Penis Enlargement Surgery – Effectiveness, Risks and Cost

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Your confidence and your self-esteem largely rely on how you perceive your own body as well as how good you look.

For many men, their penis size and length are a major cause for feelings of inadequacy that stops them from living life to the fullest and free of any self recriminating thoughts about how they look.

Thankfully, modern medicine has reached a point where we can change essentially anything about our body that we don’t like and there we find penis enlargement surgeries (also called Phalloplasty) that can help increase the size of your penis and how large it looks.

However, be warned, these surgeries can be very costly and might also be the cause of long-term damage that could do much more harm than you would like. As such, you should always consult with your primary healthcare provider about the full risks, benefits, and costs attached to these procedures.

This blog will provide a detailed description of what penis enlargement surgery options are available to you, what the costs of these are, the changes you ought to expect and finally the risks associated with these procedures.

What is the cost of penis enlargement surgery?
Types of penis enlargement surgeries
How penis surgery works
How to prepare for the surgery?
Recovery from the surgery
What are the risks and side effects?
What are the results of penis surgery?

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What is the Cost of Penis Enlargement Surgery?

The price of a penis enlargement surgery varies from surgeon to surgeon and the type of procedure that you’re going for. The complete range of pricing is rather huge and so it’s a little difficult to pin down what the price is exactly, but you can expect to be charged anywhere between $3000-$11000 for any given penis surgery or length increasing surgery.

There are two basic types of surgeries, without going into the specific procedures that each category includes; penis widening and penis lengthening procedures.

According to sources, a penis lengthening surgery is significantly cheaper since it’s a less complicated procedure than wanting to widen it, requiring fewer materials and technical skill to achieve a successful surgery. These lengthening surgeries can cost up to a maximum of $10,000 and can go as low as $5,000.

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A penis widening surgery, on the other hand, requires the use of an allograft, which can cost up to $7000 alone not counting the cost of the procedure itself. If you count the surgical procedure and post-operative care, the charges can go up to as high as $20,000.

Assuming that you still want to go through with a penis enlargement surgery, you should very carefully consider these costs and whether or not you think it’s worth the investment. Generally, not many physicians recommend going through with these procedures for this very reason.

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Types of Penis Enlargement Surgeries

As said before, there are two basic types of penis enlargement surgeries:

  • Penis Widening Surgeries
  • Penis Lengthening Surgeries

You can opt for either one of these depending on what the ideal look for you is. Usually, these surgeries are recommended for those who lose tissue mass from illnesses like Peyronie’s disease or if you have a congenital condition like a micropenis.

The average length of a flaccid penis is 3.6 inches and a circumference of 3.7 inches; those for an erect penis are 5.16 inches in length and 4.5 inches in circumference. These surgeries can help increase either of these measurements by up to 2.5 inches to make your penis look bigger.

When considering getting either of these surgeries, you need to understand that the length and girth will be increased cosmetically and there will be no actual gain in the tissue. Each of these surgeries will use prosthetics that would make your penis seem bigger rather than actually making it bigger.

Penis Widening Surgeries

These surgeries make use of a graft to help add artificially add mass to the penis such that it looks wider and thicker than normal. The surgery is also called a dermal acellular matrix graft and has been in use for about 20 years now, helping numerous people acquire the ideal look and shape for their penis.

The procedure involves wrapping grafts around the tissue in the penis to make sure that the urethra isn’t exposed to these artificial materials. Surgeons use grafts made from different types of materials depending on your general health conditions and your requirements.

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Sometimes surgeons might also use silicone to make the penis look like it has much more girth, however most times a tissue graft is used.

Penis Lengthening Surgeries

There aren’t many options available for people who’re trying to increase the girth of their penis; however, there are a lot of surgical options to increase its length. These include:

Penile Augmentation

Penile augmentation surgeries involve using foreign materials that are injected or surgically inserted underneath the skin of the penis. This increases the mass within the tissues of the penis that make it look wider and bigger.

Suspensory Ligament Release

The Suspensory Ligament essentially connects your penis to the pubic region in your body as a way of supporting it and anchoring it as attached to the body.

It’s the work of the Suspensory Ligament that makes accounts for the arched shape of the penis sort of holding it back from hanging as low as it possibly could.

During a suspensory ligament release surgery, your doctor will cut the ligament to let it hand lower and give the appearance of lengthening as it rests lower against your pubic region.

Suprapubic Lipectomy

Obesity is a very frequently observed cause of penis length reductions because the penis gets buried into the fat surrounding the pubic area to make it look smaller.

During a Suprapubic Lipectomy, the surgeon will remove the fat deposits to make sure that your penis is no longer buried in the fat and make it look bigger.

Penile Disassembly

A penile disassembly involves separating the glans (the tip of the penis), the urethra and the corpora cavernosa (the tissue that is filled with blood to achieve an erection) to create a space between either.

