The importance of pillow talk

For most of us, our lives are full of to-do lists, work commitments, family responsibilities, and that’s without counting in any hobbies or exercise.

When all this starts to get a little too much, how do you ensure that you stay in touch with your partner and work on your relationship?

Working on your relationship requires time, effort, openness and honesty, and we are here to share a secret with you: pillow talk.

Ready to find out more? Let’s jump in.

What is pillow talk, anyway?

Pillow talk is a close and open conversation between two people in a relationship. This kind of safe, loving and honest communication usually takes place in bed or when you are cuddling. It can also happen before or after sex, but sex isn’t necessarily part of the equation.

Since these types of conversations usually do not involve eye contact, you will feel that you will be able to speak more freely, which will allow for in-depth discussions. For some of us, it may be difficult to open up, while for others, this type of conversation may be easy and natural.

Pillow talk vs talking dirty

While dirty talking during sex can lead to a serious, intimate experience with your partner, it’s not the same as pillow talk. Although the two are about intimacy, pillow talks are about emotional intimacy and being jointly vulnerable.

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Although pillow talk usually takes place before or after sex, the conversation is less related to sex and it’s important you both feel relaxed, comfortable and close.

What about pillow talk and intimacy? How can it help?

If your sex life has been a bit slow lately, you’re probably wondering if pillow talk can help. The short answer is yes. Pillow talk will allow you to take down your guard, feel close with one another and help you communicate your wishes and needs.

While lying down, having a cuddle and doing a little pillow talk, you are likely to notice an increase in oxytocin, the love and bonding hormone. Oxytocin helps us feel connected, closer and enhances feelings of love. In addition, pillow talking can help elevate a relationship; it is the difference between casual sex and dating and being in love.

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But it’s not just the talking that contributes to a loving relationship, a 2014 study revealed that snuggling, talking, and caressing all contribute to a better sex life.

What does pillow talk sound like?

Need some tips for getting started with pillow talk? Here are my top tips:

  • Share what you love about each other and remind each other of your love
  • Talk about your dreams for the future, travel, new jobs, adventures, and things you want to try as a couple
  • Reminisce about memorable moments, like when you first fell in love or a time that you celebrated something special together
  • Bring up fears that need comforting
  • Share positive attributes and gestures that can help your partner feel safer and more confident

Get started with pillow talk

So to get started, have a pillow plan; For example, you may have a conversation where you will not be able to talk for ten minutes about your work, any relationship issues, your friends, children, to-do lists, and see how it goes.

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Start making it a habit to have this conversation with no one but you two every night. Over time, this will seem more natural and second nature.

As well as pillow talk, these can help:

  • touching or hugging each other
  • eye contact
  • smile or laugh
  • reassure the other person

Other ways to feel close to your partner

It’s not just pillow talk that can help with intimacy! Here are some other great love-worthy tips to increase those feelings of closeness.

  • Spend more time touching each other
  • Avoid looking at screens in bed
  • Hold hands more
  • Communicate openly
  • Share your feelings

Ready to get intimate?

If you feel out of touch with your partner lately or your sex life is not what it used to be, the commitment to spend a lot of time with your partner and practice pillow talk can improve your relationship, bring you closer and stimulate emotional intimacy.

Remember, this can feel annoying or embarrassing at first, but the more you do it, the more natural it will feel to you. In addition, the more you feel emotionally connected and close, the more you will see the benefits of all other aspects of your relationship – including the bedroom!

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