heard of dragons – but they’re not real, right?

That’s the same thing that a lot of guys (and girls, too!) feel about squirting. It’s an elusive myth that many people haven’t ever experienced, and therefore don’t believe is real. Well, I’m here to burst your bubble in the most beautiful way, by letting you know that squirting’s real.

In fact, it’s not just real – it’s easily done! You just need to learn the way to do it.

Understanding the g-spot

If you want to make your girlfriend squirt, then the first and foremost thing that you’re going to have to learn about is the g-spot. This is a critical part of your woman’s anatomy that you’ll need to understand if you want to make her squirt.

The g-spot is an area inside your girl’s vagina that’s located on the front wall, towards the stomach. That is, it’s the inner side of her vagina closest to the belly button; an area that extends anywhere from 1-3 inches inside the vagina.

If you think it’ll be hard to find the g-spot, don’t worry: it’s one of the only areas in the vagina that has its own unique texture. It feels kind of like an orange peel: a bit rougher than the surrounding areas.

You can find the g-spot by putting two fingers into the vagina, while your woman is lying on a bed with her legs spread or her knees up. Keeping your fingernails facing down, you can make a “come-hither” motion with your two fingers. If everything’s where it should be, the tips of your fingers should brush up against her g-spot.

Important note: if you haven’t gone through with foreplay, it might be harder for you to find her g-spot because it becomes more apparent when she’s aroused.

It’s important that you figure out where the g-spot is and how to identify it, because it’s the most important thing involved in making your woman squirt.

How to make her squirt with fingers

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If you want to make her squirt with your fingers, make sure that your short checklist is complete:

  • You know where her g-spot is and what it feels like
  • Your woman is as horny as she can be thanks to your awesome foreplay
  • Your fingernails are cut and filed to make sure that they won’t hurt her. This is a given for any kind of finger play that you’re doing with a girl – you know that, right?

Once that’s in order, you’re ready to start using your fingers to make her squirt loads all over the bedroom wall.. (Speaking of which, you might want to lay down a few towels before going ahead with this. Things can get messy – which is part of the reason you’re doing this, isn’t it?)

Now, on to the actual technique.

  • Start by putting your middle finger inside her. Ideally, she should be wet enough that you can do this without needing lube. If she’s not, it’s still possible that you could make her squirt – but remember, one of the main factors in whether or not she squirts is how aroused she is. If she’s not wet, then she’s not that aroused.
  • If she’s not wet, you can use some form of natural lubricant. Alternatively, you could just lick or suck your finger until it’s wet. If you do this right, it’ll turn her on even more.
  • Make sure the soft part of your fingers up against her g-spot. If you’re unfamiliar with how she responds to this kind of touch, you can rub it gently for a moment and see if she reacts positively.
  • Once you’ve seen her inevitable positive reaction, it’s time to ante up. Slide out your middle finger, then lube up your ring finger as well. (If she’s soaking wet, you probably won’t need to use lube.)
  • Slip both of your fingers in facing the same direction. Explore with the ‘come hither’ motion, making sure that your partner is responding pleasurably with what you’re doing.

Now you can actually work on stimulating her g-spot. There are lots of different ways that you can do this.

  • Pushing it. This technique mimics the pushing of a button; you simply apply pressure upwards on the g-spot. Try using different pressures and speeds and see which ones she responds best to.
  • Rubbing it. Rubbing the g-spot in a circular motion like you would rub a clitoris is a great way to help her squirt. Again, experiment with different amounts of pressure and speed. Many women prefer a significant amount of pressure in this tactic.
  • “Come hither.” Making the come hither motion with your two fingers is arguably the most commonly discussed method for making a girl squirt. Apply some pressure to her g-spot when you bring your fingers back in, and try to release pressure when you uncurl them.This creates a very pleasurable rhythm of stimulation that will probably be enough to make her squirt.

How to make her squirt during sex

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Chances are, if you’re having a hard time getting her to squirt while you’re fingering her, then you’re not ready to help her squirt during sex. On the other hand, if you can get her to squirt while you’re fingering her, the next logical step would be to do so while you’re having sex.

Make sure that you have your checklist completed, just like above: lots of foreplay, filed fingernails, etc.

In this situation, you want to focus on a position that allows you to stimulate her g-spot with your penis. Ideally, you’ll be able to stroke up against it with every thrust. These positions don’t need to be ones that allow you to go super deep, since the g-spot is relatively close to the front of the vagina.

There are a number of positions that are better for g-spot stimulation:

  • The g-spot position, as the name implies, is great for hitting the g-spot. While you’re on your knees, put her legs over your shoulders while she’s lying on her back, lift her up from her butt, and penetrate.
  • Launchpad position is great for hitting the g-spot.
  • Crab sex position, which is basically the same as cowgirl – the main difference being that your woman will lean backward.

There are just a few examples of positions that are great for stimulating the G spot. Be creative and find out what works best for you.


Squirting is a great way for a woman to have a powerful, pleasurable experience. Unfortunately, not all guys know how to make their woman squirt.

There are a number of techniques and positions that are much more likely to lead to your girlfriend squirting than others. Things like foreplay and arousal are also important to consider.

If you follow the techniques and guidelines in this article, then there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to help your girl squirt in no time.

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