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It doesn’t matter who you are; every guy has thought about how to get a longer penis. Even if you already have a long penis, you might want more girth. And if you have a short but thick penis, you’ve probably typed into a search engine “how to make penis longer” at some point in your life.

So, is it possible to safely and permanently increase the length of your penis? Yes! With certain exercises, techniques, procedures, and medication or supplements, it is possible to make your penis longer.

Let’s take an in-depth look at how to make your penis longer naturally including lifestyle changes, supplements, and penis length exercises.

What Do Women Think About Penis Length?

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It might come as a surprise, but if you have a small penis, you’re stressing out about it far more than your girlfriend. Hey, there’s always some exceptions to the rule, but the vast majority of women aren’t obsessing over the size of your junk, especially if you know how to please her in bed.

Don’t believe us? No worries. Science has our backs. One survey asked women about the importance of penis size, and here’s what they said:

  • Very important: Only 1% of the women
  • Important: 20% of the women
  • Unimportant: 55% of the women
  • Totally unimportant: 22% of the women

As you can see, you’re more likely to wind up with a girl who likes you for you and not your penis size. Keep in mind that the survey asked women about penis size. It didn’t specify whether women found big penises to be important.

In fact, one study found that the majority of women prefer men with an average size or smaller size penis for a long-term partner. The catch: many women reported wanting a man with a larger penis for a one-night stand. But given the risk of infection and pain and irritation that comes from sex with a man with a larger penis, women will opt for a man with an average or smaller-sized penis.

But here’s something else to consider: who said you have a small penis? How do you know for sure that your penis isn’t just average? Or maybe you have a big penis, but you’re comparing yourself to some porn star who had risky surgery. Let’s set the record straight: what is the average penis length? Studies suggest the following:


  • Average flaccid penis


    • : 3.61 inches


  • Average erect penis: 5.16 inches

So, how do you measure up? Do you still think you have a “small” penis? Now, it is important to note that having a micropenis is a thing, but it only affects 0.6% of men. And if you’ve ever considered extreme measures to lengthen your penis, studies only recommend surgery for men who have a micropenis. Given the statistics, chances are that you don’t fall into that category.

How to Make Your Penis Longer Naturally

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With all that said, you still might not be convinced and you want to do something to make your penis longer. We get it. Lucky for you, there are several ways to naturally increase the length of your penis without having to worry about risky penile surgery.

Get Fitter

The first natural way to lengthen your penis is to get fit. You heard right. When you exercise, you are improving blood flow. If you’re overweight, there’s a good chance that blood flow to the penis is compromised, which might give you trouble in the bedroom since you can’t achieve your maximum size.

The Center for Disease Control recommends a minimum of 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity exercise. For example, 30 minutes per day for five days per week. This could include weightlifting, jogging, swimming, biking, hiking, etc.

Want to push yourself? Try to achieve either 300 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise per week or 150 minutes of high-intensity exercise per week.

Lose Weight

Did you know that the more weight (fat mass) you gain, the smaller that your penis looks? Losing weight will reduce the amount of fat you carry around your abdomen and pubic area, giving your penis the appearance of being larger. In fact, you might very well have what is considered a big penis, but if you’re overweight or obese, no one can tell!

Losing weight and getting fitter will improve the look and performance of your penis, which means more satisfaction in the bedroom. In fact, you might forget altogether that you once thought your penis was “small.”

Groom Yourself

Here’s an easy one: Want to see an “increase” in penis size? Trim your pubes.

It’s important to get with the times. Studies show that more than half of men now trim and shave their pubic region. Not only does it look cleaner, but your penis suddenly gets the front and center stage, looking much bigger than when he was covered by hair.

Make it About Her

It’s cliché but that doesn’t make it any less true: It’s not the size of your penis that matters; it’s how you use it.

There are two ways that you can make your penis feel bigger and make your woman happy: use sexual positions where she gets the most pleasure and learn how to use your fingers to ensure she achieves an orgasm.

Sexual Positions for Her

Not every woman is wild for deep penetration. In fact, this could do more harm than good, especially if she’s sore the next day. Instead, focus on positions that maximize her pleasure such as upgraded missionary, cowgirl, and butterfly.

Read more about the best sex positions for her.

Getting Hands-On

Continuing with the point above, some positions leave you with a free hand so take advantage of it. For example, spooning allows you to bring your hand around and stimulate her. Open communication during sex will ensure you’re doing it the way that she likes. You can also ditch the penetration (for now) and only focus on manual stimulation.

This would be perfect during foreplay to ensure that she gets hers before having sex.


If the size of your penis is bothering you to the point where you can’t perform or you have severe anxiety, it might be time to seek the help of a counselor. Studies show that men who seek counseling for their worries about their penis size find so much benefit in it that they don’t need medication for anxiety and they disregard plans to enhance themselves through surgery.

