What Are Jelqing Exercises and How to Use Them To Improve Erection and Penis Size

Jelqing Exercises

Natural penis stretching exercises are one of the safest ways of increasing the mass in your penis and to ensure better erections. Compared to surgical procedures and medications, these present very little risk of long term damage and if performed correctly can significantly improve erection quality, even if the size changes are varied.

Jelqing is a penis stretching exercise that has become increasingly popular among trying to get the extra few inches to their penis. If done correctly, Jelqing can instill renewed sexual confidence and significantly improve your sexual performance.

However, as with any other exercise, there are precautions that you ought to take to prevent the risk of overtraining and damaging your penis.

If your method is incorrect or if you’re too vigorous with the exercise, it can lead to nerve damage, bruising and in rare cases, penile fractures which could lead to chronic ED.

As such, it’s important to develop realistic expectations if you ever try out Jelqing, knowing what the risks are and what the appropriate methods are to practice it.

This blog will answer all the questions you might have regarding Jelqing exercises, the risks associated with it and how to perform the exercise.

What is Jelqing?
Does Jelqing work?
How to perform the Jelqing exercise?
What are different forms of Jelqing?
What are other alternatives to Jelqing?

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What is Jelqing?

Jelqing is a variant of the classic penis stretching exercise that involves using a slightly different stretching technique. The added benefit of the technique is that it also helps improve the quality of erections you can sustain and for how long you can sustain them.

A simple way of describing the exercise is to call it bodybuilding for your penis, because of the similarity in the principles that dictate both bodybuilding and Jelqing.

This method of increasing the size of your penis is said to be traced back to medieval Arabia, where the elders used to teach children reaching puberty about sex. It was a part of the sexual education imparted to children as they prepared to enter adulthood and potentially live sexually active lives.

These adolescents were expected to carry on this exercise for a full month and the method was guaranteed to show a significant increase in the length and girth of their penis.

How can Jelqing increase penis size?

Right now we have two theories for how Jelqing is supposed to help increase the size of the penis and improving the quality of erection.

Jelqing is said to increase the amount of blood the organ can accommodate (to improve the quality of erections) and developing tissue mass in the penis much in the same way that physical strain increases muscle mass everywhere in the body.

Increase the Width and Girth of Your Penis

In bodybuilding, when people are trying to increase muscle mass, they put just enough strain on their muscles to induce “micro-tears” in their tissues which can heal very easily. Continuously placing this strain adds increasing amounts of tissue and therefore adds to the mass of the muscle to make it bigger.

Jelqing works like that as well; with these stretching exercises, the intention is to place just the right amount of strain on the tissues in the penis, to create micro-tears that would ultimately increase tissue mass.

As a result of the exercise of this increase in tissue mass around the penis, it might increase in length and girth.

Increasing the Blood Capacity of the Penis

Many people also claim that Jelqing can help increase the amount of blood that the tissues in the penis can accommodate.

During an erection, the tissues in the penis are filled with blood which makes it stiff, Jelqing is said to increase the amount of blood that flows through the penis which leads to better erections and may also increase the size of your penis.

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Does Jelqing really work?

There is very little evidence that supports the effectiveness of Jelqing, beyond the occasional review that you would find on websites. Some clinical studies have actually been conducted to study the efficacy of the exercise, but these used rather small sample sizes which might not be applicable to the general population.

The results of Jelqing are at best debatable and you may or may not find that it has helped increase the size of their penis.

However, with the little evidence that we do find; some studies quote that you can experience a length increase by as much as 0.3 inches after two months of exercise and 0.5 inches in girth. According to these studies, the average increase observed was 0.13 inches across the entire sample.

Other observations point out that it might take up to six months before you begin to see results from Jelqing, putting it down to how committed you are to the exercise and how good your technique is.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for certain; Jelqing is perhaps one of the most popular and the safest penis enlargement methods that we have available.

When compared to surgical implants, medication or topical creams, these have severe side-effects and cost considerations that just make them downright unpleasant to consider and to use.

So in comparison with pharmaceutical and surgical options, Jelqing exercises offer the major benefit of at least not inflicting long term damage even if it doesn’t work out for you.

There is reason to believe that combining Jelqing exercises with supplements like L-arginine can actually increase the effectiveness of the technique. Considering that these are mostly based on herbal ingredients, it’s very unlikely that your attempts at trying to get a bigger penis will go sideways.

As such, you would do far better with these natural, supplemented methods of increasing your penis size than any other option. Unfortunately, there is no conclusive evidence that could give you accurate before and after results from Jelqing, you’re just going to have to see for yourself.

How to perform Jelqing exercise?

Jelqing exercises are easy enough to manage. We’ve already said that these are similar to penis stretching exercises with the differences in the technique used to stretch out the organ. The process and the method for Jelqing is as follows:


As with any exercise, it’s important that you warm-up before you begin to Jelq in earnest. The warm-up process is simple; you should place a warm towel on your penis (be careful that it doesn’t burn you) and leave it there for a few minutes.

This eases the blood flow in into your penis and prepares the tissues to take on the increased blood flow that comes with Jelqing.

Getting the Grip Right

What truly differentiates Jelqing from conventional stretching is the way you grip your penis during the exercise. Before you begin, make an OK sign with your hand; making a ring with your thumb and index finger just large enough to accommodate the penis and not put too much pressure around it.

