How Does L-Methionine Help With Male Enhancement?

Amino acids like L-Methionine are a fundamental part of our diet. Amino acids are the compounds that create proteins, and proteins are vital for pretty much every biological function that a human experiences. Without regular consumption of the various types of amino acids, your body won’t be able to form complete proteins and perform as well as it should.

L-Methionine is an amino acid with some unique effects. Some amino acids also have acute effects that can immediately benefit the person consuming them. L-Methionine has been indicated as a supplement that can help with many male sexual problems, from erectile dysfunction to infertility. Today we’re going to teach you about L-Methionine and why it’s such a good supplement for male sexual health.

What is L-Methionine and how does it work?

L-Methionine is one of the essential amino acids. Essential amino acids are named thus because it’s essential that we acquire them from our diet, since our body can’t produce them on its own. The essential amino acids are L-Isoleucine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Methionine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan, and L-Valin.

L-Methionine is mostly known for its effects on the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. It has notable effects on blood circulation and can help modulate the nervous system and prevent abnormalities.

If you’re going to get L-Methionine from your diet – which is recommended, as opposed to getting it in supplement form – you’re going to have trouble if you’re a vegetarian. The best sources of L-Methionine are fish and meat.

What L-Methionine does for the body

L-Methionine provides a wide variety of health benefits. It’s great for helping cleanse and detoxify the liver, and it also helps promote the production of collagen, which subsequently helps improve the quality of your hair, skin, and fingernails. L-Methionine helps your body maintain proper muscle function and cardiovascular health, as well.

One of the most important things L-Methionine does, at least in regard to male sexual health, is provide the body with sulfur. Sulfur is an extremely important nutrient that’s widely undervalued. Every cell in the body relies on sulfur to some degree, and a deficiency in sulfur can lead to a huge assortment of health problems.

Two of the problems that sulfur deficiency can cause that relate to men’s sexual health are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Studies have also shown that L-Methionine can remove excess estrogen in the liver, which can help to correct hormonal imbalances that could negatively affect a man’s sex life.

Premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation has a huge number of suspected possible causes, so there’s no guarantee that L-Methionine will cure the problem. However, there’s no harm in trying, especially since this amino acid has so many other benefits.

This particular nutrient targets premature ejaculation caused by high histamine levels. Histamine is released in large amounts during allergic reactions and leads to the sneezing, runny eyes and nose, etc. that we have to deal with during hayfever season. Apparently, histamine also makes you ejaculate faster, as proven in a study by Dr Carl Pfeiffer.

It works by preventing histidine, another amino acid, from turning into histamine. Histamine is present in the tissue in the penis and plays a fundamental role in controlling ejaculation. So not only will you have better sexual performance, but you’ll have fewer allergic reactions!

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, if caused by a deficiency of sulfur, would be caused by the production of cells with weak or rigid membranes in the penile shaft. Either of these will result in the cells in your penis being unable to transport fluid effectively, making it nigh on impossible to get an erection. If blood can’t get in, it won’t get hard, and if it can’t stay in, you won’t stay hard for long.

How to use L-Methionine to improve sexual health

As we’ve mentioned, it’s very hard to get a good amount of L-Methionine from eating a healthy diet, and practically impossible if you’re a vegetarian.

  • It is possible for vegans to get L-Methionine from some vegan food, most notably nuts and seeds. Sunflower seed butter is a particularly good source.
  • Oats are about the only other significant non-meat dietary source of L-Methionine.

Due to L-Methionine’s relative scarcity in the organic food world, it’s impractical to base your diet around trying to get an adequate amount of the nutrient. For that reason, it’s not uncommon for supplements to be a person’s primary source of L-Methionine.

Due to the fantastic effects that this amino acid can have on a dude’s sexual performance, there are a ton of male enhancement pills that advertise themselves as a source of L-Methionine. These generally aren’t the best sources, and contain ineffective or low-quality amounts of L-Methionine.

The best sources for L-Methionine allow you to make purchases in bulk and in high quality. Male Extra does indeed provide a good amount of high-quality L-Methionine, as well as a number of other fantastic natural herbal supplements for male enhancement. If you have allergies to anything in our product, or if you are particularly interested in only the effects of L-Methionine, try to get the stuff in bulk.

If you don’t have any dietary restrictions, then you should give Male Extra a shot. It’s one of the most complete formulas available online for male sexual enhancement and addresses a multitude of sexual performance issues.

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In conclusion

There are a lot of different tips and tricks out there for improving male sexual function. Unfortunately, many of those tips and tricks are either old wives’ tales or marketing gimmicks made up to scam poor sexually insecure dudes out of their money.

Instead of spending hours doing exercises with your shaft that may or may not have negligible benefits, you could rely on something that’s been scientifically proven and has been used for even longer in ancient medicine systems: supplementation. Supplements (or dietary adjustments that allow you to increase your intake of certain nutrients) are a great way to help your body get rid of sexual dysfunction.

Instead of bolstering your sexual stamina until you’re He-Man, supplements often tend to strip away defects caused by nutrient deficiency. L-Methionine can help to get rid of sulfur deficiency, which can be terrible for both men and women. It also has acute effects when taken on its own.

We use L-Methionine in Male Extra because it works. Hopefully, now that you’ve read this, you’ll get a chance to try it out!

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