Is the shape of your penis normal?

Penis shape

It’s highly likely you’ve worried about the size of your penis more than once in your life. But how often have you thought about its shape?

Is it bent at the end? Does it have strange lumps, or perhaps weird markings?

Well worry no more – Here’ we’re going to address any concerns you might have about the shape of your manhood. And by the way, chances are, it’s perfectly normal!

Stop comparing your penis to a porn stars!

A large reason men have this hangup about their penis not being long enough, oddly shaped or too bent is because of their interest in porn. Too many men believe that what you see in a porn film must be ‘normal’. But the truth is, penis’s come in all different shapes and sizes – and the majority are very normal.

For those who just can’t shake off nagging doubt, here’s a few common issues, along with their possible reasons;

1 Weird patches

Patches on the penis are not always indicative of a problem. If you’ve noticed a red, brown, or some other patchy area of skin on the shaft of your penis – most often near the head, just below it – you might begin to worry. Is it a sign of an STD?

Most likely, if you develop a patchy bit of skin that’s not there year-round, it’s just a chafe. If it’s not itchy or uncomfortable, then you’re probably not dealing with an STD or an infection.

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However, if you’re not sexually active and don’t masturbate very often, a red patch of skin might be a sign of something serious. The worse case scenario being penile cancer – so if you notice a patch and which won’t go away, talk to your doctor.

2 A weird bend

Most mens penises do have a slight curve when erect. This is something a lot of men don’t realise, and something a lot of men worry about more than necessary.

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Bends can even be a good thing. If it’s heading in the right direction, this can be extra stimulating to your girl! So don’t get too hung up on this.

One thing to mention is that new bends or bends which are severe should be checked out by your doctor. A lumpy hardness beneath the bendy area of your penis can indicate peyronie’s disease. This is basically a build up of scar tissue which can be caused by too much aggressive intercourse.

If left untreated, peyronies disease can begin to cause pain during sex, and eventually your penis to develop a bend. So don’t be shy, get it checked out for the sake of your sex life!

3 A weirdly tight tip

Have you noticed that the skin at the head of your penis is a bit tight, like a shirt that’s been shrunk in the wash? That’s fine if it’s not causing you pain – a lot of men experience tightness.

However, if you notice that there’s white spots emerging around the tightness, you might be experiencing a disease known as lichen sclerosus. This skin condition can be indicative of a hormonal imbalance or even an autoimmune disorder, and should be checked out by a doctor.

4 Weird bumps

If you’ve noticed that you have a little bump on your penis, you’re probably fine. It might be caused by a vein or just a skin deformity.

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The time to be more concerned is if you’ve noticed small bumps on your testicals. Between the ages of 15 and 35, testicular cancer is the most common form of cancer that can arise in men. So if you have hard masses or lumpy bits in your testicals, get it checked out.

Penises are just weird!

Your penis may be weirdly shaped, but so long as it’s healthy, that’s totally fine. Penises are weird – that’s just the way that they are. Yours isn’t that much weirder than the next person’s, though, and that’s the thing that a lot of men don’t realize.

So stop comparing, stop worrying, and have fun with it! You may also use cock rings to have even more fun.

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