Best Places To Do It Outdoors


Yes, finally!

It’s officially Summertime again, and we all know what that means.

Time to enjoy the fresh air, the sun shining on your skin, the warm temperatures.

The sun is out, so we can go out and enjoy whatever the outdoors has to offer.

Honestly, there is nothing like that moment you realize that Winter is behind us and Summer is finally here!


Now, of course, you can go lay on the beach, sit in a park, or walk through a forest, but how about trying something new?

How about moving your sex life away from the confines of your home and onto the beach, to the park, or into the forest?

It not only means a change of scenery, but it will add an extra adrenaline rush to the deed, sneaking around and hoping no one will see you.

Especially if your sex life is a bit dull and boring, trying it outdoors can really put some spice back into it.

So to make sure you’re ready for Summer, we’ve outlined the top 10 places to have sex outdoors. Better take notes because you don’t want to miss out on trying these hot spots!


1 – Your own outdoors

If you are new to outdoor sex it might sound terribly frightening. Going out in the open, stripping naked in plain view for all potential bypassers to see.

Let’s not sugarcoat it: having sex outdoors is scary, especially the first time.

Of course, that’s also one of the main reasons why it’s so great. The adrenaline rush you get from fucking your girl/boy/whatever friend or stranger with the constant risk of getting caught; trust me, it’s next level!

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But for the very first time, it’s understandable that you might want to start off slow. If you have the luxury of having some outside space that’s your own, that’s a great place to have a first go at it.

Whether it’s your garden, your rooftop, or your balcony. It’s outside, but it’s still home.

couple balcony

2 – Sex on the Beach

The pro of the previous point can also be its con. Depending on how close you are with your neighbors, doing it so close to home might actually be much scarier than doing it on a more deserted spot where you don’t know anybody.

So in terms of possible empty spaces to have sex out in the open, let’s start with a classic: the beach.

This one is such a classic, it was even made into a 90s hit song…

The summer sea breeze, the sounds of the ocean, the beautiful sunrise and sunset… The beach simply SCREAMS sex!

And sex on the beach is great for couples who are new to the idea of doing it outside.

Especially early in the morning or later in the evening/at night it won’t be too difficult to find an empty stretch of sand, and since there are no trees or anything you always have a clear view to spot any peeping pervs (unless you’re into that…) from miles away.

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Just one thing to really be aware of though: sand gets EVERYWHERE, and in certain places, it can get really uncomfortable…

sex beach

3 – Barn banging

This one is technically not outside, but assuming you don’t have a barn yourself, this is still outside of your home and can thus count as outdoor sex.

Technicalities aside, fucking in a barn is a classic so we had to include it!

First of all, there is the thrill of trespassing onto somebody else’s property. Secondly, if you find the right type of barn, the setting will be so sexy! Play some country music, lay a blanket on a haystack, and recreate sensual scenes from classic country movies.

Just try to make sure you don’t end up in a barn with livestock. The smell definitely won’t get you in the mood, plus you might be interrupted in the middle by a surprise viewer…

cow tongue

4 – Parks and recreation

Sex in a park can be scary because the chances of getting caught are much higher.

Of course, that’s also what makes it such an exciting place to have sex, because it’s the adrenaline of being busted which makes your blood pumping like never before.

So pick some bushes and get naked!

The most exciting part of it all?

When you hear people walking by only a few feet away from you and you’re balls deep in your partner…


5 – Get wet

This one is easy to conceal, and therefore a great option for first-timers still only looking to dip their toes in, so to speak.

The ocean, the sea, a lake, a slow-streaming river. Whatever body of water you pick, having your body immersed in the water while getting your partner wet just feels great, and imagine all the fun new positions you can try now gravity is less of a factor? Better bring your snorkels!

Important note: bear in mind that water is NOT a lubricant. Yes, this sounds very counterintuitive, but if you’ve ever tried having sex in the bath or shower you will know what I’m talking about…

couple water sex

6 – “Dancing” in the rain

Staying wet, the next one on our list is sex in the rain.

For some reason, getting wet in the rain just sparks sexual tension. Maybe we are just conditioned to make the association in our brains due to countless movies with sensual kissing scenes in the rain, or maybe seeing wet clothes just makes us want to rip them off the body.

Whatever the reason, go outdoors and have sex in the rain. Trust me, you’ll love it, and it’ll be some of the most passionate sex ever!


7 – Drive her wild

Time to take her for a spin. Both your car and your girl.

Sex in a car can be tricky at first (especially if you drive one of those tiny Japanese or European cars), but once you find a right position the sweat will be dripping from the windows in no time.

What’s especially great about this one is that you can do it in so many different places, so every time is different.

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A deserted country road, the farthest spot on a big parking lot, or – if you don’t give a sh*t about people seeing it – while caught in a gridlock.

Nothing like fucking her to the beat of the cars honking at you. I would like to say “and not a single fuck was given that day”, but that would be lying…


8 – I’m on a boat!

If you’re rich, do it on a yacht, if you’re poor, hire a canoe. It doesn’t matter how big your boat is, you just need something rocking on the water while, well, rocking on the water.

Firstly, it gives a whole new dimension to your sex moves, because the boat is constantly moving along with the rhythm of the water.

It will feel a bit weird at first, and you won’t be the first to accidentally poke the wrong hole or roll off your partner because a surprise wave hit your boat, but once you get the hang of it sex on a boat is so much fun!

Secondly, you can park your boat wherever you like. Literally…


9 – Got wood?

Don’t be a stick-in-the-mud and have a go at forest sex!

Forest sex can be great and there are so many bushes to hide in, meaning there’s little chance you will be accompanied by unwanted sneaky peakers. But don’t get me wrong, it takes time to find the right spot, especially since you don’t want the bush to be unpenetrable…

Oh, and be aware of potential creepy crawlers, as the forest is filled with insects. Instead, find a big log to cover with a blanket, great for trying some kinky positions. Otherwise, just pick a big tree and do it against that.

Basically: when in the forest it’s best to stay on your feet!

couple forest sex

10 – On top of the world

Last but definitely not least: go vertical!

High-rise places are awesome because they will add an extra dimension: height. Think about the adrenaline you normally get just from being somewhere high up, and now add sex to that. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping I don’t know what will…

This one can be as extreme as you like it to be. But no matter where you pick, looking down while fucking just makes it a completely different experience. You can do it on the roof of your own house, or you can have a quicky in the Ferris wheel as it stops at the top.

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Not extreme enough for you? What about on a cliff side in the mountains? Or my personal favorite, sneaking up the roof of a skyscraper for what will most likely become the most thrilling experience of your life!

Now go outside and have fun!

And there you have it, a list of 10 places to have sex outside. So make this Summer count my friend, and try to make sure you and your partner try all 10 of them! This way you will definitely be able to spark a woman’s interest in you.

Have a great outdoor sex story to share with the rest? Leave a comment below and let us know your favorite trip into the wild!

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