How to Get A Longer Penis Using Aids

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Let’s say that you’ve done all you can as far as improving yourself; you’ve lost weight, built muscle, shaved, and perfected your bedroom game, but you still want to increase the size of your penis. Let’s explore some tried-and-true aids for helping to give you a bigger penis.

Penis Pumps

Arguably one of the original methods of increasing penis size, pumps are still as popular as they were when they first hit the market. Maybe even more so since the shame of buying a pump has vanished with the advancement of the sex toy culture.

Vacuum-based pumps help to force blood into the penis, giving it a larger, if not swollen appearance. However, studies show that these results are not permanent. As soon as you lose your erection, you lose the temporary gains from the pump.

What’s more, many experts do not recommend using a penis pump over the long term because of the potential for tissue damage, which can cause or worsen symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Surgical and Medical Options

The next stage of increasing the size of your penis involves medical intervention. We’ll take you through the most common methods from the least invasive (injections) to the most invasive (surgery).

Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Studies show that there is a direct correlation between chronically low testosterone levels and shrinkage of the penis. If you want to reduce the risk of cavernosal fibrosis (penis shrinkage), you can use Viagra, but a better long-term strategy would be to talk with your doctor about testosterone replacement therapy.

PRP Injections
Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections are becoming increasingly popular in the fitness world for post-training recovery for athletes. But recently, promising studies have led doctors to start using PRP injections to improve the function and size of the penis. Often referred to as the “Priapus Shot,” doctors will inject platelet-rich plasma made from your own blood into your penis. Further research and clinical trials are needed, but there is a lot of potential here.

Hyaluronic Acid Injections
This is another type of shot where your doctor will inject a stabilized, hyaluronic acid-based gel into your penis. While more studies are needed, current results have all demonstrated fantastic results with men gaining between 1.8 to 3.6 centimeters with no complications.

Next up, we have penile surgery or male genital corrective surgery. Typically restricted to those men who have a micropenis, penile corrective surgery is a guaranteed way of lengthening your penis. However, studies suggest that the risk, complications, and lack of patient satisfaction might make penile surgery a poor choice for a long-term solution. Counseling and active lifestyle changes may be a far better choice.

Penile Implant Surgery
Just as the name suggests, a doctor will place an implant underneath the skin of the penis in order to increase length and girth. Again, studies suggest that most of the men who get a penile implant find they are more dissatisfied with it than they were with the original size of their penis.
What’s more, some researchers found that an implant can work against you in the long run, decreasing the size of your penis more than before.

If any of these methods appeal to you, we highly recommend talking with your doctor and beginning with the least invasive methods.

MaleExtra for Male Enhancement

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If you want to take the natural road to increase the size of your penis, we recommend a scientifically proven supplement; one that will boost testosterone and improve fitness performance and weight management.

MaleExtra is a supplement for men that contains a seven-shot wonder of ingredients that have been shown to boost levels of testosterone, increase libido, and improve bedroom performance.

L-Arginine HCL
This amino acid is converted into nitric oxide and studies suggest that it can improve the quality and strength of your erection while boosting performance.

Pomegranate (40% Ellagic Acid)
Pomegranate contains ellagic acid, which has been shown to increase blood circulation. Studies show that this can improve blood flow to your penis, strengthening erections.

MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane)
MSM is an organic form of the mineral, sulfur, which has been shown to increase blood flow and support cellular and tissue health, especially in the penis. Some research suggests that MSM can support the growth of your penis by promoting healthy cell and tissue development.

Histamine is essential in helping you climax. Essentially, the more histamine in your blood, the quicker you’re going to ejaculate. It should come as no surprise that high levels of histamine have been linked to premature ejaculation. By lowering your histamine levels, you can last longer in bed. What’s a great way to reduce histamine? L-Methionine. This essential amino acid blocks the conversion of histidine into the hormone histamine, helping you perform longer without the worry of premature ejaculation.

Zinc (as Citrate)
Zinc is an essential mineral that is required for proper testosterone production. Studies have found a direct correlation between men who have low levels of zinc and low testosterone. Thankfully, other studies show that men who supplement with zinc will increase their levels of testosterone.

The role of mushrooms in our daily health cannot be overstated. Cordyceps, a type of mushroom, have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years as a natural aphrodisiac and modern studies show that it can increase sex drive and sexual performance.

Niacin (vitamin B3)
Studies show that niacin (vitamin B3) can improve blood flow to the penis and help men maintain a strong erection by relaxing blood vessels.

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How to Get a Longer Penis: Go Natural First

Every guy has wondered whether he should do something to increase the length of his penis. If you’re serious about a bigger penis, we recommend going natural first by changing your lifestyle including fitness and diet. Start supplementing with a natural male enhancer like MaleExtra and consider going to therapy.

If you exhaust all those options, then it might be worth chatting with your doctor about more invasive procedures.

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