The Best Ways to Take the Male Orgasm to The Next Level

Male Orgasm

For some reason, it seems to be taken for granted that the male orgasm can never be as intense as the female orgasm. We can put this down to porn, inaccurate ideas about sexuality, and inappropriate sexual habits which create these ideas and then reinforce them.

However, there’s no reason why a man can’t have as great an orgasm as a woman or a woman as a man; it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you.

This blog will discuss everything there is to know about intense male orgasms, the biology behind it, certain methods to improve your orgasms and techniques that you can implement to achieve better orgasms.

Having read this, your sexual experiences will become far better and equally as enjoyable to help create a much better sexual relationship with your partners.

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What Happens When A Man Orgasms?

Ejaculations and orgasms are two separate physiological processes, even though a lot of people mistake the two for the same. During sexual intercourse, there’s a split second’s difference where the man first has an orgasm and then he ejaculates.

With this in mind, it should be remembered that it may be possible to have an orgasm without ejaculating and there is no necessary link between the two.

The male orgasm is a complex process that involves the nervous system, pelvic muscles, hormone release and very specific brain activity patterns. No two orgasms are the same and your physical/emotional health can impact the quality of your orgasms.

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We’ll discuss both the process of ejaculation and orgasm to help understand both of these better.

The Male Orgasm

The male orgasm is considered to be more psychological in nature than physiological. Experts define it as a feeling of intense pleasure that significantly affects brain activity and accompanies physical changes.

We don’t really have any specific description for what these mental changes are, but there’s a good handle on what the physical changes are:

  • The pelvic muscles violently and repeatedly contract to produce the sensation of pleasure.
  • Blood flow between various parts of the brain is redirected.
  • Hyperventilation of up to 40 breaths per minute.
  • Raised heart rates and blood pressure.
  • Increased production of two hormones called Prolactin and Oxytocin.

How Does Ejaculation Work

Immediately after you’ve had an orgasm, you also ejaculate, but there’s little reason to believe that these are related. Many men also have dry orgasms, which we’ll discuss later.

The ejaculation process is divided into two other processes; the emission phase and the expulsion phase. The mechanics of the ejaculation are:

The Emission Phase

  • The bladder closes off to the rest of the genitals.
  • A liquid containing sperm and some other nutrients is released into the urethra.
  • The testes release seminal fluid into the urethra.

The Ejaculation Phase

  • The bladder still remains closed off.
  • With rhythmic contractions of the pelvic muscles, the semen is propelled out of the penis.

Throughout the ejaculation process, there’s a whole network of nerves and hormones at play which allows for the production of semen, the ejaculation, and so on.

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How Does A Male Orgasm Differ From A Female Orgasm?

Biologically, there’s no difference between the male and female orgasm. Research points out the same physiological processes during orgasm like greater blood flow to the genitals, increased heart and breathing rates as well as blood pressure.

There are some differences between the hormones being released, but otherwise, there are no fundamental differences between the two except for the experience of the orgasm.

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This is one of the reasons why we believe that the quality of an orgasm is determined psychologically. Maybe women are just more aware of their erogenous zones and are much more likely to know what they enjoy in bed, which is why they have better orgasms.

Beyond this, there are no reasons why men can’t have the same quality of orgasm as women.

According to research, some differences between orgasms are:

  • Female orgasms last more than 20 seconds, while male orgasms last for 3–10 seconds. This doesn’t account for the intensity.
  • Men orgasm 95% of the time, while women orgasm about 69% of the time when either of the sexes engages in sexual activity.

Somehow, there is still a balance that has been struck; women have longer orgasms but men just have more of them. None of this has anything to do with why one sex has a better orgasm than the other.

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How Can Men Have An Intense Orgasm?

As we’ve said before, there is no reason why men can’t have equally as intense orgasms. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your orgasms, you can try out the following techniques:


The pelvic muscles play a crucial role in inducing the sensations of an orgasm. If you were to do 60 kegels, 3 times a day, it can significantly enhance the intensity of your orgasms.

Lowering Your Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the cause of multiple sexual and erectile dysfunctions because it can reduce the amount of blood flowing into the penis.

This introduces the added problem of reduced sensation in the penis which takes away the pleasure felt during the orgasm.

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So, keeping your blood pressure levels normal can help make for much better sexual experiences.

Control Your Breathing as You Ejaculate

This is a tantric sexual exercise where you time your strokes with your breath.

