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Positions that are guaranteed to hit her spot

Let’s face it, sex is awesome.

We could spend hours pouring over every detail of a woman’s body, spending some quality time with her clitoris and really going to town. But that’s just the start of the ultimate female orgasm. There’s so much more to explore, you might have to book the day off work. But what kind of stimulation really gives the best orgasm going? And how?

Yes, my friends, I’m talking about how to hit the g spot.

Many men think that any old sex is enough to get her coming again and again… But without knowing how to hit a woman’s g spot, you’re never going to quite, um, well, hit the spot that makes her squeal.

But what are the best positions to hit the g spot? Don’t worry, guys, all shall be revealed. Before we dive in, a little differently, let’s talk about where the g spot is.

Let’s talk g spot

Located around two to three inches inside her vagina, the more aroused she is, the easier it’ll be to understand how to hit the g spot.

Knowing how to hit the g spot takes more than a quick, hopeful, fumble in bed. Don’t be afraid to spend some time with your partner, exploring her body with your fingertips first.

Be prepared, however, that not all women will orgasm from hitting their g spot – so don’t feel disheartened if it’s not for her. For some women, knowing the best position for g spot stimulation may result in a mindblowing orgasm, squirting or an orgasm similar to when you play with her clitoris.

Nevertheless, you want to know the best sex position to hit the g spot, right? Let’s take a look.

What’s the best position for g spot stimulation?

There are a variety of positions to hit the g spot. Often, it takes a little experimentation to get it right for both you and your partner.

Don’t be afraid to try a few different sex positions to hit the g spot to find out what works best for you both.

The Leaning Cowgirl

best sex position to hit g spot

If you’re looking for the best sex positions to hit the g spot, the Leaning Cowgirl has got to be one of the top contenders. In order to get the position just right, it takes a little mutual, erm, negotiation, to position yourselves in just the right (g!) spot.

It’s all about the angle. Unlike the traditional Cowgirl sex position, have your partner climb on top (so far, so good) before leaning back slightly with her hands on the bed. This will give you both a bit more support, creating a 45-degree angle with her thighs.

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Got a slight curve in your dick? No problem, if you have a slight curve, you can adjust how far your partner leans back in order to reach her vagina’s upper wall – and therefore, that oh so sweet spot.

Plus, with easy access to her clit, you’ll no longer be nervous about how to hit the g spot since you can please her from all angles.

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The Spoon

best sex position to hit g spot

Don’t underestimate the spoon! This is one of the best positions to hit the g spot, since it provides the perfect angle to stimulate the front wall of her vagina. Plus, with easy access to her clit, you can send her screaming with a clitoral orgasm first.

Or, see if she wants to play with herself, of course, to turn you both on.

Once you get that blood flowing from her first orgasm, this position will cause the g spot to swell, making it even easier to hit that second O.

As far as g spot sex positions go, The Spoon is one of the easiest moves for both parties.

The Love Seat

best sex position to hit g spot

This is easily one of the best sex positions to hit the g spot. Start by kneeling on the floor, seating your butt back onto your feet. With your partner lying back in front of you, allow her legs to rest on each of your shoulders. Put your hands underneath her, pulling her onto you – like a seat.

As you rest your partner’s legs on your shoulders it will narrow her vagina, helping you to hit that sweet ol’ spot for the best orgasm possible.

Looking for even more g spot stimulation?

When it comes to g spot sex positions, you can easily make things even steamier with this move. For even deeper penetration, position a pillow beneath her hips, or try rocking her either side to side, or up and down.

The New Doggy

A new and improved version of the popular doggy style, The New Doggy creates a better angle for both of you, making it one of the best g spot sex positions around.

Unlike doggy style where she’s on all fours, allow her body to slide down onto her front, so you can rest your weight on your hands on either side of her shoulders.

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This angle will allow you to reach the all-important front wall far easier. She can also adjust the angle by raising her hips or putting a pillow underneath them, making your downward strokes head straight for her g spot.

The Reverse Spoon

Unsure how to hit the g spot? Try The Reverse Spoon.

G spot sex positions don’t need to feel like six pages of the Kama Sutra combined, with this being one of the easiest and best sex positions to the hit g spot. Unlike the spoon, lie down facing one another.

Your partner can adjust and tighten her legs for shallow and deeper penetration, so you can see what works best for hitting that crucial g spot. Plus, with plenty of room for kissing and grinding, there’s even more fun to be had.

The Propped Cowgirl

Unlike the usual Cowgirl position, keep your knees propped up behind her as she straddles you on top. Keep her facing forward, allow you to tease her clit or breasts at the same time.

If needed, she can also use your knees for some added support, or push against them to perfect the angle to hit that g spot orgasm in no time.

It’s no surprise this made our top list of positions to hit the g spot, as there is plenty of room to explore from all angles.

The Rocking Doggy

best sex position to hit g spot

Sounds confusing, right? Not at all. The Rocking Doggy is one of the best sex positions to hit the g spot, and all it takes is a little rocking motion.

With your partner in front of you on her forearms, pull her butt up in the air towards you. Tuck your knees between hers, and with her back arched you can also lean in to stimulate her clit or breasts from this position, too.

Rock her from side to side as you go deep, hitting her g spot with ease.

The Wheelbarrow

Everyone loves The Wheelbarrow, right? This standing sex move is one of the best sex positions to hit the g spot. Not sure about holding your partner while she also holds herself up? No problem, adjust the move so she can rest her arms on the edge of the bed or a nearby table.

If you’re looking for g spot sex positions, The Wheelbarrow will get you there in seconds.

The Straddle

Perfect for deep penetration and hitting the g spot, The Straddle has similar effects to doggy style. Start with your partner on her side while you kneel, straddling her right leg as her leg curls around you.

While it sounds a little difficult to manoeuvre at first, once you’re there it is one of the best sex positions to hit the g spot.

Oh, and did I mention you can easily stimulate her clit and tease her nipples from this position, too?

The Deep Cross

Now, if you’re looking for, um, flexible g spot sex positions, you may have met your match with this one!

It’s crazy hot, since you can both enjoy super-deep penetration, but it does take a little flexibility. Lay your partner down with her legs raised above her head, with her ankles crossed (I told you it was tricky!), entering her from the missionary position.

Not sure about going so deep? Opt for shallow thrusts to hit her g spot by adjusting the move slightly.

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When it comes to sex positions to hit the g spot, this one is definitely for the adventurous (and flexible) couples out there.

Ready to conquer these g spot sex positions?

If you want to know how to hit a woman’s g spot, these sex positions will definitely help you reach new levels of pleasure.

While some of these g spot sex positions may be a little tricky to master at first, be patient, and be prepared to experiment to find the best way to make it work for both of you.

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