10 Ways to Spice Things Up in Bed and Beyond

Spice your sex up

When you’ve been together for a while, you’ll start to notice that the bedroom is no longer that place of excitement and fun. You start to slowly lose that spark you used to have, and sex becomes increasingly boring…

No more raw passion or steamy nights filled with sweat and screams. Nowadays, your quality time in the bedroom looks more like this:


What happened to the two of you? You used to be so great together, going at it like rabbits whenever you had the chance.

Instead, you consider yourself lucky if you’re allowed in once a month, and after waiting for so long it’s often over before it starts…


Luckily for you, there are many ways in which you can spice things up again and take back control of your sex life. Just because you’ve been together for a long time doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy each other’s bodies every now and then, right?

Now there are loads of ways make things exciting again, but to make things easier for you we gathered the top 10 ways to spice things up in the bedroom.

With these pro tips, you’ll be going at it again like a bunch of horny teens!


1 – Bring out the oil

Candles, oil, massage – could it BE more sensual? Seriously, have you ever given your partner an oily massage to afterward hear her say “hmm that was nice, OK sleep tight” as she turned away from you?

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Didn’t think so. So take her to the adults-only shop and pick your favorite scent, or just surprise her when she comes home from a long day at work. Trust me, you’ll be all over each other after!

2 – Play that Marvin Gaye

Set the scene, get some Marvin Gaye or Barry White, dim the lights, add some candles… Heck, maybe even go all-out movie romance and put some rose petals on the bed and pop a bottle of bubbles.

Never underestimate the importance of setting the scene!


3 – Early bird catches the worm

Wakey wakey! Surprise your significant other with a mouth-watering morning treat below the sheet. She’ll realize waking up screaming has never felt this good, and if you’re lucky she’ll thank you in the best way how!

4 – Talk the talk

Dirty talk; it’s definitely a skill to master, but once you get into it and you’re passed feeling awkward about it, it can definitely spice things up again and turn your sex life around.


5 – Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty

It doesn’t always have to be mouth and muff (pardon my language…). Yes, it’s tempting to only think about oral or all-the-way, but don’t underestimate the power of some good manual labor.


6 – Everybody loves a surprise

Spontaneity is always a turn-on. Whether it’s bringing home a bouquet of flowers, preparing a gourmet candle-lit dinner, or something more extreme like “The Naked Man” approach from How I Met Your Mother; women love spontaneity, so why not surprise her once in a while?

7 – Clothes make the man

The better the clothes, the faster she’ll rip ‘m off. I get it man, after a while, you just don’t feel like making the effort anymore. You managed to win her, she said yes, you settled down, what can go wrong? No need to put more effort in, right?

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Wrong! Take off those stained sweatpants and suit up, your girl deserves it!

8 – Naked Sundays

Clothes make the man, but not for Naked Sundays. This approach has been such an eye-opener, and it’s become a weekly feature in our house. The idea? Very simple and exactly what it sounds like: clear your schedules, make sure your fridge is full so you don’t have to go shopping, and if you have kids send them off to their grandparents.

Sunday will be a naked day, no clothes allowed in the house for 24 hours. Start walking around like that and I can guarantee you, you will bang more than once that day!


9 – Beds are soooo last year…

Don’t stay in bed. In fact, have sex anywhere BUT the bed. Shower, kitchen, couch, car, basement; every place is new and exciting, and every place brings new opportunities to have some fun!

Do you want to really step up your game? Try moving outside of your house and really be a daredevil. From changing rooms to airplane toilets (the mile-high club) to the beach: the list of places to have sex is endless!


10 – Adult stores are there for a reason

Yes, they can be scary at first.

From the moment you walk in and you hope your neighbor didn’t happen to walk through the street and see you pop in, till the moment you find yourself surrounded by whips and dildos and lots of stuff you never knew existed…

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But once you’re past that initial bit of fear, you will find out just how fun it is to go here with your partner and shop for stuff. Once you get home from the shop you’ll straight away move to the bedroom to try out your new buy; a fun way to spice up your sex life again!

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And it doesn’t have to end there…

There you have it, our top 10 of ways to spice things up again in the bedroom. These tried and tested ways will definitely help you and your partner find that spark again!

These are just 10 examples, but the ways are basically endless. Some people like to invite new people over to join in, others get their mojo back after watching some porn, while some creative fuckers come up with stuff like “T.G.I. Fuckday – a new sex position every Friday”.

Everybody is different and everybody likes different things, so just try out some of these ideas and see what works for you and your partner. Just remember, it’s never too late to take back control of your sex life!

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