During sex, your breathing gets higher over time, but slowing down your breath can divert focus back to your body so you are fully involved in the sex and thus much more sensitive to the orgasm.

Stimulate Your Testicles During Sex

Applying a little upward pressure to the testicles has been reported to enhance the quality of orgasms for men.

The next time you have sex, ask your partner to stimulate your testicles which may allow you to experience better orgasms.

Try To Increase your Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is central to sexual activity in men. Taking supplements or exercising more can boost the testosterone levels in your body, to enhance your sexual performance and make you more responsive to sexual stimulation.

This, in turn, will allow you to have more intense orgasms.

Change Your Diet To Add More Vegetables

Green, leafy vegetables are high in nutrients which can boost your sexual performance. Adding these to your diet can help you last longer in bed and take it a little slow with the sex to build up to a better orgasm.

Try Edging and Orgasm Denial

Edging and male orgasm denial is a sure fire way of making sure that your orgasms become more pleasurable. Both of these techniques involve getting as close to orgasm as possible, then taking a pause to resume sexual activity.

As your partner denies you more orgasms or if you stop yourself before climax and as you finally allow yourself to reach the point of orgasm; it’ll be a lot more intense.

Massage the Perineum

The perineum is the patch of skin between your testicles and your anus. Stroking this patch externally stimulates the prostate gland to allow for better orgasms.

The prostate gland is also called the Male G-spot, for the reason that pelvic muscle contractions during orgasm stimulate the gland to enable feelings of pleasure. As such, external stimulation through the perineum is a great way to improve orgasm quality.

Try Direct Prostate Stimulation

If you’re comfortable enough with your partner, you could ask them to directly stimulate your prostate gland.

Ask them to slide a finger, 2 inches into your rectum where they will find your prostate gland and ask them to stimulate it with gentle thrusts or by stroking it for an intense male prostate orgasm.


Can Men Orgasm Without Ejaculation?

Male orgasms without ejaculation, or dry orgasms, are a fairly common occurrence. About 13% of all men experience dry orgasms for various reasons.

Most times it happens because of increased sexual activity and depleted semen reserves; however medical conditions might also cause it.

A lot of men with enlarged prostates or having undergone surgical procedures experience dry orgasms however these aren’t normal. Healthy men always orgasm and ejaculate; failure to do so might indicate an underlying medical condition.

How Can Men Learn To Control Their Orgasm?

Controlling and holding off on your orgasm can go a long way in increasing the intensity of your orgasms, as well as helping you last longer in bed.
This requires intense concentration in the beginning, but you will find that it gets easier the more often you practice it. There are two basic ways you can try to control your orgasm:

Pause and Continue

This is fairly simple to achieve, whenever you find that you’re coming closer to your orgasm during sex, just stop for a few seconds. Once the feelings have passed, continue with your strokes as you did before. This is the most basic forms of male orgasm control.

Practice Tantric Breathing Exercises During Sex

Tantric sexual exercises combine yoga techniques, muscle and breathing control to create better sexual experiences.

These exercises allow you a greater control over your body by controlling your breathing and practicing mindfulness to hold off on your orgasms without actually have to stop the sex.

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The basic principle is that the longer you take to have an orgasm, the better these will be.

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What Is A Prostate Orgasm?

The prostate gland is located just within the rectal cavity. It’s also the G-spot for men, responsible for stimulating orgasms during sex because of the contraction of the pelvic muscles which stimulate the prostate.

It’s possible to achieve orgasm through prostate stimulation, which is also called a prostate orgasm.

These are some of the most extreme male orgasms, where a partner stimulates the prostate gland with a massage. If you’re going to try this out, use ample lube and stay protected because the inside of the rectum is very sensitive and might tear.

Can Men Have A Full Body Orgasm?

Full body orgasms are a hazy subject at best. Although there’s nothing to suggest that you can’t be flooded with a sense of sexual pleasure that radiates through the body, the way in which it’s described, makes it really difficult to understand.

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However, reports suggest that people have full body orgasms; men and women both. You might want to experiment with a few techniques we’ve mentioned above to see if you have one.


Male orgasms can be equally as pleasurable as the female orgasm. To be fair, there is no way of judging whose orgasm is better, but if you feel that your partner has much more fun than you do then maybe you might want to switch things up a little in the bedroom department.

This blog has provided a full description of the male orgasm and how to induce intense male orgasms.

Trying out some of the techniques we’ve spoken of here may help create for better sexual experiences between you and your partner.

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