How to Build Sexual Confidence And Become Irresistible Between The Sheets

Sexual Confidence

Sexual confidence is the key to a successful and wholesome personal relationship. The term doesn’t mean that you develop a God complex thinking you know it all; rather, being bold enough in your capabilities to emotionally and sexually satisfy your partners.

Knowing fully well what you are and aren’t capable of, being willing to learn, is key to developing wholesome relationships which of course also means sexual relations.

Many conditions like premature ejaculation stem from a lack of sexual confidence which induces a sense of anxiety and thus PE.

Many men pursue unhealthy medical procedures to make their penis look bigger when there’s nothing wrong with them. They spend a significant amount of money on these, placing their health at risk in the process.

This blog will be a guide on how you can build sexual confidence so that you can live a happier and much more wholesome life with fulfilled relationships.

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What is sexual confidence?

Sexual confidence is a little difficult to describe. It’s a set of beliefs which involves you truly thinking that there is nothing wrong with you physically and emotionally, which then ultimately makes you think that you are fully capable of being a great partner to your sexual/romantic partner.

When you’re sexually confident, you’re willing to learn, accept yourself and your partner for who they are, and do not act out of a fear that you might be rejected.

In many ways, sexual confidence is a form of self-love that comes from accepting yourself for who you are—faults and all—without letting those faults take over your life.

How does it feel to have a lack of sexual confidence?

Sexually confident men are always in control of themselves. They walk through their relationships with an aura of comfort.

Those who aren’t as confident tend to overcompensate for their insecurities and end up with anger management issues or compulsive bodybuilding and sometimes through disastrous medical interventions.

When you’re sexually confident, you will probably:

  • Feel much more secure in your relationships
  • Be more open with your partners about your sexual preferences
  • Be less likely to experience erection problems and/or premature ejaculation
  • Much more comfortable with your emotions
  • Be cognizant about your shortcomings and willing to improve.

There is, of course, no set thought pattern that can be identified for sexually confident people; it is, however, a really comfortable position to be in. You just feel great when you’re sexually confident.

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How do you build sexual confidence?

Building up your sexual confidence is really a psychological effort more than it is physical, although you can try certain medications for it as well.

As we’ve said before, many men seem to presume that they won’t be able to please their sexual partners enough and constantly worry until their fears are realized.

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As such, there can be any number of ways to feel more confident in yourself and implement certain lifestyle changes which would eliminate any doubt that you can’t deliver sexually. These include:

Tackling Self-Doubt

Self-doubt is the number one reason why most men lack sexual confidence. They don’t know if they’re ready to keep, or capable of keeping their partners sexually satisfied.

They go around living with the uncertainty about how great they are as sexual partners and therefore don’t have very successful sexual lives.

They’re less willing to make the first move; they’re timid in bed and many times just lash out because the anxiety gets too much for them to deal with.

This self-doubt can exist for any number of reasons; these can be bad sexual experiences in the past, body images, and others’ beliefs about their own selves that make them think less of themselves. Sometimes, it’s also inexperience which makes them feel this way.

One thing has always been clear though, given the role of emotions and psychology in male sexual performance, self-doubt can absolutely destroy existing relationships and reduce the chances of future relationships.

Therefore, overcoming your self-doubt is the first step to develop sexual confidence and in many cases, a solution to how to regain sexual confidence.

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Getting back in shape

Improving how you look through exercise and regular workouts is one of the best ways to become sexually confident.

For one thing, you become a lot healthier which reduces the risk of developing illnesses that might cause sexual dysfunctions; for another, you’ll feel much more attractive.

Conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity have a major role to play in the development of sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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People who work out regularly and stay in shape are far less likely to develop these conditions.

Developing Healthier Habits

Living a healthy lifestyle just generally makes you feel great and therefore much more confident. Keeping in shape, regular exercise, nutritious meals and even sleeping enough hours in a day can do wonders for your confidence.

See what activities you can add to your life that can add value to your everyday life experiences. These can include:

  • Regular exercise can help you live healthier and look sexier.
  • Eating nutritious meals that can give you regular boosts of energy and keep you upbeat.
  • Stress management so that you can do away with negativity and be happier.
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Sleeping at least 8 hours every night.

The thing is, these actions might not exactly contribute to your sexual performance but they will definitely let you live a better life. Perhaps you’ll start performing better at work, have a much more active social life and many other benefits that would make you feel more capable.

When you meet other people and potential sexual partners, you’d be much more accepting of who you are, to not feel insecure when it comes to matters of sex.

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Communicating with your partner

Communicating with your partner to clearly establish boundaries and what they like in bed is also one of the ways that you can develop sexual confidence.

Open communication is necessary for both partners; it helps feel much more comfortable and reduces the fear of being judged for who they are.

When you don’t feel like you’re under a spotlight, you’re going to be more confident sexually because you know that you’re partner loves you for who you are.

Similarly, knowing what your partner likes in bed eliminates the risk that you won’t be able to please them. It gives you room to work on areas that you lack in and practice the sexual activities they like so that you can pleasure them to their satisfaction.

The better you get at delivering what they want, the more confident you’ll feel sexually.

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Speed Dating

Many men lose sexual confidence because they can’t find a sexual partner. Fear of being rejected or rejection itself can wreak havoc on your self-esteem

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Speed dating is a great way for you to find a sexual partner without having to go through the hassle of just randomly meeting some people.


Clinical hypnosis has shown potential in helping people regain and develop confidence. The exercise involves undoing beliefs that can be harmful to your self-image to give you greater faith in your abilities.

Hypnosis can be great for sexual confidence in men and very effective therapy to undo anxiety as well as premature ejaculation.

Improving your sexual health

Using supplements that can help improve your sexual performance might also give you a reason to be more sexually confident. Male Extra is a supplement that can help you improve your sexual health and performance in the bedroom, making you feel more sexually confident!


Sexual confidence can make or break your relationships. If you’re willing to put in the effort, then it can go a long way in helping you live a much more wholesome romantic life.

We’ve discussed all the ways that you can build sexual confidence so that you can create a mutually beneficial personal relationship with your partners.

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