How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

how to prevent ed

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a problem that affects many men. It can cause several problems in a man’s personal life and can make it difficult for them and their partners to find satisfaction in their sex lives.

Fortunately, some things can be useful for preventing or managing erectile dysfunction. In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the different things that you can do to help yourself avoid erectile dysfunction.

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Why Causes Erection Problems?
How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction and Protect Your Erection
Add Natural Supplements to The Mix

What Causes Erection Problems?

One of the most important things to consider when you’re hoping to fix your erection problems is the cause of the problem in the first place. If you’re wondering what causes weak erection problems, there are several things that you should consider.


One of the most common things that can cause erectile problems is alcohol. Alcohol can contribute to both short-term and long-term erectile dysfunction issues.

Short-Term Problems

Most men are familiar with the way that alcohol can impair their sexual ability in the short-term. Affectionately referred to as ‘whiskey dick,’ this is a condition that occurs when men have consumed so much alcohol that they’re unable to get an erection.

Fortunately for most men, this problem tends to fix itself after the alcohol has been eliminated from their bodies. For the most part, it can also be avoided by not drinking too much alcohol.

Long-Term Problems

Unfortunately, alcohol can also contribute to long-term erectile dysfunction. This can happen in a number of ways.

Alcohol can impair the cardiovascular health of an individual. Your cardiovascular health is important since it allows your heart to pump blood through your body.

If you don’t have a healthy heart, then you’re not going to be able to pump blood down to your penis so that you can get an erection.

Alcohol can lead to hormonal changes in those who have been drinking for a long time. Your hormones are responsible for your libido and your sexual ability.

alcohol and erectile dysfunction

Bad Diet

Your diet is also important for your sexual health and performance. Your diet provides you with the vital nutrients that your body needs to function in all aspects – including sexually.

Two primary things can cause erectile dysfunction in regards to diet: nutritional deficiency, and the over-consumption of garbage food.

In terms of nutritional deficiency, you need to make sure that you’re getting proper nutrients. In this regard, you want to make sure that you’re eating lots of food containing zinc and getting enough fuel to produce nitrous oxide.

I’ll touch on this in detail in a later section.

Other than that, you should watch your consumption of garbage food. Things like sugar, trans-fats, and highly processed foods can all cause inflammation, damage your cardiovascular health, and can damage your ability to get an erection.

Lack of Exercise

Exercise is the most important thing for your heart and your cardiovascular health. If you’re not getting enough exercise, then you’re not going to be able to keep your heart pumping blood down to your genitals.

People who live sedentary lives and don’t get any exercise can develop problems with erectile dysfunction.

Lack of Sleep

Sleep is important for a number of functions, including keeping your heart healthy and producing testosterone. Testosterone is important for libido, and if you’re not getting enough sleep you might have a hard time getting it up for lack of testosterone.

Illegal Drugs

Another issue that can cause erectile dysfunction is the consumption of illegal drugs.

For the most part, drugs function in the same way as alcohol in the sense that drugs tend to cause ED only for the duration that you’re using them.

However, if you use drugs for extended periods at high doses – especially stimulants like cocaine or amphetamines – you may develop serious problems.

Prescription Drugs

Many people would like to think that it’s only illegal drugs that cause erectile dysfunction, but this certainly isn’t the case. Prescription drugs are just as likely to cause erectile dysfunction than illegal drugs.

The main difference here is that most people are taking prescription drugs to cure a specific ailment and can’t simply stop taking them.

Drugs like antidepressants, painkillers, anxiety medications, blood pressure medications, and all manner of other prescription medications can interfere with your ability to get an erection.

prescription drugs erection problems

How to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction and Protect Your Erection

If you’re wondering how to prevent ED, the best thing that you can do is figure out what are the causes of weak erection. Then, work to prevent these issues. Here are some common examples that you can improve your ED.

Improve Your Diet

One of the best ways to prevent erectile dysfunction is by improving your diet. There are a few tips that are particularly useful for someone hoping to avoid ED.

  • Make sure that you’re getting enough zinc. Zinc is the most important nutrient for male sexual health as it helps the body produce testosterone and is important for libido. Zinc can be found in foods like oysters, nuts, seeds, and whole grains.
  • Get enough magnesium, another important mineral that can be found in nuts, seeds, and legumes. Magnesium helps maintain your cardiovascular health.
  • Stop eating unhealthy foods like sugars, processed foods, and unhealthy oils. Minimize the consumption of red meat.

Stop Drinking, Smoking, and Using Drugs

Drugs, alcohol, and tobacco can all interfere with your ability to maintain or get an erection. Because of the way that all of these substances can interfere with cardiovascular health and hormones, they can all interfere with your sexual health.

It’s also important to make sure that you switch up your prescription medication if you’re noticing erection problems. Talk to your doctor about whether or not you’re able to find a similar medication that won’t interfere with your sexual health.

Get More Exercise

One of the best ways to check your sexual health is by getting enough exercise. There are two particular types of exercise that are especially useful for men hoping to get strong erections.

  • Strength training

Strength training (including deadlifts) is important because it’s the strongest and most effective way to increase testosterone without using supplements. This can lead to an increase in libido and general sexual health.

  • Cardio exercise

Cardio exercise is anything that gets your heart pumping blood. Things like swimming, jogging, and running can all be useful for helping to improve your cardiovascular health, which in turn will help to increase your sexual ability. Even sex can be a useful form of cardiovascular exercise.

Get Enough Sleep

Make sure that you’re getting enough sleep.

You want to get between 8 and 9 hours per night. Sleeping too little or too much can both lead to problems with sexual health and function.

sleep to prevent ed

Add Natural Supplements to The Mix

In addition to improving your diet, getting more exercise, and getting enough sleep, one of the best things that you can do is introduce some herbal supplements to the mix. Here are some good examples of natural herbal supplements to include in your diet to improve your erections.

  • Ginkgo biloba. Ginkgo is a powerful herb with the power to increase blood circulation throughout the body. It can, then, increase your ability to get an erection.
  • Pomegranate extract. Pomegranate on its own is a useful food because it helps the body produce nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes the blood vessels so that you can get an erection.
  • L-arginine is an amino acid supplement that helps to relax the blood vessels. This is because it helps the body produce nitric oxide.
  • Cordyceps. This is a unique herbals supplement that has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years because of its potent aphrodisiac properties.
  • L-methionine, another amino acid supplement that is useful for helping to increase sexual function and erections in men.

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It’s in your best interest to combine supplements like Male Extra in addition to taking other steps to improve your health. Make sure that you’re exercising, eating healthy, and avoiding drugs and alcohol.

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There are tons of different reasons that you might develop erectile dysfunction.

Fortunately, there are just as many reasons that you might be able to get rid of it. Natural supplements, good exercise, and a healthy diet can all keep you in good sexual health.

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