How Does Cordyceps Help With Male Enhancement?

Cordyceps – sometimes affectionately known as the Himalayan Viagra, for reasons I’m sure you can guess – is emerging as one of the most popular plant-based aphrodisiacs on the market. If you’re interested in being an ethical eater, but still want to have a potent sexual booster that doesn’t break your moral code, consider some Cordyceps.

The Cordyceps is a mushroom that grows in – you guessed it – the Himalayas in the Tibetan highlands. A fair few companies use Cordyceps as an ingredient in their penis enlargement or male enhancement supplements, including Male Extra. That’s why we think it’s important for you to know what Cordyceps is and how it works to promote sexual function.

What exactly is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps actually describes quite a few varieties of mushroom – almost 700, in fact! The one most commonly referred to for its aphrodisiac and sexual benefits is a weird caterpillar-like fungus known as Cordyceps sinensis.

  • It’s often called a mushroom, but it’s really a parasitic fungus that’s super-invasive and likes to grow over the top of any vegetables or plants that might be in its way.
  • The Cordyceps is formed during fall when the spores infest the moth caterpillars living in trees. The spores literally eat the caterpillars, develop throughout winter, and eventually entirely encase their original caterpillar hosts.

Gross, yes? But the unpleasant fungus boasts immense potential for boosting the sexual function of both men and women – enough to forgive its less-than-attractive life cycle. The Cordyceps became popular after some Chinese people who had been supplementing with it shattered some world marathon records.

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While Cordyceps is a very valuable export, it hungrily devours the crops of most farmers who have it growing on their property. It’s a fantastic supplementary addition for both men and women who are hoping to improve their sexual function.

  • Cordyceps is ideal for people who think they need to last a little bit longer in bed.
  • The fungus is a great idea for people who aren’t satisfied with the size of their erections (or their partner’s).
  • Supplementing with Cordyceps is great for individuals or couples who aren’t happy with the vigor of their sex drives.

One of the good things about Cordyceps is that it’s backed by more than just anecdotal evidence. A lot of herbs and supplements that claim to improve sexual function aren’t backed by much, if any, research. Large bodies of “evidence” for many sexual supplements consist of badly written reviews for the products – often written by the companies selling them in the first place.

Cordyceps is backed by tons of positive personal reviews and anecdotal evidence. Like, centuries’ worth. Cordyceps has been used in Chinese medicine since the Ming dynasty in the 1300s.

How does Cordyceps work?

Many of its benefits are partially due to the action that Cordyceps has on the body’s production of testosterone. By increasing the production of testosterone, Cordyceps causes the body to increase its blood circulation. Increased circulation is certainly responsible for the enhanced physical size of your erections after taking Cordyceps – an erection is caused by blood flowing to the penis, so the amount of blood that flows in determines the size of your erection.

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Cordyceps has been shown to improve the erectile strength of men by improving the flow of blood throughout the body, including to and from the penis. The fungus contains valuable nutrients known as nucleosides, such as deoxyuridine, thymidine, hypoxanthine, and adenosine, which are all very important for enhancing circulation and boosting energy.

Improved blood circulation helps you to gain control of your erections as well, and some report that they can last longer in bed after using Cordyceps.

It’s been shown to lower the severity of impotence and increase the motility of sperm. Testosterone is also a huge factor regarding your libido. An enhanced flow of testosterone means an enhanced libido, and people often find it much easier to get in the mood after they’ve used some Cordyceps.

Cordyceps also provides many benefits that indirectly enhance your sexual performance.

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Cordyceps is one of the most potent energy-boosting supplements you can buy. It ferments in the body and provides us with probiotic cultures similar to those found in yogurt. These help your body quickly metabolize and break down fatty acids and convert them to energy. Cordyceps is also loaded with adenosine, a crucial component for building ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is essentially a universal energy molecule. Pretty much anything we do relies on ATP to some degree.

Cordyceps helps your body maximize its oxygen use. This allows you to perform aerobic activities more effectively and for longer. We shouldn’t have to detail why that could be useful for improving your sexual performance! Cordyceps also helps protect against pulmonary diseases like asthma or bronchitis.

Is Cordyceps safe?

Cordyceps has become much more commercialized since the Western world discovered it growing on the carcasses of moth caterpillars. Nowadays, it’s commercially cultivated, and the fungus carries much less of a health risk than it would if you were to simply pick it off the mountain.

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Cordyceps doesn’t normally cause any side effects for the average person, but there are a few situations which require caution.

  • It’s not recommended that people with high or low blood pressure start supplementing with it. It may also slow blood clotting, so those with anemia or bleeding disorders should avoid it.
  • Anyone suffering from an autoimmune disease should avoid Cordyceps, since it stimulates the immune system and can create more complications.
  • People taking any medication that affects the immune system or people taking prednisolone should not take Cordyceps due to the potential for dangerous interactions.

Other than that, you can take much more than the recommended dose of Cordyceps without seeing any unpleasant effects aside from maybe a bit of overstimulation. We wouldn’t use any unsafe ingredients in Male Extra!

Cordyceps can be combined with many other supplements without any detrimental effects, and, in fact, the effects can be bolstered by combining it with other herbs. We’ve found out the safest and best supplements to combine with Cordyceps, and have used these as vital components of our product.

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