How Do Male Enhancement Rings Work?

Example of a male enhancement ring

If you’ve ever walked by the condoms at the pharmacy and noticed boxes full of rings, you might have been curious. Some of them were silver, others were jet black and rubber, some of them had little attachments that held batteries. If you didn’t take a closer look, you probably found yourself wondering what the heck they were for.

Male enhancement rings – much more commonly (and profanely) known, even by Wikipedia, as cock rings – are self-explanatory to a degree. They’re rings that enhance male sexual performance – but the way they go about doing that isn’t so obvious.

Male enhancement rings affect a number of things and can change the way that men feel and perform during sexual intercourse. They can also be used as devices to help you train yourself to reach your optimum level of sexual performance.

So what exactly are male enhancement rings?

Male enhancement rings won’t necessarily all look the same. In fact, they come in such a wide variety of sizes and models that you might not even be able to recognize them all. The main thing to know is that, looks aside, a male enhancement ring is supposed to help you improve your sexual performance or satisfaction.

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The basic cock ring is just that – a ring. It won’t have any obvious markings or features on it to separate it from a regular ring, nor will it be made from any material to help you discern it. They can be made out of leather, plastic, silicone, rubber, metal – the list goes on.

The basic cock ring doesn’t provide as much pleasure or benefit as some of the variations that are available. Some rings come in different shapes and sizes, and can be ergonomically designed to provide a tighter fit. These different varieties provide different feelings or features that some people like.

  • A cock and ball ring is made to fit around both the penis and testes for a more complete effect.
  • Clitoral stimulation dick rings have a protruding unit that’s designed to stimulate the clitoris or other sensitive female areas by vibration. They can be used during sex or during masturbation (solo or with a partner).
  • The vibrating ring has a base that sends a vibration through the whole ring. These are meant mostly for the man’s pleasure, so they can be used during masturbation, but they seem to be very effective at pleasing women as well.
  • A “Dolphin” dick ring has two removable bullet vibrators which can be used to stimulate both the man and the woman, particularly the testicles and clitoris.

Regardless of the type of ring that you purchase, you will notice a change – probably for the better – in your sexual experiences.

How do penis rings work?

Aside from the special features offered by the models we listed above, the cock ring itself serves a very basic function. It was originally designed as a way to trap blood in the shaft of the penis after getting an erection. This is appealing for a few reasons.

  • Trapping blood in the shaft allows you to maintain your erection for longer, sometimes even after ejaculating. This is ideal for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.
  • Since the ring constricts your penis and pushes blood into the shaft, you will temporarily have a larger and harder erection. This is often pleasurable for your partner.
  • Some men report that their orgasms are much stronger when they’re using enhancement rings.

Some rings that are developed for erectile dysfunction require the use of a vacuum pump. These are not safe to use, but they are still marketed fairly often. The pump mechanically induces an erection and the ring keeps it in place, but the vacuum can easily cause damage to the nerves and blood vessels in your penis.

Most cock rings fit into one of two categories – stretchy ones, made of rubber or other flexible materials, or rigid ones. Stretchy rings can easily be pulled over your junk, whether flaccid or erect, though if it slides on too easily while you’re erect, it’s probably too big. Remember, the goal here is to constrict blood flow. For that reason, it’s best to put them on while flaccid.

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Rigid rings are a bit different, though. You must put your testes through first, one by one, then push your scrotum though, and then, finally, fit your flaccid member into the ring. This is much less complicated in practise than it sounds in writing.

Are penis rings safe to use?

To a degree, yes, they are safe (unless you’re using one with a vacuum). However, it’s quite easy to forget what you’re doing with them and subject yourself to some fairly serious danger.

First of all, it’s important not to wear them for more than 20 minutes. Cutting off blood for longer than that can deprive your penis of oxygen which could cause cells to die. We shouldn’t have to tell you why that would be bad news!

This also means it’s important not to fall asleep while wearing one, because you never know when you’re going to pitch a tent in your sleep. You wouldn’t want to wake up with your penis asleep.

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If you notice your penis becoming numb or the color of the skin changing, take the ring off straight away. It’s possible that you are sensitive to the ring, or that you have a condition that makes you unable to function without proper circulation at all times. If you have any cardiovascular problems or take medication that can cause high/low blood pressure, don’t use a penis ring until you ask your doctor whether or not it’s safe.

It’s also possible to have an allergic reaction to the materials used in the ring, so make sure you know what it’s made of or test it on a different area first.

If you have a ring that’s too tight, you could end up damaging your penis even if you don’t wear it for 20 minutes. If it’s uncomfortably tight or painful, you should take it off and get a different size. A tight ring can also cause priapism – an erection that just won’t go away – particularly if you can’t get it off.

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