Coffee can do more than boost your energy levels…

For us men, it is likely that every so often, we may struggle in the bedroom. I mean come on, we all get stressed, worn out, or find that you’re simply not in the mood.

Throughout the pandemic, erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs were selling at an all-time high, with online stores reporting a massive increase in orders and online searches. Whilst we were all stuck in our houses, most of us did become closer to our partners. With the shame around erectile problems starting to diminish.

Erectile dysfunction: what is it?

Also referred to as “ED”, erectile dysfunction affects men all over the world in different ways. For some, we believe that erectile dysfunction is the end of our sex lives as we know it. For others, this may mean they’re incapable of getting an erection at all. Whilst the ones not in those categories could be struggling with the fact that they can get hard, but can’t get it to stay that way.

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If I’m being completely honest, we all have different experiences, which makes ED difficult to talk about for many, and then that much more confusing to help treat it. Although, it’s important to also note that so many men across the world suffer from ED, often resulting from depression and stress; both of which would’ve been very present during the pandemic in particular.

What causes ED?

There are many factors that can result in erectile dysfunction, and sometimes it is a combination of these. If you carry a few extra pounds, you may find it difficult to gain an erection; not only that, but it can also affect your stamina.

Emotional stress, depression, anxiety and your testosterone levels all come into play as well!

What can be done?

Not only does it make you more alert and give you a boost, but coffee has been shown to relax the arteries and muscle tissue down there, potentially increasing blood flow.

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There are also a few other natural remedies to improve blood flow and have your soldier standing to attention in no time. Here are the top three we’ve picked below:

1. Kippers

High in omega-3, kippers have shown to reverse the narrowing of blood vessels, hence supporting a healthy blood flow when you’re needing it most.

2. Chocolate

We didn’t exactly need another reason to eat chocolate, but here is one anyway! Research has shown that flavonoids, like those found in cocoa, can help in reducing your chances of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Woopdedoo!

3. Cherries

As well as other purple-ish foods such as blackberries and aubergine – cherries have been shown to reduce erectile dysfunction by a whopping 14%, due to their anthocyanins content.

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Ready for a boost?

erectile dysfunction exercises

And there we have it! Both caffeine and the three foods above can certainly help to fight back against ED.

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