It’s essential that you get the grip right because otherwise, you increase the risk of damaging your penis during the exercise or at the very least irritate the skin on it because of excessive pressure and friction.

Before you begin, also use ample lubricant to prevent skin irritation from the exercise.

The Process

Once you have a proper handle on making the exact grip for your penis, achieve a mild-erection where your penis is erect at least two-thirds of the way.

Grip your penis in the OK sign, starting at the base and stroke it along its length until you reach the base of the glans (the tip of the penis). Stop there and begin the whole process all over again with both hands.

The glans should not in any way be stimulated in the process nor should it ever be stretched because it’s at greater risk of suffering from an injury. Essentially being one of the most sensitive parts of your penis, even the slightest irritation to the glans can be the cause of potentially irreversible damage to the organ.

Repeat this cycle for at least an hour every day, making sure that you don’t overtrain yourself because that might cause side-effects. Keep on carrying on with this exercise for as long as it takes to see results.


Overtraining your penis comes with significant risks that are part of the side-effects of Jelqing. These can include:

  • Skin rashes
  • Bruises on the penis
  • Possible penile fractures from over-exertion
  • Uncomfortable or painful erections.

If you feel pain in your penis following a Jelqing routine, please consult a physician immediately because that might indicate either a fracture or some other form of dysfunction from Jelqing too much.

What are the different forms of Jelqing?

Many people also say that you need to vary your form to see the best results from Jelqing. The various forms you can try-out are:

Wet Jelqing

This is Jelqing using the OK sign with a lubricant to reduce the friction felt during each rep.

Dry Jelqing

Dry Jelqing is the same as wet Jelqing, except it is done without using a lubricant. This makes the process much more vigorous in that it puts a greater strain on your penis and is said to show results faster. It also, however, increases the risk of damaging your skin in the process.

Lateral Jelqing

This doesn’t increase the size of your penis, but rather reduces the curvature to make the penis look bigger. The method involves carrying out the Jelqing exercise in the direction opposite to the curvature of the penis.

When repeated enough times, it can potentially reduce the curve on the organ to make it straighter and seem longer.

The V-Jelq

This method is specifically designed to help increase the girth of your penis. Instead of using the OK sign, you make a V with your middle and index finger, with your palm facing you.

The Jelq is then carried out by holding your penis from underneath to stroke up as it rests on your palm, between the index and the middle finger.

The One-Hand Jelq

One-Hand Jelqing is perhaps the least effective of these exercises, however, it is no different from the conventional Jelqing method, using only one hand rather than both at the same time.

What are other alternatives to Jelqing

Of course, Jelqing is hardly the only exercise you will find that is said to increase the size of your penis, there are other options that you can try out. These include different penis stretches, weight lifting, pills, creams, and surgical interventions. However, out of all these, Jelqing is the safest.

Traditional Penis Stretching

Penis stretching is simple enough to understand, the goal is to extend your penis manually, to the point of exertion such that there is an increase in the length. The process is as follows:

  • Start with a warm-up similar to that of the jelqing exercise.
  • Grip your penis under the glans and gently pull it downwards, to hold it there for a full 30 seconds.
  • Repeat the process but pull the penis in different directions, outwards, sideways, upwards and then downwards. Hold each stretch for 30 seconds.

Penis Stretching with Weights

It is possible to elongate your penis by attaching weights to it that can help stretch it out. It’s a very harmful exercise that can cause permanent damage to the penis and may also cause long-term ED.

Penile Traction Therapy and VEDs

Penile Traction Therapy is very commonly used to treat Peyronie’s disease. The principle is to create a vacuum around the penis, using a penis pump (also called a Vacuum Erection Device/VED) to force blood into the penis. When held for long periods of time, the tissues in the penis adjust to make it straighter.

Much like the Lateral Jelq, this doesn’t add any extra inches to the penis, but rather make it straighter and look longer than it did before.0020

Pills and Topical Creams

There are pills and creams in the market that are said to increase the size of the penis, but there is little medical evidence that supports their effectiveness.

Rather these can be rather harmful in that contain the same ingredients as medication for erectile dysfunction, which can cause high blood pressure, strokes, seizures and potentially fatal prolonged erections.

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Surgical Alternatives

Many people also opt for silicone implants and grafts to help increase the length and girth of their penis. Through the use of grafts attached under the skin of the penis, it’s possible to increase the girth and procedures like cord separations, liposuctions and penile reconstructions you can increase the length.

However, most of these are cosmetic changes and don’t add any extra mass to the penis to make it look bigger rather than making it bigger.

These are immensely costly procedures that are usually only recommended in medical emergencies such as for a congenital micro-penis and recovery from prostate cancer treatments.

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Throughout this blog, we’ve tried to explain what jelqing is and if jelqing really works. In this process, we’ve also described the procedure to Jelq and the alternatives that you could try if you’re really looking to increase the size of your penis.

Experts are of the opinion that there is no guaranteed way of increasing the length of the organ and that much of the body-images issues felt by men come from unrealistic expectations of how big a penis really ought to be.

Considering the harms of using surgery and medication to increase the size of the penis, it’s probably a better idea to use Jelqing when combined with supplements to see if you can achieve an increase. Trying out Male Extra supplements that contain L-arginine, MSM, Zinc and other nutrients can help you achieve gains in penile length that you require.

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