The surgeon then inserts a graft in each of these spaces to help elongate the penis and reconstruct each of these structures around the graft.

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How penis surgery works

We feel that there is no such thing as saying this too many times, but there is essentially no way to actually increase the size of your penis. By that what we mean is, there is no way that you can increase the muscle mass in your genitalia such that it could lead to a significant enhancement.

There are mechanical techniques like jelqing and penis stretching that many people claim can increase the size of your penis; however, there is very little evidence for how effective these methods of lengthening can be.

Penis Enhancement Surgeries (whether lengthening or widening) are a purely cosmetic solution, in that they either artificially enhance the length and girth of the penis or make it appear so.

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The grafts that are inserted under the skin to be wrapped around the corpora cavernosa add additional mass to the penis effectively increasing the girth.

Penis lengthening strategies provide the appearance of having increased the length of your penis without actually making any changes.

A lipectomy simply reduces the fat content around the penis to make it look bigger, a penile disassembly artificially stretches the penis out through the use of grafts and ligament releases simply stop the ligament holding the penis back from anchoring it.

There is no other change in the length or the size of the penis itself.

How to prepare for the surgery?

As with any other invasive procedure, it’s essential that you prepare extensively so that your recovery is expedited and you suffer no complications during the surgery itself. As such, your doctor will prescribe a complete procedure that you should follow strictly as prescribed to protect yourself.

The process is as follows:

Pre-Operative Assessments

This assessment involves a thorough examination to assess whether or not you’re suitable for a procedure. It involves a full body check-up where your doctors will conduct blood tests, blood pressure checks and ask if you’re allergic to any of the materials that will be used during the surgery.

In the event that there are some anomalies found in these tests or if you’re suffering from medical conditions that put you at risk for the surgery, then a different treatment path will be chosen.

Due to the use of anesthesia and the potential loss of blood, your doctor might reconsider having you undergo the procedure and manage/alleviate any symptoms before you can go through with the surgery.

You should probably ask if you need to stop taking any medication that might interfere with the effectiveness of the surgery.

Preparing for the Procedure

There are certain considerations that you need to keep in mind before you walk into your surgery:

Wear Loose Clothing
Since the surgery will probably involve stitching, you need to wear accommodating clothes that will not place any strain on the sutures and the scar tissue. The clothes you bring with you should be easily put on and must not be too restrictive around the affected area.

Bring Adult Supervision
Considering the fact that anesthesia will be used during the procedure, bring an adult who can supervise you for as you leave the surgery and make sure that you get home safely.

Fasting Before the Surgery
Do not eat or drink anything immediately before the surgery. It is possible that this might choke you during the surgery and since you will be under the influence of anesthesia, it can flow into your lungs to choke you.

In particular:

  • Do not eat anything solid or have any food at least 12 hours before the surgery.
  • You can drink up to 500ml of clear water until 2 hours before you’ve been admitted.

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Recovery from the surgery

There is no uniform standard for how long it takes to recover from the surgery. The rate at which you heal depends on your general health and how well you respond to the medication that you doctors will prescribe after the surgery. The average healing time is up to two weeks.

After the surgery, your penis will be wrapped in Coban that will act as a sort of bandage to protect your penis. Your dressing will be changed a day after the surgery and certain exercises will be suggested to make sure that you heal properly.

These procedures may or may not include using a stretching device that can be used to maintain the length of your penis.

In general, you should hold your penis between your thumb and third finger to stretch the head for 10-15 seconds at a time, ever two hours. On the 6th day after the surgery, you should stretch it for 3-4 minutes every two hours.

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During this time, you should refrain from engaging in any physically strenuous exercise and you should avoid taking aspirin, Vitamin E and any other supplements until your doctor tells you that you can have them. You should expect some pain and discomfort during erection for a few days.

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What are the risks and side effects?

A penis enhancement surgery comes with major risks and complications that everyone going for the surgery should be aware of. Some common complications include:

  • Scarring
  • Build-up of fat
  • Decreased sensation and penis deformities
  • Swellings
  • Infection
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Penile Shortening
  • Gangrene
  • Nerve Damage

This is by no means an exhaustive list of side-effects and you should consult with your primary physician to understand the full risks associated with the surgery.

What are results from penis surgery

For those who are wondering what results they should expect and the differences before and after the penile enhancement surgeries, then you should probably expect a difference of up to 4 cm in length.

The increase in size also varies from surgery to surgery, for example, a penile girth augmentation can add up to 2.5 inches in the length of the penis and you should ask your doctor about what to expect.


A penis enlargement plastic surgery is rarely ever approved without just cause because of the costs of the procedure and risks associated with the surgery. Most doctors won’t even have you undergo the procedure and usually reserve it for patients suffering from conditions that cause shrinkage in the size of their penis.

So you’ll find that people with prostate cancer surgery, morbid obesity, Peyronie’s disease, and similar other conditions get the surgery. Ultimately these do not exactly elongate the penis but rather make it seem that way.

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