How to stay energised and boost your metabolism to fight ED

exercise and ed

By now we’re all pretty aware that erectile dysfunction can be the result of several factors. This means that there’s often no one solution fit for every guy suffering from ED.

However, we have found that erectile dysfunction and exercise are frequently linked, since various health concerns (such as obesity and type 2 diabetes) often result in erectile problems.

So, does exercise help erectile dysfunction? In short, yes, exercise and ED could work together. But let’s take a closer look.

Exercise and erectile dysfunction

Yes, guys, exercise and erections are frequently linked. Research has shown that men suffering from ED can improve sexual function with aerobic exercise four times each week.

A simple 40 minutes could start to improve your performance in bed – so if you’re not signed up to the gym, now may be the time!

But of course, there’s plenty more to review.

When we talk about the potential benefits of exercise and ED, there’s more to discuss than just sex itself. For some men, erectile dysfunction may mean weaker-than-usual erections, whether it’s throughout the night, morning wood or before/during sex.

With plenty of research suggesting that erectile dysfunction is more common in smokers, men who are physically inactive and obese men – in order to combat these issues, the combination of erectile dysfunction and exercise is… Well, pretty obvious. Right?

Alongside this, men with high blood pressure, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases have a heightened risk of ED. So, fighting off these health problems with exercise leads us to the golden question:

Can exercise help erectile dysfunction? It certainly can.

But in order to understand how erectile dysfunction and exercise work together, we must first explore how we gain a hard on and the impact of atherosclerosis.

The importance of blood flow

When we get turned on, blood flows where we need it most – to our junk. This increase in blood flow results in an erection. And so, when blood can’t get there, or it doesn’t flow enough, our hard on may come and go, or not arrive at all.

For some ¾ of erectile concerns, atherosclerosis is one of the main concerns. Atherosclerosis affects the penile artery walls, causing them to become thick and lose their elasticity. However, much like how underlying health problems trigger ED, lifestyle factors can trigger atherosclerosis.

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When we talk about lifestyle factors, we’re referring to:

  • Obesity
  • Smoking
  • A lack of exercise

This is why erectile dysfunction and exercise is a hot topic. With a huge amount of evidence showing that regular exercise and improving erectile dysfunction are linked.

Stay energised and boost your metabolism

exercise and erections

I get it, guys, life gets hectic. It’s not always easy to squeeze in a workout. But when the question, ‘does exercise help erectile dysfunction?’ is at stake – believe me, it’s worth it.

So in order to stay energised, boost your metabolism (to shed calories!) and fight back against ED, we’ve come up with some handy tips to get you started.

1. Set a sleep schedule

If you’re running on empty, it’s no surprise your body isn’t functioning as it should. And that includes your junk. Heading to bed at irregular times throughout the week can quickly knock your body off track, making it harder to hit your fitness goals.

Instead, try get yourself into a routine. Head to bed around the same time each night, staying off your phone before sleep. Training yourself out of the habit of hitting the pillow at 1am will benefit both your mind and body more than you think.

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2. Eat little and often

does exercise help ed

Looking for ways to boost your metabolism and fight back against ED? Try to eat small amounts throughout the day. Instead of chowing down on three huge meals, look to smaller dishes throughout the day – including (healthy!) snacks.

When you start thinking of your food as fuel – aka energy – you’ll start to look at what you eat a little differently. Swap out sodas and processed foods for complex carbs, plenty of water and whole grains.

3. Get your heart pumping

By now, we can safely say that the answer to ‘can exercise help erectile dysfunction?’ is certainly a big fat: Yes. Getting your heart pumping is key to fighting off potential health issues, including obesity and diabetes – both of which can result in erectile dysfunction.

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Aim to exercise at least 3 times a week, whether you’re hitting the gym, doing a home bodyweight workout or heading out for a run. Getting your blood flowing will benefit your body in a variety of ways, including your erections.

4. Fill your diet with nutrient-rich foods

Of course, exercise and erections are key here, but in order to fuel your workouts you need to be eating well. Looking after your heart and immune system is super important for reducing your risk of erectile dysfunction.

Switch out processed, fatty (and sugary) foods for fish and antioxidant-rich foods. Here’s a few you can add into your diet right away:

  • Leafy greens
  • Nuts
  • Berries
  • Fatty fish (mackerel, trout and salmon)

5. Look after your sex drive

A healthy sex life plays an important role for both men and women. Keeping your libido in working order is less about jumping in the sack every day, and more about eating well, exercising regularly and looking after your mental health.

Sure, it’s difficult to eliminate all of life’s stresses – but we can certainly help reduce how much it impacts our mind and body.

Exercise and erections: The conclusion

If you’re new to exercise, it’s best to start off slow, especially if you’re out of shape. Diving in at the deep end is likely to cause injury, making it even harder to get motivated.

So what should you do? Start off slow with simple aerobic activity. Whether it’s adding a walk into your day, heading out for a cycle or even going swimming. Start to increase the pace and distance each week.

As your fitness levels improve, you’ll start to see differences in your body, including erectile function. Intense exercise will strengthen blood circulation, making it easier to get (and maintain!) an erection. This type of exercise means getting your body pumped and sweaty!

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There are plenty of small lifestyle changes you can make right away to improve ED, with exercise and erections playing a huge role in your ability to get hard. Consider your new physical lifestyle a part of your permanent lifestyle.

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