Everything You Need To Know About The Shape Of Your Penis

Penis shaped rocks

Just like a fingerprint, every penis shape is unique. But there’s not a guy out there who hasn’t considered (at least once) whether he has a normal penis shape, especially after watching porn.

Does your penis have an odd bend? Have you been wondering about lumps or markings? Nervous about whether you have the perfect penis shape? Hey, join the club!

With all the pressure out there to perform well in the bedroom or have a certain sized penis, the last thing you need to worry about is whether or not you have the ideal penis shape. After all, you never had any say over the shape of your penis to begin with!

Spoiler alert: there is no best penis shape. When it comes to being a good lover, it really is all about how you use what you’ve been given as well as how you capture the attention and affection of the other person.

But this isn’t a guide to being Don Juan; you came here to learn more about the shape of your penis. Let’s review the most common penis shapes and sizes so you can finally see that your penis isn’t strange, weird, or uncommon at all.

Stone the shape of a penis

The Pepper Penis

Red hot pepper and two chicken eggs on a white background

What you might lack in length, you make up for in thickness. Guys with a pepper penis shape tend to average around four inches in length, but the width and thickness are definitely above average. Don’t let those surgically enhanced penises of porn fool you, having the Pepper Penis is more common than you think.

If you have a Pepper Penis shape, we would recommend using a sexual position where your partner is bent over and supporting themselves on a bed or stable surface. For example, your partner could get into a downward dog position (just like in yoga), and this should help to achieve maximum stimulation. But keep in mind that everyone is different, and this is why active communication during sex is key.

The Pencil Penis

One long white daikon radish and two chinese watermelon radish on rustic wooden table

Guys with a Pencil Penis shape tend to have length on their side. But where they excel in inches of length, they lack in width. That’s far from a bad thing though. Having a longer penis means you might be able to hit different points during intercourse that are just the right spot. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the issue of too much girth, which is a real and painful thing.

Continuing with that last point, guys with a Pencil Penis can get a bit more adventurous with their sexual exploits. Anal sex, for example, is going to be more of an option for a guy with a Pencil Penis than a Pepper Penis.

If you have a Pencil Penis shape, sex positions where the hips are placed at an angle work best. For example, doggystyle is a great go-to. We also recommend you on top with your partner lying on the bed and their legs on your shoulders. Once you lean forward, this will push their hips up at an angle.

The Cucumber Penis

Beautiful woman's hand holding a big cucumber

The name is a striking resemblance if you have a Cucumber Penis shape: length and girth are your defining features. If you have a Cucumber Penis, then you’ll have an average to above-average length – between five to seven inches – and an above-average girth. While not as thick as guys with a Pepper Penis, men with a Cucumber Penis do pretty well for themselves.

Given the length and girth combo of this particular penis shape, this may actually limit which positions are comfortable and pleasurable for your partner. Be careful of positions that allow for deeper penetration such as when they are lying on their side and you’re straddling their legs. Instead, focus on positions like missionary and doggystyle at first.

The Sausage Penis

. Young asian woman holding hotdog

Similar to the Cucumber Penis, the Sausage Penis tends to be slightly above average in length and girth, but not nearly as drastic as the Cucumber Penis. For example, the Sausage Penis is usually around five to six inches in length.

A Sausage Penis is one that has consistency throughout length and girth, unlike a Hammer Penis, for example, that may have more girth near the tip.

Having this penis shape and size means that all sexual positions are on the table, but you might find that it works best when your partner is on top as they can control the depth and speed.

The Cone Penis

Traffic cone on the asphalt surface.

Think about a parking cone. This captures the essence of the Cone Penis shape. If you have a lot of girth towards the base of the shaft, but your penis tends to narrow out as it reaches the top, then you have a Cone Penis.

A Cone Penis puts all sexual positions on the table although you may have to be cautious about how deep you go. Once the girth increases, your partner may ask you to slow down or not to go so deep.

One great use for the Cone Penis is reverse cowgirl as you don’t have to worry about slippage or your partner coming down the wrong way on your penis. As we’ll see below, the latter is common with guys who have a Banana Penis shape that curves up.

The Hammer Penis

Old hammer isolated on white background, top view

Opposite the Cone Penis, the Hammer Penis usually has an average length and girth at the base of the shaft. But its thickest part can be found at the tip. Much like a hammer has a wide head, so it goes with a Hammer Penis. The tip or head of the penis is often compared to a large mushroom.

While no sexual positions are off-limits, a lot of foreplay may need to be involved to prepare your partner for initial penetration. If you have a Hammer Penis, think of it quite literally as being able to cause some damage if things aren’t well-prepped and lubricated first.

The Banana Penis

Penis like banana

As the name implies, the Banana Penis shape is when guys have a curve, and it usually goes to the left or the right. If you have a Banana Penis, you’re most likely going to fall within that five to six-inch average and the girth will be symmetrical as well, but the real showstopper is having that curve.

A curved penis tends to hit those pleasure points better because it naturally complements that shape of the inside of the vagina. This can be a blessing and a curse for some sexual positions though. Guys with a Banana Penis may find that they get too deep without even trying.

With that said, if you have a Banana Penis, it’s not so much which positions will be best (you’ll find that your partner will be happy with most of them), but it’s more about which ones to avoid. That natural curve in your penis lends itself to trouble if you try anything that goes against the grain.

For example, reverse cowgirl, where your partner is facing away from you, can be problematic as the inside of the vagina is going away from the curve of your penis. It should come as no surprise that this position is a cause for hospital visits.

One final note about the Banana Penis: While a slight curve is okay and completely healthy, guys who have an extreme curve may have a condition called Peyronie’s disease, also characterized by an hourglass shape penis. This is when thick scar tissue has formed inside of the penis and is causing a significant bend along with symptoms of painful erections. If you have an extreme bend in your penis, you should make an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Conclusion: What is the Best Penis Shape?

Wooden penis in Princess cave

In short, there isn’t an ideal penis shape.

There are so many types of penis shape that it’s impossible to lock down the norm. Every type of penis has its advantages and each one has its disadvantages. You should be less obsessed about how you stack up against some imaginary average penis shape and focus more on maximizing your strengths.

Even more importantly, you shouldn’t worry about what you can’t change, and start taking action to change what you can: your personality, your conversational skills, and how you engage with others. Every guy has a penis, but not every guy can tap into the art of seduction. That’s where we would recommend putting most of your energy. Though if you do want to know more about your penis then check out our guide on everything you need to know about your penis.

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