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Why is it easier for men to reach orgasm?

There’s no denying it, men enjoy more orgasms than women do. So much so, that scientists are starting to brand it the “orgasm gap”. Yep, we’re serious. But as well as this newfound orgasm gap, studies have started to look a more closely at whether sexual oritentation also plays a part.

The study published in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior closely examined a sample of more than 52,000 adults between the ages of 18 to 65. Within this group, the split looked like this:

  • Around 26,000 identified as heterosexual men
  • 542 gay men
  • 550 bisexual men
  • Over 24,000 identified as heterosexual women
  • 340 lesbian women
  • 1,112 bisexual women

But how did the study really work? Well, scientists asked participants how often they or their partner reached orgasm in the past month during sexual sexual activity. Of course, there were further questions surrounding giving (or receiving) oral sex, as well as how often they discussed sex and how long their last sexual encounter lasted.

What was the outcome? Well, the results confirmed it: ​​men are more likely to orgasm than women. More specifically, 95% of heterosexual men in the study reported that they usually, through to always reached orgasm during sexual activity.

Why the orgasm gap?

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If you’re looking for an explanation to the orgasm gap, the type of relationship and sexual encounter, matters. When in a committed relationship, the orgasm gap gets smaller, while during a casual one night stand, the gap widens.

Since studies have shown that women having sexual encounters with men achieve orgasm far less often than their male partner, it shows that knowledge (and good ol’ oral sex) is key here.

Instead of racing to orgasm, spend some time exploring each other’s bodies, enjoying the process of getting there over racing to the final outcome. Think variation, and make it fun!

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Sexual satisfaction is subjective

What’s the deal? Why do men orgasm far easier?

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Well, it could be down to what you’re doing between the sheets. The classic argument is based around a man’s association with orgasm resulting in ejaculation. If we refer back to the study above, this is how the stats look in regards to orgasm and sexual orientation:

  • 95% of heterosexual men report usually/always reaching orgasm
  • 89% of gay men said the same
  • 88% for bisexual men
  • 86% of lesbians
  • 66% bisexual women
  • 65% of heterosexual women

The study concluded that the women most likely to orgasm also received oral sex, have longer-lasting sex and are happier in their relationships. It comes as no surprise that lesbian women report reaching orgasm more frequently, as they have greater knowledge of female genitalia.

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In other words, guys, they know what women want and how to deliver.

So, why don’t women orgasm as often?

I’m sorry to break it to you, guys, but it’s down to your sexual performance. Sex isn’t always about penetrative sex, since many women don’t even reach orgasm that way.

The fact that lesbian women reach orgasm more frequently shows that heterosexual women could (and should) be experiencing higher rates of orgasm.

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If you’re looking for the key to orgasm, you’re gonna need to get stuck in with good old oral sex. Better communication and confidence in the bedroom is important for helping your partner reach the big O.

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With greater stamina, you’ll be going at it for hours. Let’s close the orgasm gap for good, my friends.