The Best Sex Positions For Women – She’ll Thank You For Reading This!

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When you first start dating your significant other, you’re at it like frenzied rabbits. There’s not much focus on style or technique; you two just want to be going at it. After you both get into a rhythm and routine, the spontaneity loses its luster. Soon after, she’ll be expecting amazing sex and the best positions for her, not just so-so sex.

If you’re beginning to feel that your sex life is running out of steam (and it happens to every couple out there), you’ll need to step up your game to make her happy. For guys, sex is sex. But for women, you have to know all the right spots to touch and all of the sex positions for female orgasms.

Don’t overthink it: Before you go out and spend money on performance supplements, try simply focusing on the best sex positions for women.

Positions Before Pills

Different sex positions stimulate different erogenous areas, and you’ll probably find that you can make her happy just by trying out some positions that you’ve never used before. It’s all about trying new female sex positions until you find the ones that make her happy… really happy.

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Focus on Effectiveness, Not Craziness

Also, a lot of couples tend to try and get themselves into the craziest, wildest sex positions for her. They think creativity will somehow help them hit the G-spot. Rarely is this the case.

It’s not about contorting yourself or your partner into flexible shapes as if you’re both gymnasts because this can take away from the act of sex and pleasure. Rather, it’s about using the best sex position for women that maximize the amount of stimulation and pleasure.

Beautiful woman lying in bed

1. Upgraded Missionary

This is the first position that we all learn to do before all else. It’s simple, easy, but it can get boring really fast. That doesn’t mean it’s useless. Instead of taking yourself back to the days when you were discovering your love-making ability, why not upgrade this classic?

The upgraded missionary is hands down one of the best sex positions for female orgasm. It pivots the hips up, allowing you to enter deeper and hit those spots that she goes crazy for.

How to Perform: Have your girl lying on her back, pushing on the bed with her feet to lift her hips up. Slide a pillow or two underneath her hips. She’ll lower her butt down onto the pillows then open her legs. She can place her feet on the bed next to your legs, or she can wrap them around you to pull you into her.

Intimate young couple enjoying on bed.

2. Lying Down Doggy

This comfortable position is pretty similar to doggystyle, but depending on your penis shape, it actually may be better for improving your woman’s pleasure. It might not give you the same amount of raw thrusting power and potential that the doggystyle position does, but it allows for deeper penetration while increasing friction.

How to Perform: First, get your girl into an all-fours doggystyle position. Then get her to lie down, pulling her butt a bit into the air. To make this easier for her, you can put a pillow underneath her hips so that her butt naturally lifts.

man and woman showing only hands on the white sheets of their bed

3. The Leg Wrap

This position is sensual and sexy, making it ideal for women who generally take a long time to reach orgasm, and couples who like to make love. You can put power into this position, but it’s better suited for slow, rhythmic intercourse. Putting too much power in it can end up with you lying on a 45-degree angle while she’s lying straight and you’ll not only feel weird, but you both might burst out laughing (which is okay!).

How to Perform: Lie on your side next to your woman while she’s lying on her back and get her to swing her legs over your hips so they form a sort of bridge. This should provide you with a good entrance point.

Young couple intimate relationship on bed

4. The Sit ‘n’ Straddle

This is another position that’s stellar for couples who prefer intimate intercourse. Instead of just going forward and backward or up and down, this position allows both of you a much better range of movement; the two of you can go left and right, move in circular motions, you name it.

Also, since she’s on top, her breasts are going to be perfectly lined up with your mouth. Score! Plus, if you lean back, you’ll have perfect access to stimulate her with your free hand.

How to Perform: This one involves you sitting with your legs forward, and having your woman straddle you so you’re face to face. You can cross your legs or wrap them back around her for a tighter grip.

Couple having sex on bed

5. Cowgirl

This is arguably the best sex position for women; if not number one, it’s easily in her top three. For the chivalrous man who really likes to see his woman have a good time, cowgirl can make her feel like she’s on top of the world… among other things.

How to Perform: This simply involves you lying on your back and her sitting atop your manhood. She can place her hands on your chest or lean back and place them on your legs. This gives your woman complete control, which significantly increases the chance (if not guarantees) that she will be able to orgasm more quickly.

If she puts her legs flat on the floor between your legs, she’ll be in a much tighter position. This provides improved stimulation for both of you.

Couple having sex

6. Reverse Cowgirl

Similar to the cowgirl position, your girl will be facing away from you. Depending on how your penis is shaped, this modification may be better suited for you both.

How to Perform: You lie on the bed and have her straddle you, facing away. Again, she can lean back, placing her hands on either side of you or directly on your chest. She can also sit straight up, her knees tight to your body, while controlling the speed and rhythm.

One potentially beneficial variation of this position is when she is on her feet and straddling you. This will be more of an up-and-down motion, rather than a front-to-back motion. Give this one a try to see if either of you enjoy it.

Portrait of a beautiful woman wearing cowboy's hat

7. Sideways Straddle

This position is for people who have mastered the everyday positions and who are also quite comfortable with their flexibility. The sideways straddle can be tricky to get into and might require a bit of practice – feel free to try it with your clothes on if it makes things easier (but it’s more fun without clothes)!

What makes this one of the best sex positions for her is that she can control the pace, the pressure, and the amount of stimulation on her clitoris. There’s a lot of friction and pressure, and the position just looks awesome.

How to Perform: The basic intention here is to have your girl straddle one of your legs. While you’re lying on your back, have her face away from you. Get her to put one leg in between yours and the other one of hers on the outer side. She can hold onto your leg if she wants or go no-handed.

8. The Butterfly

Admittedly, this one requires some flexibility, but given how easy it is to get deep, it’ll make you want to practice your daily stretches. The butterfly is a unique sex position for her because it allows for so many variations of speed, power, and angles. She can lean further down or up, letting you know when she’s found the angle that hits the spot.

How to Perform: Have your girl bend over on the bed. You enter her from behind, but before you start going to town, take a minute to have her move her legs up and around you. She’ll be holding to you with her legs clasped behind you. If you’re new to this one, you can stay near the bed and let her use her arms to keep herself up. If you’re pros, take her near the wall, allowing her to hold herself up and use the wall the push back.

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If you want to make her happy, improve your sex life, and enjoy yourself during lovemaking, it’s all about finding sex positions that you both can enjoy.

If you’re not crazy about any of the best sex positions for women we listed above, that’s okay. Take care of your woman, make sure she achieves orgasm, and then switch to the positions that you like best. That way, both of you can lie in bed afterward with a smile on your faces.

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