Ten ways to give yourself (and her) a boost

There’s no one-size-fits-all for your sex drive or libido; it’ll vary from person to person. And having a low sex drive isn’t necessarily a problem. However, if you’ve noticed your libido has dropped off a cliff or want to get a bit more active in the bedroom, but your sex drive is holding you back, then there are a range of effective and natural ways you can boost your libido.

Stress and anxiety, relationship difficulties, age, and diet can impact your libido. Low libido isn’t typically something to worry about. However, we know it can affect relationships, self-esteem, and confidence.

If you’re looking for a natural boost in the bedroom, read on for our top ten tips for naturally revving your libido.

Our top tips to boost your libido

Manage stress and anxiety

A little bit of stress and anxiety in our lives is perfectly natural and normal, unfortunately. However, when stress or anxiety starts to impact your daily life, it’s time to get it in check.

High levels of stress and anxiety from work, caring for a relative or child, or financial worries can all get in the way of your sex drive.

In addition, anxiety and stress can also make it more challenging to get or maintain an erection. A recent study has revealed that anxiety and depression can reduce libido and increase sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction.

There are many things that you can do to manage your anxiety and stress and encourage positive mental health, for example:

  • get enough high-quality sleep
  • aim for work-life balance
  • exercise regularly
  • eat a well-rounded and balanced diet
  • work on your relationship and communication
  • speak to a therapist

Work on your relationship

Many of us experience ebbs and flows in sexual desire and arousal throughout our relationships. By working on your relationship to ensure that you’re communicating, staying on the same page, and enjoying your non-sexual time together, you might find that your sex drive bumps up.

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Working on your relationship might look like this:

  • date nights out of the house
  • doing activities together
  • practicing your communication
  • setting aside time just to be together

Don’t skip foreplay

We know, in the movies, they just dive straight into getting hot and heavy. But that’s not quite how it works… And actually, improving the quality of your sexual experiences may boost your sexual desire and libido in the process.

Explore being intimate with your partner before (or even without) sex, and use touching, kissing, sex toys, and oral sex to ignite that passion.

Get more Zzzs

We all know that sleep is essential, right? But did you know that getting good quality sleep can improve our mood, energy levels, and even libido? Ensure that you’re going to be at an appropriate time to bank 7-9 hours of sleep a night, as recommended by the CDC.

Eat well

Living more healthily with a more nutritious diet and getting plenty of regular exercise could boost your libido in a few different ways. Following a balanced diet can increase your heart health, promote good circulation, and get the blood flowing everywhere.

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Plus, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease can impact your sexual function. But eating a diet rich in fresh fruit and veg, low in sugar, and high in protein can help prevent health conditions that can impact libido.

Exercise regularly

Your testosterone levels have a lot to do with your general health, which can be quickly boosted with regular exercise. In addition, a 2015 study found that regular exercise helped improve sex drive because it alleviated issues with body image, low libido, and relationship changes.

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Maintain a healthy weight

According to experts, obesity can lead to a lowered sex drive and other factors related to sexual function. This is due to your hormones; for example, your testosterone may be reduced.

In addition, some people who are overweight may struggle with lower self-esteem or body confidence. By maintaining a healthy body weight, you can improve your sex drive, physically and psychologically.

Speak to a therapist

Our sexual desire is complicated, and there are psychological and physical aspects. For example, even if a person has a physical condition that affects their libido, for instance, diabetes, by also improving the emotional and psychological aspects of sex can improve sex drive and functioning.

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Therapy can target the causes behind low libido, and individual counselling can address negative views around sex and a low sex drive. Whilst relationship or sex therapy can help couples work through their relationship and the impact of sexual desire together.

Quit smoking

Look, we all know that smoking cigarettes aren’t great for our health, smoking can impact your cardiovascular system, and good heart health is vital for sexual function.

Many who quit smoking find that their energy levels and sex drive increase after they quit smoking.

The bottom line

Men’s libido is often related to their testosterone levels, which will naturally decline as they get older. Low testosterone can cause erectile dysfunction, libido, depression, and fatigue issues. If you’ve had a sudden drop in sex drive, then it may be worth speaking to a doctor.

Overall, it’s important to remember there is no average sex drive, and having a low libido isn’t bad unless it bothers you. However, if you’re looking to boost your libido, then these ten natural boosts will help you get back to getting hot and steamy in the bedroom in no time.

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